ConocoPhillips - Strategies, Financial Outlook and Competitive Benchmark Analysis - 2018

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This report provides 360 degree information, in-depth analysis and detailed information on “ConocoPhillips”:
  • Company Outlook and Strategy: Snapshot for company business outlook and their strategy, along with financial outlook for last two years.
  • Letter to Shareholders/investors: Provides letter from Chairman/Chief Executive Officer or Management Board for last financial year to shareholders/investors.
  • Company Introduction: Provides information on company operations, key facts such as company address, contact number(s), ticker symbol and other information.
  • Business Description: In-depth analysis on company's operations and strategy, manufacturing locations, name of the customers, geographic presence.
  • SWOT Analysis: Comprehensive analysis on Company’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.
  • Products and Services analysis: Provides information on Company’s Products and services and their specifications.
  • Company Financials: Thorough analysis on Company Financials such as revenues, net profits and others. It provides annual financial statements such as Income statement and Balance sheet for last 3 years. Also, provides information on revenue breakdown by segment and regional along with major key ratio’s which gives view on company financial outlook. Given detail information on last three years company quarterly results.
  • History and Milestones: About the history and milestones of the company.
  • Key Employees and Top Management Biographies: A list of the top management of company and Biographies.
  • Competitors’ Analysis: Provides information Company’s Competitors and their overview. Also, Benchmark with top three players in terms of product analysis, research and development and geographical foot print.
  • Locations and Subsidiaries: List of Company’s Key Location and Subsidiaries located across the world.
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This Company Profile fulfils this core need.
  • It saves your valuable time & money and is an un-biased source for detail Information.
  • Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting the company in the form of a SWOT analysis and its strategies
  • Offers an in-depth view of the business model of the company’s business and regional segmentations
  • Easy to understand the company's financial outlook, and also offers key financial information and revenue analysis of the company for the last three years
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1 ConocoPhillips– Company Outlook and Strategy
1.1 Company Outlook
1.2 Company Financials
1.3 Strategy

2 Letter to Shareholders\Investors – 2014

3 Company Introduction
3.1 Key Contact Information

4 Business Segment Analysis

5 SWOT Analysis – ConocoPhillips
5.1 ConocoPhillips– Strengths
5.2 ConocoPhillips– Weakness
5.3 ConocoPhillips– Opportunities
5.4 ConocoPhillips– Threats

6 Products and Services Analysis

7 Recent Developments

8 Company Financials Analysis for Last 3 Years
8.1 Key Financial Statement
8.2 Key Ratios
8.3 Sales performance analysis by business segment
8.4 Sales performance analysis by regional segment
8.5 Research and development Analysis
8.6 Quarterly Analysis

9 History and Key milestones

10 Key Employees
10.1 Top Management Biographies

11 Competitor Analysis
11.1 Overview
11.2 Benchmark with top three players

12 Locations and Subsidiaries

13 Appendix
13.1 Research Methodology
13.2 Definition

14 About the Author
14.1 About Us
14.2 Contact us
14.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: ConocoPhillips – Key Information
Table 2: ConocoPhillips – Products and Services
Table 3: ConocoPhillips – Recent Developments
Table 4: ConocoPhillips – Income Statement 2012–2014
Table 5: ConocoPhillips – Balance Sheet 2012–2014
Table 6: ConocoPhillips – Key Ratio’s 2012–2014
Table 7: ConocoPhillips – Business Segment Analysis 2012–2014
Table 8: ConocoPhillips – Regional Analysis 2012–2014
Table 9: ConocoPhillips – Research and Development Analysis
Table 10: ConocoPhillips – Quarterly Analysis 2012–2014
Table 11: ConocoPhillips – Key Employees List
Table 12: ConocoPhillips – Locations and Subsidiaries
Table 13: Definitions – Key Ratios

List of Figures
Figure 1: ConocoPhillips – SWOT Analysis
Figure 2: ConocoPhillips – Revenue, 2012–2014
Figure 3: ConocoPhillips – Operating Profit/Loss, 2012–2014
Figure 4: ConocoPhillips – Net Profit/Loss, 2012–2014
Figure 5: ConocoPhillips – Liquidity Ratios (%), 2012–2014
Figure 6: ConocoPhillips – Profitability Ratios (%), 2012–2014
Figure 7: ConocoPhillips – Leverage Ratios (%), 2012–2014
Figure 8: ConocoPhillips – Efficiency Ratios (%), 2012–2014
Figure 9: ConocoPhillips – Business Segment Analysis 2012–2014
Figure 10: ConocoPhillips – Regional Analysis 2012–2014
Figure 11: ConocoPhillips – Quarterly Analysis 2012–2014
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown