Global Food Processing and Manufacturing (FPM) Contract Manufacturing Market Forecast 2018-2023

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  • Access Business Group Llc
  • Brady Enterprises, Inc.
  • Dne Nutraceuticals Inc.
  • Hügli Uk Ltd
  • Maltra Foods
  • Particle Control Inc.
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In food processing and manufacturing, a company can outsource products or raw material that enable their food processing business to be always competitive in initial stage or during growth. By providing the contract to another business for the packaging of their food product can eliminate the need to invest highly in broad equipment or employing additional staff when there is a low cash flow. Thus, small food manufacturers such as Peter Greven provide outsourcing services to a well-equipped business. Moreover, there are several contract manufacturing firms existing in the food sector, including Kilfera Food Manufacturers Ltd., PacMoore Corporation and Hearthside Food Solutions LLC.

Major factors contributing to the growth of the global FPM contract manufacturing market include rapid influx of new product varieties due to increasing demand for innovative food products across the globe. Lack of manufacturing production capabilities of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and growing demand for convenience food due to change in lifestyle are fueling the market growth. Improvement in food manufacturing supply chain are driving investment in automation technologies across the food processing and manufacturing industry. Stringent regulatory policies for the approval of food products and increasing risk associated with the quality of the product are some of the factors hindering the growth of the market. Some of the other factors responsible for restraining market growth are the increasing cost of raw material. However, emerging markets and introduction of automation technology in food production decreases the manual work which is expected to create enormous opportunities for the market in the near future.

The FPM contract manufacturing market can be segmented on the basis of services. Based on services, the market can be diversified into manufacturing services, packaging services and research and development services. Manufacturing services includes the manufacturing of different types of products includes convenience foods, bakery products, dietary supplement, confectionery products, dairy products and others. Manufacturing services holds the largest market share owing to increasing number of innovative manufacturing services offered by contract manufacturer due to the rapid increase in the demand of food products.

North America is expected to dominate the FPM contract manufacturing market due to increasing trends towards outsourcing food processing and manufacturing services in this region. Further, food processing and manufacturing is also increasing as contract manufacturer offers services at low cost. Europe has considerable market share in the global food processing and manufacturing market by region. APAC is expected to be the fastest growing region during forecast period due to presence of large number of mass food manufacturer in this region.

Some of the key vendors of the FPM contract manufacturing market are Nutrascience Labs, Inc., Nu-World Foods, NVE Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Pacmoore Products Inc., Thrive Foods LLC., Tree Top Inc. And Van Law Food Products Inc. These players adopt various strategies in order to sustain in the competitive market, such as acquisitions, mergers, geographical expansions, joint ventures and product development and so on. For instance, In Dec. 2017, Arla foods and DMK group (a German dairy company) signs a third-party contract manufacturing agreement. Under this agreement, DMK will produce 35000 tons of mozzarella cheese for Arla foods every year. It will be produced at DMK’s Nordhackstedt site in northern Germany which has a capacity of nearly 70,000 tons, of which half is dedicated to produce mozzarella cheese.

Research Methodology

The market study of FPM contract manufacturing market is incorporated by extensive primary and secondary research conducted by research team at OMR. Secondary research has been conducted to refine the available data to breakdown the market in various segments, derive total market size, market forecast and growth rate. Different approaches have been worked on to derive the market value and market growth rate. Our team collects facts and data related to the market from different geography to provide a better regional outlook. In the report country level analysis is provided by analyzing various regional players, regional tax laws and policies, consumer behavior and macro-economic factors. Numbers extracted from Secondary research have been authenticated by conducting proper primary research. It includes tracking down key people from the industry and interviewing them to validate the data. This enables our analyst to derive the closest possible figures without any major deviations in the actual number. Our analysts try to contact as many executives, managers, key opinion leaders and industry experts. Primary research brings the authenticity in our reports.

Secondary sources include:

Financial reports of companies involved in the market.
Authentic Public Databases such as India Brand Equity Foundation (, Institute of Food Technologists ( and so on.
Whitepapers, research-papers, and news blogs.
Company websites and their product catalogue.
Raw material supplier.

The report is intended for food manufacturers and government organizations for overall market analysis and competitive analysis. The report provides in-depth analysis on pricing, market size, intended quality of the product preferred by consumers, initial norms and vehicle segment. The report will serve as a source for 360-degree analysis of the market thoroughly integrating different models.

The Report covers:

Comprehensive research methodology of global FPM contract manufacturing market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with key analyst insights.
Exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the global FPM contract manufacturing market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the global FPM contract manufacturing market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues.
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players.
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  • Access Business Group Llc
  • Brady Enterprises, Inc.
  • Dne Nutraceuticals Inc.
  • Hügli Uk Ltd
  • Maltra Foods
  • Particle Control Inc.
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Chapter 1. Report Summary
1.1. Research Methods And Tools
1.2. Market Breakdown
1.2.1. By Segments
1.2.2. By Geography
1.2.3. By Stakeholders

Chapter 2. Market Overview And Insights
2.1. Market Definition
2.2. Value Chain Of Fpm Contract Manufacturing Market
2.3. Analyst Insight & Current Market Trends
2.3.1. Key Findings
2.3.2. Recommendation
2.3.3. Conclusion
2.4. Rules & Regulations United States European Union China Japan India

Chapter 3. Market Determinant
3.1. Motivators
3.1.1. Presence Of Small And Large Fpm Contract Manufacturer
3.1.2. Rapid Influx Of New Product Varieties In The Market
3.1.3. Growing Demand For Convenience Food
3.1.4. Improvement In Food Manufacturing Supply Chain
3.1.5. Lack Of Manufacturing Production Capabilities Of Oem
3.2. Restraints
3.2.1. Risk Associated With The Quality Of The Product
3.2.2. Increasing Cost Of Raw Material
3.2.3. Stringent Government Regulations
3.3. Opportunities
3.3.1. Introduction Of Automation Technology In Food Production
3.3.2. Emerging Markets (India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia) Will Increasingly Drive Global Growth

Chapter 4. Market Segmentation
4.1. Global Fpm Contract Manufacturing Market, By Services
4.1.1. Food Manufacturing Services Convenience Foods Bakery Products Dietary Supplement Confectionery Products Dairy Products Others
4.1.2. Research And Development
4.1.3. Food Packaging Services

Chapter 5. Competitive Landscape
5.1. Key Company Analysis
5.2. Key Strategy Analysis

Chapter 6. Regional Analysis
6.1. North American
6.1.1. United States
6.1.2. Canada
6.2. Europe
6.2.1. U.K
6.2.2. Germany
6.2.3. Italy
6.2.4. Spain
6.2.5. France
6.2.6. Roe
6.3. Asia Pacific
6.3.1. India
6.3.2. China
6.3.3. Japan
6.3.4. Roapac
6.4. Rest Of The World

Chapter 7. Company Profiles
7.1. Access Business Group Llc
7.2. Adirondack Beverages Inc.
7.3. Afp Advanced Food Products Llc
7.4. Amco Proteins
7.5. American Custom Drying Company
7.6. American Soy Products, Inc.
7.7. Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
7.8. Ameriqual Group Llc
7.9. Anderson Dahlen Inc.
7.10. Arizona Nutritional Supplements, Llc
7.11. Arro Corporation
7.12. Baldwin Richardson Foods Company
7.13. Berner Food & Beverage, Inc.
7.14. Big Brands, Llc
7.15. Birubi Foods
7.16. Blue Chip Group, Inc.
7.17. Bpl Teas (Pvt) Ltd.
7.18. Brady Enterprises, Inc.
7.19. California Natural Products
7.20. Case Mason Filling, Inc.
7.21. Century Foods International Llc
7.22. Cherry Central Cooperative, Inc.
7.23. Christy Quality Foods Pvt Ltd.
7.24. Claremont Foods Llc
7.25. Combined Technologies, Inc.
7.26. Compact Industries Inc.
7.27. Continuum Packing Solutions Llc
7.28. Corim Industries, Inc.
7.29. Cott Beverages Inc.
7.30. Create-A-Pack, Inc.
7.31. Creekside Springs, Llc
7.32. Crosby Molasses Company Limited
7.33. Delmaine Fine Foods Ltd.
7.34. Dfm Foods Ltd
7.35. Dne Nutraceuticals Inc.
7.36. Dominion Liquid Technologies Llc
7.37. Dreampak Llc
7.38. E.D. Smith Foods, Ltd
7.39. Elite One Source, Inc.
7.40. Flex Foods Ltd.
7.41. Florida Nutri Labs Llc
7.42. Fortune Foods Ltd.
7.43. Georlich Pharma Gmbh
7.44. Giovanni Foods Co., Inc.
7.45. Hearthside Food Solutions Llc
7.46. Heartland Gourmet Llc
7.47. Hügli Uk Ltd
7.48. Imbibe Inc.
7.49. Inter-American Products, Inc
7.50. Iti Tropicals, Inc.
7.51. Jakana Foods Ltd.
7.52. Jel Sert Company
7.53. Jodt-Barrett Foods Inc.
7.54. Johanna Foods, Inc.
7.55. Kdm Global Partners, Llc
7.56. Lake City Foods.
7.57. Lakeside Foods, Inc.
7.58. Lassonde Pappas & Company, Inc.
7.59. Lidestri Food & Beverage, Inc.
7.60. Lonsdale Health Products Ltd
7.61. Maltra Foods
7.62. Maple Island, Inc.
7.63. Montana Cookie Company
7.64. Namar Foods
7.65. Natural Development, Llc
7.66. Nikken Foods Co., Ltd.
7.67. Nor-Cal Beverage Company Inc.
7.68. Nutrascience Labs, Inc.
7.69. Nu-World Foods
7.70. Nve Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
7.71. O-At-Ka Milk Products Coop., Inc.
7.72. Pacmoore Products Inc
7.73. Particle Control Inc.
7.74. Q & B Foods Inc.
7.75. Rio Grande Juice Company
7.76. Saipro Biotech Private Limited.
7.77. Saraf Foods Ltd.
7.78. Select Brands, Llc
7.79. Sizani Foods Pty Ltd
7.80. Subco Foods, Inc.
7.81. Tasman Bay Food Group
7.82. Thrive Foods Llc.
7.83. Trailblazer Food Products
7.84. Tree Top Inc.
7.85. Trufoodmfg.
7.86. Tulkoff Foods Products Inc.
7.87. Us Beverage Manufacturing
7.88. Van Law Food Products Inc.
7.89. Wright Foods, Inc.
7.90. Wyandot, Inc.
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  • Access Business Group Llc
  • Adirondack Beverages Inc.
  • Afp Advanced Food Products Llc
  • Amco Proteins
  • American Custom Drying Company
  • American Soy Products, Inc.
  • Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
  • Ameriqual Group Llc
  • Anderson Dahlen Inc.
  • Arizona Nutritional Supplements, Llc
  • Arro Corporation
  • Baldwin Richardson Foods Company
  • Berner Food & Beverage, Inc.
  • Big Brands, Llc
  • Birubi Foods
  • Blue Chip Group, Inc.
  • Bpl Teas (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Brady Enterprises, Inc.
  • California Natural Products
  • Case Mason Filling, Inc.
  • Century Foods International Llc
  • Cherry Central Cooperative, Inc.
  • Christy Quality Foods Pvt Ltd.
  • Claremont Foods Llc
  • Combined Technologies, Inc.
  • Compact Industries Inc.
  • Continuum Packing Solutions Llc
  • Corim Industries, Inc.
  • Cott Beverages Inc.
  • Create-A-Pack, Inc.
  • Creekside Springs, Llc
  • Crosby Molasses Company Limited
  • Delmaine Fine Foods Ltd.
  • Dfm Foods Ltd
  • Dne Nutraceuticals Inc.
  • Dominion Liquid Technologies Llc
  • Dreampak Llc
  • E.D. Smith Foods, Ltd
  • Elite One Source, Inc.
  • Flex Foods Ltd.
  • Florida Nutri Labs Llc
  • Fortune Foods Ltd.
  • Georlich Pharma Gmbh
  • Giovanni Foods Co., Inc.
  • Hearthside Food Solutions Llc
  • Heartland Gourmet Llc
  • Hügli Uk Ltd
  • Imbibe Inc.
  • Inter-American Products, Inc
  • Iti Tropicals, Inc.
  • Jakana Foods Ltd.
  • Jel Sert Company
  • Jodt-Barrett Foods Inc.
  • Johanna Foods, Inc.
  • Kdm Global Partners, Llc
  • Lake City Foods.
  • Lakeside Foods, Inc.
  • Lassonde Pappas & Company, Inc.
  • Lidestri Food & Beverage, Inc.
  • Lonsdale Health Products Ltd
  • Maltra Foods
  • Maple Island, Inc.
  • Montana Cookie Company
  • Namar Foods
  • Natural Development, Llc
  • Nikken Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Nor-Cal Beverage Company Inc.
  • Nutrascience Labs, Inc.
  • Nu-World Foods
  • Nve Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • O-At-Ka Milk Products Coop., Inc.
  • Pacmoore Products Inc
  • Particle Control Inc.
  • Q & B Foods Inc.
  • Rio Grande Juice Company
  • Saipro Biotech Private Limited.
  • Saraf Foods Ltd.
  • Select Brands, Llc
  • Sizani Foods Pty Ltd
  • Subco Foods, Inc.
  • Tasman Bay Food Group
  • Thrive Foods Llc.
  • Trailblazer Food Products
  • Tree Top Inc.
  • Trufoodmfg.
  • Tulkoff Foods Products Inc.
  • 87 Us Beverage Manufacturing
  • Van Law Food Products Inc.
  • Wright Foods, Inc.
  • Wyandot, Inc.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown