The UK Tea Market 2018

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As a Nation Brits Drink 165 Million Cups of Tea Per Day

This report looks at the nature, prevailing trends and the potential of the tea market in the UK. Whilst aiming to be succinct, this report provides valuable insights and information for those who are already in or seeking to join the tea business in any capacity, including the F&B retailer trade.

Using available secondary data from a variety of agencies as well as our own primary data generated from a survey of people residing in the South East of England, the report includes an analysis of the consumer behavior of the UK tea drinkers based on face-to-face interviews carried out by a research team in the U.K.

As elaborated in the report, British tea consumption patterns are evolving and new areas of opportunity are emerging for new and existing players to venture into. Clearly, tea is more than just a drink… it’s a lifestyle… a part of the long standing tea culture in the United Kingdom. As such, a traditional English Teahouse is an instrumental component of this culture. The survey also investigates how the dynamics, appeal and usage of teahouses is evolving.

Imports and exports are also an important part of the tea trade and a major consideration for businesses. This report looks at some critical aspects of tea trade to help importers and exporters to understand how the tea importation process works in the UK. Moreover, we also take a brief look at the potential impact of Brexit on this industry, given that the U.K is also a major re-exporter of tea to the E.U and beyond.

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1 Introduction

  • Price Trends
  • Global Setting
  • Price Trends in the UK
  • Tea Imports
  • Impact of Brexit

2 Consumption Trends

3 Teahouses

4 Tea Trade

  • Cost of Import to the UK by Shipping Origin
  • Time to Import to the UK by Shipping Origin
  • GSP Plus
  • Players
  • Competition

5 Importing Tea to the UK

  • Codes used in customs & international trade
  • Product Specification
  • Quality: grading and classification
  • Labeling
  • Packaging

6 Requirements

  • Legal Requirements
  • Additional Buyer Requirements
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