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European Woodfree Paper Market: Detailed Analysis & Forecasts by Sub-Grade & Country

  • ID: 4539842
  • Report
  • April 2019
  • Region: Europe
  • 87 Pages
  • EMGE & Co.

The European Woodfree Paper Market report series examine market activity and trends in the European woodfree paper markets. The report series has been specifically designed to assist papermakers and others plan their activities and involvement in this important sector. Nearly all the major companies and many others are regular subscribers.

Each report contains a wealth of information, covering demand for all grades of wood-free paper (coated and uncoated; reels, sheets, cut-size, etc), imports/exports, supply, capacity and prices. The reports give in-depth coverage of key issues such as Market Cycles and Paper/Pulp prices.

The information and forecasts are based on thorough yet impartial analysis of published and semi-published information, supported by continuous, detailed market research. Subscribers tell us that the forecasts are unique, perceptive and valuable.

The European Woodfree Paper Market reports are focused on Western Europe and Eastern Europe, giving specific market information on Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Nordic, Benelux, Iberia and Other, as well as Eastern/Central Europe (new-EU). Grades covered include Coated WF reels, sheets; Uncoated WF reels, offset sheets, cut-size. Prices are given in Germany/Euro and UK/GB£.

The reports also contain:

  • Detailed company capacity data with comprehensive investment listings
  • Pulp and Paper forecasts (NBSK, Hardwood - $/t, Euro/t)
  • Leading supplier tables
  • Imports and Exports by grade

Subscribers also benefit from access to the subscriber information and support service which is a full back-up service allowing subscribers to ask us questions and to obtain responses to market queries as required.

The European Woodfree Paper Market service comprises:

  • Tri-annual European Woodfree Paper Market forecast reports (3 pa)
  • Access to the subscriber information and support service
  • Ad-hoc updates for subscribers

The European Woodfree Paper Market forecasts are published three times per annum (in April/May, July/August, December/January), focusing on Western Europe and Eastern Europe, giving specific market information on Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Nordic, Benelux, Iberia and Other, as well as Eastern/Central Europe (new-EU). The reports cover the following grades in detail: Coated Woodfree Sheets, Coated Woodfree Reels, Cut-Size Uncoated Woodfree (UWF), Folio Sheet UWF and UWF Reels.

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Regional Classifications

Spring 2019 – Recent developments

1. Forecast Summary: Data

  • Annual Forecast Summary: Europe-30
  • Annual Forecast Summary: W. Europe-16
  • Annual Forecast Summary: E.Europe-14
  • Annual Forecast Summary: Russia

2. Forecast – Cycle Dynamics
2.1. Forecast – Long-Term Trend
2.2. Demand: Demand Drivers
2.2.1. Demand: Demand Drivers – Hardware
2.2.2. Demand: Demand Drivers - Books
2.2.3. Demand: Demand Drivers - Magazines
2.2.4. Demand: Demand Drivers – Mail
2.2.5. Demand: Demand Drivers – Advertising
2.2.6. Demand: Demand Drivers – General Printing
2.3. Demand: Grade Focus
2.4. Demand: Sub-Grade Forecast
2.5. Demand: Regional Focus
2.5.1. Demand: Regional Focus - Russia

3. Capacity- Major Capacity Changes
3.1. Forecast Capacity Overview
3.2. Capacity Projections, CWF - tonnage details
3.3. Capacity Projections, CWF – Other Europe
3.4. Capacity Projections, UWF - tonnage details
3.5. Capacity Projections, UWF – Others
3.6. Investment Details - Listing of Plans

4. Supply-Demand Balance
4.1. Quarterly Operating Ratios
4.2. Delivery Lead Times
4.3. Supply-Demand Outlook (Base vs. Forecast)
4.4. Cut-size Papers – Demand Supply

5. Leading Suppliers
5.1. Consolidation - Leading Companies
5.2. Cut-Size Leading Companies
Notes on the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHi)

6. Trade
6.1 Trade Forecast

7. Prices & Margins
7.1. Papermakers’ Costs
7.2. Papermakers’ Converting Margins
7.3. Paper Price Forecast
7.4. Paper and Pulp Prices
a) Paper Price Forecast – EUROs
b) Paper Price Forecast – UK
7.5. Exchange Rates

Appendix 1: Market Indicators
Appendix 2 : Demand Forecast Grade/Region

  • A2.1. Trends
  • A2.1.1 GDP and Paper Demand, Europe-30
  • A2.1.2 GDP and Paper Demand, Europe-16
  • A2.1.3 GDP and Paper Demand, Europe-14
  • A2.2. Grade Demand Forecasts
  • A2.3. Grade Demand Forecasts, by region
  • A2.3.1 Grade Demand Forecasts, by region – Coated Woodfree
  • A2.3.2 Grade Demand Forecasts, by region – Uncoated Woodfree
  • A2.4. Woodfree Grade Demand Forecasts by country/region

Appendix 3: Quarterly Forecasts

  • A3.1. Market Forecast – Quarterly – Coated Woodfree
    • a) Coated Woodfree Market (Quarterly Forecast, EUROPE-30)
    • b) CWF Sheets & Reels Demand (Quarterly Forecast)
  • A3.2 Market Forecast – Quarterly – Uncoated Woodfree
    • a) Uncoated Woodfree Market (Quarterly Forecast)
    • b) UWF Reels, Folio & Cut-Size Demand (Quarterly Forecast)

List of charts
I. European WF Paper Demand vs. OECD Leading Indicators
Ii. Woodfree Paper Demand Growth, Europe-30
Iii. Western European Printer Shipments
Iv. Western European Mail Volumes
V. European Advertising Index
Vi. Historical W’dfree Paper Demand Growth, Europe-30
Vii. UWF Demand Growth (3mma) – W.Europe-16
Viii. CWF Demand Growth (3mma) – W.Europe-16
Ix. W.Europe-16 vs. E.Europe-14 Demand
X. Russian Magazine Adspend Growth
Xi. Delivery Lead Times – Europe
Xii. Operating Ratios – Base vs. Forecast
Xiii. Cut-Size Supply-Demand, Europe-30
Xiv. Europe-30 CWF Exports by Destination
Xv. CWF Reels Price Gap, EURO/t
Xvi. Price Elasticity
Xvii. Comparative Prices – EURO/t
Xviii. Europe-30 UWF Exports By Destination
Xix. Exports x-Europe-30
Xx. Offshore Imports, Europe-30
Xxi. Europe-30 Woodfree Imports By Grade
Xxii. Europe-30 UWF Imports By Source
Xxiii. Historical Woodfree Paper Prices – EURO/t
Xxiv. Pulp Prices
Xxv. Pulp to Paper Price Ratios – Europe
Xxvi. Margins – Non-Integrated, CWF
Xxvii. Margins – Non-Integrated, Cut-Size
Xxviii. Woodfree Paper Price Forecast – EURO/t
Xxix. Purchasing Managers’ Indices, Europe
Xxx. Consumer Confidence Indicator, Europe
Xxxi. Share Prices
Xxxii. Transporation Costs
Xxxiii. Wood Prices, Finnish Birch
Xxxiv. EURO : USD
Xxxv. GBP : USD
Xxxvi. Coated Woodfree Demand Growth, Europe-30
Xxxvii. Uncoated Woodfree Demand Growth, Europe-30
Xxxviii. UWF Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xxxix. Cut-Size Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xl. UWF Reels Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xli. UWF Folio Sheets Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xlii. Coated W’dfree Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xliii. CWF Sheets Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region
Xliv. CWF Reels Paper Demand, Europe-30 by Region

List of tables
1. Woodfree Paper Market Forecast
2. Woodfree Paper Market Summary, EU-30
3. Woodfree Paper Market Summary, WE-16
4. Woodfree Paper Market Summary, EE-14
5. Woodfree Paper Market Summary, Russia
6. German Book Sales
7. European Magazine Adspend
8. German Printing - Business Conditions
9. Demand Forecast – W.Europe-16
10. Demand Forecast – E.Europe-14
11. Woodfree Demand Long-Term Forecast, by Grade
12. Major Woodfree Paper Capacity Changes
13. Capacity Forecast Changes, by Region
14. Capacity Forecast Changes, by Mill - CWF
15. Capacity Forecast Changes, Other Europe – CWF
16. Capacity Forecast Changes, by Mill - UWF
17. Capacity Forecast Changes, Others – UWF
18. Investment Listing
19. Woodfree Quarterly Operating Ratios
20. Forecast Operating Ratios, by Region
21. Base and Unspecified Capacity Forecasts
22. UWF Cut-Size Market, Europe-30
23. Quarterly UWF Cut-Size Market, Europe-30
24. Fine Papers - Leading W’dfree Paper Companies
25. Cut-Size - Leading Companies
26. Offshore Imports/Exports Forecast, Europe-30
27. Paper and Pulp Price Forecast – EURO/t
28. Paper and Pulp Price Forecast – GB£/t
29. Exchange Rates
30. Emge’s Economic Forecast
31. Trends - GDP & Paper Demand, Europe-30
32. Trends - GDP & Paper Demand, W.Europe-16
33. Trends - GDP & Paper Demand, E.Europe-14
34. Grade Demand Outlook
35. Grade Demand Outlook (% Growth)
36. Demand Forecast - CWF Sheets
37. Demand Forecast - CWF Reels
38. Demand Forecast - CWF 2-Side
39. Demand Forecast - UWF Reels
40. Demand Forecast - UWF Folio
41. Demand Forecast - UWF Cutsize
42. Demand Forecast – UWF Papers
43. Demand Forecast – Germany
44. Demand Forecast – France
45. Demand Forecast – UK
46. Demand Forecast – Italy
47. Demand Forecast – Nordic
48. Demand Forecast – Benelux
49. Demand Forecast – Iberia
50. Demand Forecast – Other W.Europe
51. Demand Forecast – W.Europe-16
52. Demand Forecast – E.Europe-14
53. Demand Forecast – Europe-30
54. CWF (2-Side) - Quarterly Market, Europe-30
55. CWF (2-Side) - Quarterly Market, W.Europe-16
56. CWF Reels & Sheets (2-Side) – Q. Demand, Europe-30
57. CWF Reels & Sheets (2-Side) – Q. Demand, W.Europe-16
58. CWF Reels & Sheets (2-Side) – Q. Demand, E.Europe-14
59. UWF - Quarterly Market, Europe-30
60. UWF - Quarterly Market, W.Europe-16
61. UWF - Quarterly Market, E.Europe-14
62. UWF Reels, Folio & Cut-Size – Q. Demand, Europe-30
63. UWFf Reels, Folio & Cut-Size – Q. Demand, W.Eur-16
64. UWF Reels, Folio & Cut-Size – Q. Demand, E.Eur-14

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


In short, the author closely tracks global both micro and macro-economic, political and industry data, including pulp prices, energy costs, confidence indicators, business sentiments, trade, exchange rates, shipping costs, GDP, various other economic indicators, wastepaper & wood costs, etc… In addition to this, they have a global database of demand, production and capacity – by mill and machine – which is updated daily, especially in terms of investments and closures, and all this informs our demand forecast views, which itself feeds into our operating rate scenarios and subsequent price forecasts.