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6-Hour Virtual Seminar on Integrative Resilience Solutions for Better Work - Life Balance Managing Stress & Thriving in the Modern Era - Webinar

  • Webinar
  • 6 Hours
  • November 2018
  • NetZealous LLC
  • ID: 4657434

Integrative Resilience Theory is a new and highly effective platform from which to build, change and grow one's life, personally and professionally.  It is a daily mindful methodology as well as philosophy for approaching life management. Through understanding the role of stress, personal and relational conflict, and overall adversity, participants in this training will experience increased awareness while learning strategies toward improved work/life balance. 

Part one of the training focuses on the overall theory of Integrative Resilience itself.  Participants will learn about its etiology, including major influencers of the development of this idea. A comparison to other ideas will show how it is similar to and different from other life management theories. Finally, how Integrative Resilience Theory fits in modern will be explored through sharing examples. 

In the second segment, participants will move deeper into the role of stress and adversity, and what challenges each provides to individuals, work groups, families, and companies.  Both sides of personal and professional are explored with regard to stressors, how they are mismanaged and what can be done to implement resilience concepts discussed in the previous segment of the training. 

Going even deeper is important as two relevant areas of stress and adversity are covered in the third segment. Numerous scholarly studies, particularly in the field of healthcare note that burnout among workers is increasing at alarming rates. Additionally, workplace and relationship conflict and are highly researched areas of study and therefore worthy of discussion when it comes to applied Integrative Resilience. In this segment, participants will explore how conflict and burnout lead to imbalance and what can be done to better manage life through the Integrative Resilience model. 

In the final segment of the training, participants will learn applied strategies for creating standout individualism and remarkable teamwork using a work/life balance model that uniquely fits the organization, work structures, and family life you seek.  Optimal balance of teamwork and individual effort is explored through seeking opportunity to ignite both aspects in the workplace and at home!

Overall, participants will experience a life management program that can be implemented in any workplace environment as well as practiced in the home and with community at large.

Why you should attend
In a world filled with growing responsibilities both at work and in the home, individuals are finding increasing challenge in practicing life management skills. A recent survey noted that more than 50% of workers spend more than 40 hours a week at work. Many are overworked and overextended while trying to earn a good living and take care of self and others. 

With so much stress and adversity in today’s society, it seems almost impossible to make headway, and continue to grow and thrive.  More people are seeking mental health services, attending workshops on mindfulness, exercising, and trying to stay healthy in the interest of finding and maintaining balance.  Often, these measures to "control" or maintain balance fail to take hold, especially when they are ended prematurely.

Finding stress that cannot be managed easily isn’t too tough in our world these days. The idea that stress can and should be conquered or completely mastered is a misnomer that mass media provides to make it even more difficult to overcome that which is already challenging enough in your busy and stressful life. Yes, it is a cycle that is very hard to break.

Integrative Resilience is a new idea that is changing old ideas comprised of behavior cycles that have long kept people in the same dark and negative cycle of failing to adequately and realistically manage one's stress and overall life.

This training aims to establish the basic foundation for building a solid and long term effective program for sustainable life management and growth, both in your personal and professional life. Whether you are in the business of healthcare, education, finance, trade, sales, skilled labor, stay at home caregiver, or any type of work that offers a challenge to balance and wellness, you should not miss this important training!

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Integrative Resilience Theory
  • Integration defined
  • What is Resilience
  • Integrative Resilience
  • Etiology of Theory
  • Comparisons with other models
  • Why IRT?
  • The Role of Stress/Adversity
  • Adversity in the workplace
  • Adversity in home/community
  • Stress response systems
  • Stress management using IRT
  • The High Cost of Conflict & Burnout
  • Types of Conflict  - Intrapersonal vs. Interpersonal
  • Where’s Conflict - (Work, Home, Other)
  • Diversity Factors
  • Emotional Intelligence Impact on Conflict
  • IRT Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Burnout – What it is and why it happens
  • Signs/Symptoms
  • IRT Burnout Prevention Strategies
  • Teamwork & Individual Effort
  • Moving toward Integration
  • Exploring Work/Life Balance
  • From Activation to Aspiration
  • Finding Your ZENS
  • There is definitely an "I" in Team
  • Summary and Closing Remarks


Session 1 (90 Mins):
Introduction to Integrative Resilience Theory
Tea Break
Session 2 (90 Mins):
The Role of Stress/Adversity
Lunch Break
Session 3 (90 Mins):
The High Cost of Conflict and Burnout
Tea Break
Session 4 (90 Mins):
Teamwork and Individual Effort


  • Howard Baumgarten Howard Baumgarten,
    Founder ,
    Howard Baumgarten LLC

    Howard Baumgarten LPC is the founder of Smart Practice Central. The product of a business minded family, Mr. Baumgarten has served the Denver, Colorado community in his own successful private practice for nearly 15 years, learning first hand many of the “secrets” to a successful business in practice. Over 20 years of clinical experience has helped Howard masterfully merge the concepts and high standards of clinical practice with solid business principles. As a former Director for Westside Behavioral Care, Inc, he helped recruit, manage, and build Colorado’s largest private group mental health practice, and is currently consulting business owners in clinical practices. Since 2005, he has lectured at the University of Colorado’s Graduate Counseling Program, teaching a course on the establishment, development, and maintenance of clinical practice. Since 2008, Howard has provided wellness trainings in the corporate environment for Cigna Behavioral health. He travels the country speaking and training professionals on topics that create and maintain practices and programs that are successful and sustainable. Howard’s warmth and passion combines with creative solutions and practical advice in teaching practitioners of all kinds sound business solutions for their environment!

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Employers
  • CEO's
  • Employee
  • COO's
  • CFO's
  • Professionals
  • Skilled Laborers
  • Educators
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Service Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Fortune 500 Companies