2018 and Beyond: Italy Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Market Trends and Outlook Study to 2025

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Spending on medicines and healthcare in Italy witnessed steady growth in 2017, reflecting strong potential for new medicine development, infrastructure building and new entry/ expansion opportunities. Both Pharmaceutical sales and consumption are on rise and the outlook to 2025 remains robust driven by strong pharmaceutical market fundamentals.

The goal of this report is to provide complete strategic analysis and forecast the pharmaceutical industry segments over the near to long term future.

This report focuses its attention on pharmaceutical market in Italy and presents market trends, drivers and challenges facing the R&D professionals, investors, manufacturers, strategists, regulatory and other players. It also presents the pharmaceutical sales of prescription medicines and generic drugs. Further, pharmaceutical imports and exports data is also provided for the country.

The research study on Italy healthcare spending provides outlook of total spending, government expenditure, private expenditure to 2025. Further, the level of out-of-pocket costs borne by patients is also analyzed.

It additionally explores the level and growth of expenditure on healthcare, new drugs and ongoing research studies. The report also considers the Italy healthcare industry prospects and infrastructure detailing hospitals, physicians, bed count, and other facilities. The report also analyzes the disease epidemiology trends through details of leading causes of death.

Through transparent and consistent methodology, the research work provides meaningful evidence based insights into the industry. Further, objective measures are presented in ready to use format, which enables ease of understanding of Italy pharmaceutical market insights and outlook.
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1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2 Executive Summary
2.1 Italy Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Snapshot
2.2 Italy Pharmaceuticals Market Overview

3 Italy Pharmaceutical Market Strategic Analysis Review
3.1 Pharmaceutical Trends in Italy
3.2 Drivers and Restraints
3.2.1 Market Drivers in Italy Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry
3.2.2 Drivers Explained
3.2.3 Market Restraints in Italy Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry
3.2.4 Restraints Explained

4 Italy Pharmaceutical Market Outlook
4.1 Italy Pharmaceutical Sales, $ Million, 2015- 2025
4.2 Italy Pharmaceutical Exports, $ million, 2015- 2025
4.3 Italy Pharmaceutical Imports, $ Million, 2015- 2025
4.4 Italy (% contribution) to Regional Pharmaceutical Market size, 2017
4.5 Italy (% contribution) to Global Pharmaceutical Market size, 2017
4.6 Italy Prescription Drug Sales, $ Million, 2015- 2025
4.7 Italy Generic Drug Sales, $ Million, 2015- 2025

5 Italy Healthcare Market Outlook
5.1 Italy Healthcare Expenditure Outlook, 2015- 2025
5.2 Italy Healthcare Expenditure (% of GDP), 2015- 2025
5.3 Italy Government Healthcare Expenditure (% of total expenditure), 2015- 2025
5.4 Italy Private Healthcare Expenditure (% of total expenditure), 2015- 2025
5.5 Out of pocket expenditure (% of total expenditure) in Italy, 2015- 2025

6 Italy Healthcare Market Statistics
6.1 Italy Mortality by Disease Category, 2017
6.2 Number of Hospitals in Italy, 2007- 2017
6.3 Number of Hospital Beds in Italy, 2007- 2017
6.4 Physicians Count in Italy, 2007- 2017
6.5 Pharmacists Count in Italy, 2007- 2017

7 Italy Clinical Trials Research Industry
7.1 Total Ongoing Clinical Trials in Italy, 2017
7.2 Ongoing Clinical Trials by Disease Category in Italy, 2017
7.3 Ongoing Clinical Trials by Type, 2017
7.4 Ongoing Clinical Trials by Status, 2017
7.5 Ongoing Clinical Trials by Sponsor Type, 2017

8 Italy Demographic and MacroEconomic Profile
8.1 Italy Population Forecast by Age Group, 2005- 2025
8.2 Italy Population Forecast by Location, 2005- 2025
8.3 Italy GDP Forecast, 2005- 2025
8.4 Italy GDP Per Capita Forecast, 2005- 2025
8.5 Italy Disposable Income Forecast, 2005- 2025

9 Business Profiles of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies
9.1 Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.2 Bayer Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.3 Novartis Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.4 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.5 Roche Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.6 Sanofi Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.7 Merck Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.8 Gilead Sciences Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.9 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company Profile
9.10. AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company Profile

10 Recent Industry Developments in Italy Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Markets

11 Appendix
11.1 About the Publisher
11.2 Sources and Methodology
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