Terrestrial Earthworms (Oligochaeta: Opisthopora) of China

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Terrestrial Earthworms (Oligochaeta: Opisthopora) of China summarizes the results of the classification of terrestrial earthworms in China and provides detailed and authoritative information. The content is classified according to the classification system of Sims and Easton. Each earthworm is described in detail from existing data sources and includes descriptions of external morphological characteristics, internal morphological characteristics, body color and distribution. This book is a useful resource for researchers and practitioners in the field of systematics, phylogeny, biodiversity, soil invertebrate zoology and ecology.

  • Covers over 370 species of earthworms
  • Describes the source of each kind of earthworm, their main classification features, and distribution
  • Discusses the differences between similar earthworms
  • Includes accompanying figures on the typical characteristics of each earthworm
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Phylum: Annelida
Class: Oligochaeta
Order: Opisthopora
Family: Acanthodrilidae Claus, 1880
Genus: Microscolex Rosa,1887
1. Microscolex wuxiensis Xu, Zhong & Yang, 1990
Genus. Plutellus Perrier, 1873
2. Plutellus hanyuangensis Zhong, 1992
Genus. Pontodrilus Perrier, 1874
3. Pontodrilus bermudensis Beddard, 1891
4. Pontodrilus litoralis (Grube, 1855)
5. Pontodrilus sinensis Chen & Xu, 1977
Family: Glossoscolecidae
Genus: Pontoscolex Schmarda, 1861
6. Pontoscolex corethrurus(Müller, 1856)
7. Pontoscolex guangdongensis Zhang, Wu and Sun, 1998
Family: Haplotaxidae (Claus, 1880)
Genus. Haplotaxis Hoffmeister, 1843
8. Haplotaxis gordioides (Hartmann, 1821)
Family: Lumbricidae Claus, 1880
Genus. Allolobophora Eisen, 1873
9. Allolobophora chlortica (Savigny, 1826)
Genus. Aporrectodea Örley, 1885
10. Aporrectodea caliginosa (Savigny, 1826)
11. Aporrectodea longa (Ude, 1885)
12. Aporrectodea trapezoides (Dugès, 1828)
13. Aporrectodea tuberculata (Eisen, 1874)
14. Aporrectodea turgida (Eisen, 1873)
Genus. Bimastos Moore, 1893
15. Bimastos beddardi (Michaelsen, 1894)
16. Bimastos parvus (Eisen, 1874)
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Xiao, Nengwen
Nengwen Xiao is an Associate Professor with the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in Beijing, China. He received his M.S. with a focus in Entomology from Hunan Agricultural University and his Ph.D from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include earthworms, ecological risk assessment, soil fauna, and ecotoxicology. He is a member of a number of societies including the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Ecological Society, and the American Ecological Society. Dr. Xiao has published over 40 papers.
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