Hydrogen Sulphide Market: By Production Process; By Grade; By Application Industry and By Region - Forecast 2016-2021

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Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a colourless gas, soluble in various liquids including water and alcohol. It occurs naturally as well as can be produced commercially by industrial methods. It can be formed under conditions of deficient oxygen, in the presence of organic material and sulphate. Most of the atmospheric hydrogen sulphide has natural origins. Hydrogen sulphide occurs around sulphur springs and lakes, and is an air contaminant in geothermally active areas. Saline marshes can also produce sulphide. Industrially, it is produced by various processes in the chemical, oil & gas and metals industry.

Globally, the growing trend of end-use industries for hydrogen sulphide is the major growth driver for the hydrogen sulphide market. Increasing usage and demand of hydrogen sulphide in emerging nations is an opportunity for the hydrogen sulphide market to grow. However, health hazards related to hydrogen sulphide is the key factor restraining the growth of hydrogen sulphide market.

This report identifies the global hydrogen sulphide market size in for the year 2014-2016 and forecast of the same for year 2021. It also highlights the potential growth opportunities in the coming years, while also reviewing the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape and other key aspects with respect to hydrogen sulphide market.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific dominated the global hydrogen sulphide market, and is projected to have the fastest growth, followed by North America, Europe and Rest of the World (RoW). Oil & Gas industry is the largest market in 2015 among all application industries, expected to grow at a decent growth rate between 2016 and 2022.
This report segments global Hydrogen Sulphide market on the basis of Production Process, by Grade, by Application Industry and Regional market as follows:
Hydrogen Sulphide Market, by Production Process: Natural process and Industrial process
Hydrogen Sulphide Market, by Grade: Technical and Purified
The report has focused study on Hydrogen Sulphide Market by Application Industry such as: Chemical Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Metals & Metallurgy Industry and Others
This report has been further segmented into major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region. The countries considered under the Asia-Pacific region are India, China, South Korea and Japan. The countries considered under the European region are Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia and Spain. North America consists of the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

This report identifies all the major companies operating in the Hydrogen Sulphide market. Some of the major companies’ profiles in detail are as follows:
Dow Chemical
Evonik Industries
Air Liquide, Inc.

Hydrite Chemical Co.
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1. Hydrogen Sulphide – Market Overview

2. Executive Summary

3. Hydrogen Sulphide Market Landscape
3.1. Market Share Analysis
3.2. Comparative Analysis
3.3. Product Benchmarking
3.4. End User Profiling
3.5. Top 5 Financials Analysis

4. Hydrogen Sulphide – Market Forces
4.1. Drivers
4.1.1. Growing trend of end-use industries
4.2. Restraints
4.2.1. Health hazards caused due to exposure to hydrogen sulphide
4.3. Opportunities
4.3.1. Increasing usage of hydrogen sulphide in emerging nations
4.4. Challenges
4.5. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.5.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
4.5.2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
4.5.3. Threat of New Entrants
4.5.4. Threat of Substitutes
4.5.5. Degree of Competition

5. Hydrogen Sulphide Market By Production Process
5.1. Natural
5.2. Industrial

6. Hydrogen Sulphide Market By Grade
6.1. Technical
6.2. Purified

7. Hydrogen Sulphide Market By Application Industry
7.1. Chemical
7.2. Oil & Gas
7.3. Metals & Metallurgy
7.4. Others

8. Global Hydrogen Sulphide Market By Geography
8.1. Europe
8.1.1. Germany
8.1.2. France
8.1.3. Italy
8.1.4. Spain
8.1.5. Russia
8.1.6. U.K.
8.1.7. Rest of Europe
8.2. Asia Pacific
8.2.1. China
8.2.2. India
8.2.3. Japan
8.2.4. South Korea
8.2.5. Rest of Asia-Pacific
8.3. North America
8.3.1. U.S.
8.3.2. Canada
8.3.3. Mexico
8.4. Rest of the World (RoW)
8.4.1. Brazil
8.4.2. Rest of RoW

9. Hydrogen Sulphide – Market Entropy
9.1. Expansion
9.2. Technological Developments
9.3. Merger & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
9.4. Supply- Contract

10. Company Profiles
10.1. Bayer AG
10.1.1. Introduction
10.1.2. Financials
10.1.3. Key Insights
10.1.4. Key Strategy
10.1.5. Product Portfolio
10.1.6. SWOT Analysis
10.2. Dow Chemical
10.2.1. Introduction
10.2.2. Financials
10.2.3. Key Insights
10.2.4. Key Strategy
10.2.5. Product Portfolio
10.2.6. SWOT Analysis
10.3. Linde LLC
10.3.1. Introduction
10.3.2. Financials
10.3.3. Key Insights
10.3.4. Key Strategy
10.3.5. Product Portfolio
10.3.6. SWOT Analysis
10.4. Industrial Scientific Corporation
10.4.1. Introduction
10.4.2. Financials
10.4.3. Key Insights
10.4.4. Key Strategy
10.4.5. Product Portfolio
10.4.6. SWOT Analysis
10.5. MonitorTech, Inc.
10.5.1. Introduction
10.5.2. Financials
10.5.3. Key Insights
10.5.4. Key Strategy
10.5.5. Product Portfolio
10.5.6. SWOT Analysis
10.6. Hydrite Chemical Co.
10.6.1. Introduction
10.6.2. Financials
10.6.3. Key Insights
10.6.4. Key Strategy
10.6.5. Product Portfolio
10.6.6. SWOT Analysis
10.7. Air Liquide, Inc.
10.7.1. Introduction
10.7.2. Financials
10.7.3. Key Insights
10.7.4. Key Strategy
10.7.5. Product Portfolio
10.7.6. SWOT Analysis
10.8. Dupont
10.8.1. Introduction
10.8.2. Financials
10.8.3. Key Insights
10.8.4. Key Strategy
10.8.5. Product Portfolio
10.8.6. SWOT Analysis
10.9. Evonik Industries
10.9.1. Introduction
10.9.2. Financials
10.9.3. Key Insights
10.9.4. Key Strategy
10.9.5. Product Portfolio
10.9.6. SWOT Analysis
10.10. BASF
10.10.1. Introduction
10.10.2. Financials
10.10.3. Key Insights
10.10.4. Key Strategy
10.10.5. Product Portfolio
10.10.6. SWOT Analysis
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11. Appendix
11.1. Abbreviations
11.2. Sources
11.3. Research Methodology
11.4. Expert Insights
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown