Asia Crop Protection Regulations

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This report is 423 pages of everything you need to know about crop protection and the respective product registrations in China, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is the combination of individual reports into these countries.

Key Insights:

  • China: New rules for Chinese pesticide management regulation and changes in procedures for product registration and approval. Legal frameworks, guidelines and ministerial contacts are also discussed
  • Nepal: Key crops and potential issues and the key companies involved are covered as well as the potential of crop protection sector, challenges to market potential, recent industry developments, regional variance of governance, regulation and registration
  • Thailand: The key pesticide registration issues related to the legislation, use, and market of pesticides are detailed. As well as pesticide imports and historical, current, and future trends for pesticide use in Thailand.
  • Philippines: Product registration for synthetic pesticides and bio-pesticides, and details the current regulatory system under the FPA (Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority), and allied bodies. Also focuses on the legal system of agrochemical registrations and bio-pesticide registration
  • Vietnam: Pesticide imports from over 50 countries which are valued at about $850 per year. Advice and guidance on how to get product approval and navigate the complex regulatory procedures involved.
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Summary of Table of Contents for 1 of 5 Titles Included in this Report:

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction of Chinese Agriculture and Pesticide Market
Chapter 2: Pesticide Production and Registration Legal System
Chapter 3: Data Requirement for Various Types of Product Registrations
Chapter 4: Overview of Pesticide Registrations in 2016
Chapter 5: Appendix

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