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Ukrainian Governmental and Private Medical services and Equipment Market

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Development of public medicine has recently come under the influence of reforming the system of medical institutions financing. The current system is inefficient for Ukraine.

There is a significant shortage of funds in the public health system. Budget financing of medical and preventive measures is carried out in limited volumes, which significantly complicates their implementation. Medical care is paid in many areas of medical and preventive activities.

Insufficient financing of national health systems, as well as scientific developments in the field of medicine, what mainly represented by public hospitals, does not allow introducing many innovative medical technologies to the market. Accordingly, most patients are treated with old technologies.

Most of the medical staff works in public hospitals in Ukraine. Medical universities produce specialists in accordance with the needs of public hospitals. Therefore, training structure is generally similar to the demand in this area. The largest share among physicians makes therapist, surgeons and dentists.

Educational institutions used to send medical students who studied at the expense of the state order to medical institutions where they had to work for three years. If the graduate refused to work, he was obliged to refund the money for training. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine released medical students from compulsory training in 2017.

Another innovation related to the training of medical personnel is the establishment of a minimum pass mark of at least 150 points for each certificate of External Independent Testing. Corresponding changes were made to the conditions of admission to higher educational institutions in 2017. This step is aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of applicants entering medical specialties. Now the quality of students' education remains at a low level. The government spends hundreds of millions of budgetary funds for training specialists: in 2015 - 556,8 million UAH, in 2016 - 649,8 million UAH.
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1. General characteristics of market of medical services in Ukraine
1.1. The trends of the market of public and private medical services in Ukraine. Current features of the market, market problems (quality, availability, the price of services, etc.). Assessment of unsatisfied demand for medical services
1.2. Characteristics of the public and private medical sector. Financing of the health sector. Obligatory and voluntary medical insurance. Assessment of the volume of voluntary insurance.
1.3. The plans for the development of public medicine, reform, modernization programs, etc. until 2022.
1.4. The planned construction of new public and private clinics until 2022.
1.5. Sources of funding of hospitals in Ukraine (the state, organizations, investors, EU, WB, and others.). Volumes of financing of public hospitals (state budget). Items of equipment costs (allocation of the share of ultrasound) - according to the state purchases according to the system Prozorro - tenders.

2. Assessment of the health status of the Ukrainian population in dynamics from 2015-2016.
2.1. Incidence rates (the most common disease, the mortality rate for diseases, etc.) by regions of Ukraine.
2.2. Structure of expenses of the population of Ukraine for medical services.

3. Main indicators of the market of medical services in Ukraine.
3.1. Market capacity of medical services in Ukraine in 2015-1 quarter 2017. The share of public and private hospitals in %. Average check (USD), regional structure of the number of visits.
3.2. Number of medical beds by regions of Ukraine. Classification of public hospitals: Wide profile (different spectrum of medical services), a narrow profile (by direction: oncology, gastroenterology, etc.), by type: regional, city, district, etc. The share of clinics by regions of Ukraine in %.
3.3. The number, list and contacts of clinics with the presence of an intensive care unit (ICU) and operating departments (OR) by regions of Ukraine.

4. Material and technical resources on the market.
4.1. The number of Ultrascound scanner (Information on the availability of this device will be provided until the completion of research by regions, no by clinics), patient monitor, anesthesia machine, ventilator, defibrillator, operation table, light, pendant, and IVD products--Chemistry ,Hematology Analyzer and Reagents and Immunoassay in public clinics at the moment - by the presence information. Standards for providing the necessary equipment in state clinics in Ukraine.

5. Information on competitor UTAS (description, contacts, market share of medical equipment: share in production without breakdown into equipment types, volumes and share in the structure of exports and imports by type of equipment, domestic and export prices for equipment).

6. Conclusions and recommendations regarding the implementation of new imported equipment in the public medical sector. Forecasting trends in the market in 2017-2022.

List of Tables
1. The main indicators of the Ukrainian health insurance market, in 2014 - 2016, in monetary expression.
2. The calendar plan for the implementation of the financing of medicine reform
3. Private clinics are planned to be opened up to 2022
4. Private clinics are planned to be opened up to 2022
5. Estimated amounts of health care expenditure in Ukraine in 2017-2021
6. Expenditures of the State Budget of Ukraine for health in 2017
7. Top-5 procurement customers in the ProZorro system in the medical field 1.08.2016 - 1.01.2017
8. Tenders for the purchase of medical equipment by the Department of Health of the Kyiv City Council 2017
9. Purchase of patient monitors and pulse oximeters at the expense of the campaign "Heart to heart" in 2016
10. Regional structure of sickness rate in Ukraine (per 100 thousand people)
11. The number of people in Ukraine who have chronic diseases in 2015-2016.*
12. Dynamics of the number of deaths in the regions of Ukraine
13. Regional breakdown of the structure of Ukrainian household expenses on health,% of total expenses
14. Accessibility of health care for households in Ukraine in 2015-2016
15. Allocation of the population at the place of receiving medical care in Ukraine in 2015-2016*
16. Regional structure of attendance of private clinics in Ukraine in 2016
17. Coverage of the population with medical aid in outpatient clinics of general practice - family medicine in Ukraine by region
18. Number of medical institutions in Ukraine by type
19. Number of beds in Ukraine by region
20. Structure of the bed fund by specialization
21. Number of institutions with anesthesiology and intensive care departments in Ukraine
22. Contacts of major clinics with anesthesiology and IT departments, by regions of Ukraine
23. Capacity of the medical equipment market in Ukraine in 2016
24. The number of some types of medical equipment in Ukraine
25. The number of some types of medical analyzers in Ukraine
26. The number of working medical equipment in some regional hospitals in Ukraine
27. Products of the company
28. Prices for UTAS products
29. Exports of UTAS in 2016
30. Export prices for UTAS products in 2016.

List of Graphs and Charts
1. Structure of the licenses for medical activities issued in Kiev, %
2. Dynamics of budgetary expenditure on health in Ukraine in 2014-2017
3. Structure of morbidity in Ukraine (per 100 thousand people)
4. The structure of mortality in Ukraine for reasons of death (per 100 thousand people)
5. The structure of expenses of Ukrainian households
6. The structure of Ukrainian households' expenses on health
7. Capacity of the market of medical services in 2015-2016, billion UAH
8. Capacity of the market of medical services in 2015-2016, billion USD
9. The share of UTAS in the production of electro diagnostic equipment in Ukraine
10. The share of UTAS in the export of electrocardiographs in 2016
11. The share of UTAS in the export of patient monitors, including fetal monitors in 2016
12. Share of UTAS in exports of ventilators for lung ventilation in 2016
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