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Animal Farm Antibiotic Replacements 2018

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The widespread use of antibiotics in animal production causes two important problems. Firstly, there is the risk that antibiotic residues may be found in human food and secondly, is the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic micro-organisms.

There is pressure from both Governments and consumers on the animal production industry to reduce antibiotic use.

This 50 page report specifies ways in which growth promoters and therapeutic antibiotics are being reduced across the industry.

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Current Use of Antibiotics
1.1 Mode of Action of Antibiotics in Animal Production
1.1.1. Growth Promotion
1.1.2. Antibiotics for Disease Prevention
1.1.3. Therapeutic Use
1.2. Market Size of Antibiotics used in Animals

Chapter 2: Problems of Antibiotic Usage
2. 1. Antibiotic Residues in Food Products
2.2. Antibiotic Resistance in Pathogenic Bacteria
2.3 Consumer Response to Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

Chapter 3: Replacement of Antibiotic Growth Promoters
3.1. Feed Enzymes
3.1.1. Poultry
3.1.2. Pigs
3.2 Prebiotics
3.2.1. Poultry
3.2.2. Pigs
3.3 Probiotics
3.3.1. Poultry
3.3.2. Pigs
3.3.3. Cattle
3.4 Synbiotics
3.5 Organic Acids
3.5.1. Poultry
3.5.2. Pigs
3.6 Phytochemicals
3.6.1. Poultry
3.6.2. Pigs
3.6.3. Cattle

Chapter 4: Replacement of Therapeutic Use of Antibiotics
4.1 Feed Quality and Nutrient Absorption
4.1.1. Feed Quality
4.1.2. Nutrient Absorption
4.2 Immune Modulating Agents (Immunonutrition)
4.2.1. Egg Yolk Antibodies Poultry Pigs Cattle
4.2.2. Carotenoids
4.2.3. Spray-Dried Animal Plasma Poultry Pigs
4.2.4. Colostrum
4.3 Modulation of Gastrointestinal Health
4.3.1. Probiotics Poultry Pigs Cattle
4.3.2. Predatory Bacteria
4.3.3. Prebiotics Poultry Pigs Cattle
4.3.4. Antioxidants
4.3.5. Bacteriophages
4.3.6. Antimicrobial Peptides
4.3.7. Inhibitors of Pathogens Quorum Sensing Inhibitors Biofilm Inhibitors
4.3.8. Copper and Zinc
4.3.9. Clay Minerals
4.3.10. Glutamine Poultry Pigs
4.4 Vaccination

Chapter 5: Industry Response to Replacement of Antibiotics
5.1 Poultry
5.2 Pigs
5.3 Dairy Cows
5.4 Programmes for Antibiotic Reduction

List of Tables
Table 1: Overall sales of antibiotics in the EU
Table 2: Average daily gain difference (%) between animals raised with and without antibiotics as growth promoters
Table 3: Maximum residue limits (MRL) for selected antibiotics in food products in the EU
Table 4: Influence of a probiotic and antibiotics on broiler performance at 5 weeks of age
Table 5: A probiotic can replace an antibiotic growth promoter in broilers
Table 6: Effect of a synbiotic and a probiotic on broiler performance
Table 7: Characteristics of organic acids used in feeds
Table 8: Formic acid as a growth promoter in piglets from 6-12 kg liveweight
Table 9: Comparison of a phytochemical product with an antibiotic product on pig performance
Table 10: Effect of garlic on the performance of weaned piglets
Table 11: Effect of Ochratoxin A and Salmonella typhimurium on broiler performance over 21 days
Table 12: Effect of encapsulation of egg yolk antibodies on the incidence of diarrhoea in pigs challenged with E. coli
Table 13: Effect of dietary lutein on total plasma carotenoids and on the immune response
Table 14: Effect of an antimicrobial peptide (MccJ25) on growth and incidence of diarrhoea in weaned pigs over 28 days
Table 15: Activity of potentiated glycerol liquid against biofilms. Data are fluorescence/well obtained after resazurin-based viability staining. A lower signal means less surviving cells
Table 16: Amount of oxytetracycline used in pigs vaccinated or not vaccinated against Lawsonia intracellularis which causes ileitis

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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