Polymers Market In India: By Type; By Application - Forecast 2017-2022

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The chemical and petrochemical industries play a vital role for the economic development of any country. Petrochemical products permeate a wide range of items and include almost every sphere of life such as clothing, construction, furniture, agriculture, automobiles, packaging and many more. With growing population, the demand for these sectors has seen an upsurge in the recent past. The increased consumption of plastic products from major developing applications with rapid industrialization is considered as the key driver for the rise of demand in Indian market. Polymers find their use in various applications such as packaging, building & construction, automobiles, consumer products and others. The India polymers market has been segmented by type of polymers and the application what they serve. Based on the types of polymers commercially available, the market is categorized in to various categories such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS Resin and others. Each type varies greatly and the composition is different with different technical specifications.

The main factor owing to the growth of this industry is favorable macroeconomic conditions like population growth and financial conditions like increasing FDI investments. Moreover, rural market is growth frontier for the polymers manufacturers in India providing a huge market to be tapped. Polymers industry in India is poised to experience double digit growth during the forecast period owing to the humongous growth in the application sectors such as packaging, building & construction, consumer products and more.

Packaging industry is the largest consumer of polymers in India. This industry is estimated to grow at a rate of 15% p.a. over the next few years to reach a size of $48 Billion by FY16

The growth of the plastics industry has a multiplier effect on numerous important sectors such as packaging, building & construction, automotive, consumer products and others. In terms of number of products and its application in the market, polyethylene had dominated the Indian market followed by polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. The report also focuses on key regions within India in terms of changing trends in using polymers in various applications. Western region holds major share with a significant growth rate.

The report also includes overview of major companies’ such as
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd,
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL),
Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (HPL)
GAIL (India) Limited.

Polymers market in India is expanding vigorously as many companies are taking initiatives for the developments that include business expansion, product launches, partnerships and many more. The largest business expansion was undertaken by Reliance industries Limited. It is the largest petrochemical player in India has all its cracking units in West and this facilitates the growth of downstream plastic processing industry in Western region. Petrochemical and refining are the two core business segments of Reliance industries.
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1. India Economy At A Glance
1.1. Overview
1.2. Trade Basket

2. India - Polymers Industry Overview
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Per Capita Plastic Products Consumption
2.3. Plastic Consumption, By Region, 2014
2.4. Tectonic Shift In Polymer Manufacturing
2.5. Recycling & Waste Management
2.6. Polymers Demand
2.7. Polymers Demand Vs. Production

3. India Polymers Market – Report Scope

4. India Polymers Market, By Type
4.1. Polyethylene
4.2. Polypropylene
4.3. Polyvinyl Chloride
4.4. Polystyrene
4.5. Abs Resin
4.6. Others

5. India Polymers Market, By Application
5.1. Packaging
5.2. Building & Construction
5.3. Automotive
5.4. Consumer Products
5.5. Others

6. India Polymers Market - Production Scenario
6.1. Installed Capacity Vs. Actual Production
6.2. Polymers Production, By Type

7. India Polymers Market, Trade Scenario
7.1. Polymers Export Vs. Imports
7.2. Polymers Export, By Type
7.3. Polyethylene Export, By Type
7.4. Polymers Import, By Type
7.5. Polyethylene Import, By Type

8. India Polymers Market - Pricing Analysis
8.1. Domestic Pricing Analysis
8.2. Polymers Export Price Forecast, By Type
8.3. Polyethylene Export Price Forecast, By Type
8.4. Polymers Import Price Forecast, By Type
8.5. Polyethylene Import Price Forecast, By Type

9. India Polymers Market - Top 5 Traders By Type
9.1. Ldpe
9.2. Hdpe
9.3. Lldpe
9.4. Polypropylene
9.5. Polystyrene
9.6. Pvc
9.7. Abs Resin

10. India Polymers Market, Supply Chain Analysis

11. India Polymers Market, Market Share Analysis

12. Company Profiles
12.1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
12.1.1. Overview
12.1.2. Financials
12.1.3. Revenue, By Segment
12.1.4. Shareholding Pattern
12.1.5. Production Facility & Capacity(Kt)
12.1.6. Swot Analysis
12.2. Reliance Industries Limited
12.2.1. Overview
12.2.2. Financials
12.2.3. Product Segmentation
12.2.4. Production Facility & Capacity(Kt)
12.2.5. Swot Analysis
12.3. Gail (India) Limited
12.3.1. Overview
12.3.2. Financials
12.3.3. Product Segmentation
12.3.4. Production Facility & Capacity(Kt)
12.3.5. Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures
12.4. Haldia Petrochemicals Limited
12.4.1. Overview
12.4.2. Production Facility & Capacity(Kt)
12.4.3. Polyethylene – Product Grades
12.4.4. Polypropylene – Product Grades
12.5. Supreme Petrochemicals Limited
12.5.1. Overview
12.5.2. Financials
12.5.3. Production Facility & Capacity(Kt)
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13. Appendix

14. Abbreviations

15. Research Methodology
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown