Mobile Broadband Trends in Latin America

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Mobile Broadband Trends in Latin America


Europe’s Latin America’s population reached 630 million by the end of 2017. The region’s population will grow to 661 million by the end of 2022, translating into a CAGR of 1% over 2017-2022. Brazil (208 million) and Mexico (122 million) are the most populous countries in the region.

Mobile users in Latin America reached 466.9 million by the end of 2017 and will increase to 536.9 million by the end of 2022, indicating a 2.8% CAGR over the period. This is led by improving coverage of 3G/4G networks along with significant growth in M2M connections in the region.

LATAM’s mobile subscriptions reached 706.7 million by 2017-end and will increase to 801.4 million by 2022-end, growing at 2.5% CAGR over the forecast period. While mobile penetration of population will increase from 112.2% in 2017-end to 121.3% at 2022-end. Costa Rica, Uruguay and Chile boast the highest mobile penetration in the region.

Meanwhile, 4G will surpass 3G as leading mobile technology in 2019 and will go on to register 65.2% of total mobile subscriptions by 2022-end, as the governments and operators are focusing on 4G network expansion across the region. Latin American countries will launch 5G services in 2020.

The report "Mobile Broadband Trends in Latin America", provides an executive-level overview of the mobile broadband market in Latin America. It delivers quantitative and qualitative insights into the mobile market, analyzing key trends in the region.

Companies mentioned in this report: Porto Seguro, Datora, Falabella Movil,Telestar, Simple, Virgin Mobile, Inkacel, Xinwei, EUTV, Personal, Nextel, AT&T, Claro, Nokia, Movistar Argentina, MNO ICE(Kolbi), Tigo, Vodafone, TIM

  • Data services revenue will account for 65.2% of total mobile service revenue generated in 2022 from 45.7% in 2017.
  • MVNOs registered 9 million subscriptions in 2017, accounting for 1% of total mobile subscriptions.
  • The first 5G subscriptions in the region will come alive in 2020. By year-end 2022, there will be 20.2 million 5G subscriptions in the region.
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  • Key takeaways
  • Latin America highlights
  • Section 1: Latin America in a global context
  • Latin America demographics
  • Latin America in a global context
  • Section 2: Competitive dynamics
  • Competitive dynamics in Latin America
  • Latin America’s main competitive market trends
  • Section 3: Mobile broadband subscription trends in Europe
  • Mobile user trends in Latin America
  • Mobile technology trends in Latin America
  • 5G Innovators: Mexico, Chile, and Argentina in pole position in Latin America
  • Mobile device trends in Latin America
  • M2M trends in Latin America
  • Mobile data traffic trends in Latin America
  • Section 4: Mobile Broadband revenue trends in Latin America
  • Section 5: Key findings
  • Appendix
  • Companies mentioned
  • Acronyms and definitions
List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1: Population
Exhibit 2: Nominal GDP
Exhibit 3: Real GDP growth
Exhibit 4: User penetration
Exhibit 5: Subscription penetration
Exhibit 6: Prepaid subscriptions
Exhibit 7: Monthly ARPU
Exhibit 8: Data as share of total ARPU
Exhibit 9: Monthly voice MoU
Exhibit 10: Mobile user penetration vs. PPP-Adjusted GDP per capita
Exhibit 11: Mobile users
Exhibit 12: Mobile subscriptions and penetration
Exhibit 13: Mobile subscriptions by technology generation
Exhibit 14: Top five Latin American markets in terms of 5G subscriptions as percentage of total
Exhibit 15: Mobile subscriptions by device type
Exhibit 16: Net additions by device type
Exhibit 17: Mobile handsets subscriptions by type
Exhibit 18: M2M subscriptions and revenue
Exhibit 19: Total mobile data traffic by payment type
Exhibit 20: Mobile ARPU in Latin America
Exhibit 21: Spend on 1GB of data as percentage of PPP Adjusted GDP per capita
Exhibit 22: Mobile service revenue by device type
Exhibit 23: Fastest growing markets in terms of mobile service revenue
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