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Garden Furniture Market & Barbecues Market: Research & Analysis - UK 2018-2022

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  • 200 Pages +
  • September 2018
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • MTW Research
  • ID: 4703195

This is a report on the UK Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market, providing a fresh insight into new trends in the UK garden furniture and barbecue market including furniture, outdoor cooking appliances, patio heaters and accessories (including fuel).

This brand new, 1st edition market report on the UK Domestic Garden Leisure Market also includes a review of the UK Garden Centres Market and provides a fresh, comprehensive & reliable review of this market in 2018 with future prospects to 2022.  Updated in H2 2018 the report is uniquely based on both qualitative input and quantitative sales data from the UK Garden Furniture & Barbecue market in 2018.

This new report combines the best of qualitative comment and product trends with detailed and more accurate quantitative market data, providing greater confidence in the market sizes provided as well as a deeper understanding of current market and product trends on which to base sound strategic decision making.

Included in the Report

  • Strategic Market Review - A professional strategic market review was undertaken by marketing professionals with real world marketing experience and degree qualifications in strategic marketing.  This report is not simply a collection of statistics and comments but a structured review of the market, written by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals.
  • SWOT Analysis - Only after a thorough, strategic market review can industry strengths & weaknesses and market opportunities & threats be identified.  No other 'off the shelf' report for less than £600 offers a comprehensive SWOT analysis in an easy to read and disseminate format.
  • PEST Analysis - We recognise its the data analysis and interpretation which is important.  Our strategic review enables us to identify the key market influences relating to politico-legal, economic, environmental, social and technological issues and present these in a easy to read chart format.
  • Ansoff Matrix - Established marketing theories are applied to the market to enhance understanding of the likely strategic options which will generate market growth in the near-medium term.  From the strategic review, growth share forecasts for market development, market penetration, product development & market diversification are provided in easy to understand chart format alongside qualitative discussion and interpretation.
  • Quantitative Market Data - Whilst we'll never claim that our market estimates are 100% accurate, that will always be our aim.  To this end, the foundations of all our reports are based on sales from as representative a sample of the industry as possible.  We have invested heavily in order to ascertain financial sales data from companies involved in the market and ensure our methodologies are as robust as possible. The financial profiles of more than 100 companies are included in this report and our analysis of the market included assessing more than 150 companies with a combined sales turnover of more than £5 billion in 2018.

The Market, Products & Distribution Channels

  • Market Size & Key Market Trends 2018-2022 – Value of the market since 2018 is provided with current market size estimates in current prices and constant prices provided based on quantitative sales figures from the industry.    In addition, yearly forecasts of market size and other key financial indicators are also provided to 2022.  Key market trends are also identified and discussed providing the report with both ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ characteristics.
  • PEST Review & Key Market Influences – A review of the key issues and influences which are impacting market demand at present & in the future are also provided.  These issues range from economic, political, environmental, social and technological and are identified and discussed where appropriate, providing the reader with a greater depth of market intelligence.  A strategic PEST review for this market is also illustrated in chart format for faster reference.
  • Product Mix & Trends – This report identifies the key sectors which comprise the overall market and provide a current & historical share by value.  This data is supported by qualitative comment where appropriate in order to offer more substantive market knowledge.  Forecasts to 2022 are also provided to offer more insightful market intelligence as well as historical product mix in 2018 provided.
  • SWOT Analysis – A strategic SWOT analysis for the market is also provided based on input from primary and secondary sources in the industry.  By identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, this report provides a more solid foundation for basing strategic and operational marketing decisions.
  • Ansoff Matrix - The strategic market review undertaken by marketing professionals enables us to identify the key strategic areas of likely growth for the market between 2018-2022.  Share by growth for market development, market penetration, diversification and product development are illustrated for the market, enabling the reader to identify the most likely areas of growth in the near-medium term, quickly & easily.
  • Distribution Channel Mix & Trends – By providing historical, current and forecast shares by channel for this market, the report provides an invaluable illustration of the key sectors that are currently driving demand and likely future prospects.  Qualitative comment on key trends within these sectors based on input from the industry provides a more in-depth review of the market as well as illustrating the most likely future scenarios. Profitability, assets, liabilities and net worth for the garden centres are also illustrated in easy to read, yet stylish charts.

The Suppliers & Industry Structure

  • Industry Structure – The report includes a detailed and quantitative review of the garden centres in terms of number of companies, share by turnover, mix by employees, sales share by region, share by age of companies, mix by recent sales performance, sales per employee, share by credit rating & mix by location type (e.g head office/branch etc).
  • Garden Centre Industry Trends 2018 –2022 – Industry totals and averages since 2018 are also provided for turnover, profitability, assets, net worth and liabilities.  These indicators provide vital insight into the current health of the industry and are forecasted to 2022.
  • Garden Centre Profiles – This report provides in-depth intelligence of 50+ relevant and leading garden centres in this market.  Each company is ranked by turnover, profitability, number of employees and other key financial indicators.  Each company also has a 1 page profile identifying contact details, overview of activities, key financials for the last 3 years and an ‘at a glance’ financial health chart.  The report also provides turnover estimates for every company, regardless of size, enabling the reader to easily identify individual market shares.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction To Research & Analysis Reports
1.1 Key Features & Benefits of this Research & Analysis Report
2. UK Garden Products Market
2.1 Executive Summary & Market Overview
2.2 Garden Products Market Size & Trends 2012-2022
2.2.1 Garden Products Market Size 2012-2022– Current Prices
2.2.2 Garden Products Market Size 2012-2022–Constant Prices
2.2.3 Garden Products Product Mix 2018
2.2.4 Garden Products Future Trends to 2022
3. UK Garden Leisure Market 2018-2022
3.1 Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market 2012-2022
3.2 Market Trends –On Garden Leisure Market
3.2.1 PEST Analysis –Market Forces on Garden Leisure Trends
3.2.2 Number of UK Gardens 2012-2022
3.2.3 Average Garden Size 2012-2022
3.2.3 Average Patio Size 2018
3.2.4 Average Decking Size 2018
3.2.5 Political & Legal Influences & Trends on Garden Leisure
3.2.6 The Impact of Brexit on the Market 2016-2023
  • Short Term Brexit Impact (2018-2020); Political Impact of Brexit
  • Economic Impact of Brexit; Longer Term Brexit Impact (2020-2023)

3.2.7 Macro Economic Influences & Trends 2010-2023
  • Gross Domestic Product 2010-2023; UK Inflation 2010-2023
  • Interest Rates 2012-2023; UK Unemployment Rates 2012-2023

3.2.8 UK Housebuilding Market Size –Value & Volume 2012-2023
  • Housebuilding Starts – UK 2012-2022
  • Housebuilding Activity - Shares by End Use Sector
  • Private Sector Housebuilding Market Starts–Volume 2012-2022
  • Housing Association House Building Market –Volume 2012-2022
  • Local Authority House Building Market –Volume 2012-2022

3.2.9 House Moving & Residential Property Market 2012-2023
3.2.10 UK Refurbishment Market 2012-2023
3.2.11 Self Build Market – Volume 2012-2022
3.3 Garden – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
3.4 Imports & Exports Of Furniture & Barbecues
3.5 Garden Leisure Products Sales by UK Country & Region 2018
3.5.1 Garden Leisure Market Sales by UK Country 2018
3.5.2 Sales Breakdown by English Region 2018
3.6 Garden Leisure Market Future Trends & Prospects
4. Garden Furniture Market
4.1 Garden Furniture Market Size Current Prices 2012-2022
4.2 Garden Furniture Market Size Constant Prices 2012-2022
4.3 Garden Furniture Product Mix 2018
4.4 Garden Furniture Material Mix 2018
4.5 Consumer Behaviour & Buying Trends
4.6 Garden Furniture Sales Share by Month
4.7 Garden Furniture Future Trends & Forecast to 2025
4.8 Garden Furniture Suppliers Financials & Profiles
30+ Garden Furniture Suppliers Profiles, Company Overview & 3 Years ‘At a Glance’ Financials
5. Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecues Market
5.1 Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecue Market Size 2012-2022
5.2 Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecue Sales at Constant Prices 2012-2022
5.2 Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecue Product Mix 2018 5.3 Barbecues Market 2012-2022
5.3.1 UK Barbecue Market Size by Value 2012-2022 £M
5.3.2 UK Barbecue Market Size by Volume 2012-2022
5.3.3 Barbecues Market Share by Fuel Type 2018
5.3.4 Market Share by Barbecue Type 2018 %
5.3.4 Consumer Behaviour & Barbecue Purchasing Trends 2018
5.3.5 Barbecue Purchasing Seasonality – Sales by Month
5.4 Barbecue Suppliers 3 Year Financials & Profiles
20+ Barbecue Suppliers Profiles, Company Overview & 3 Year Financials ‘At a Glance’ Charts
6. Distribution Channels Share & Trends
6.1 Share by Key Garden Distribution Channel 2018, 2012 & 2022
6.2 Garden Centres Market 2018 – Industry Trends
6.2.1 Market Mix by Growth/Decline Over the Last 12 Months
6.2.2 Garden Centre Market Share by Credit Rating in 2018
6.2.3 Industry Mix by Age of Companies in 2018
6.2.4 Industry Share by Number of Employees in 2018
6.2.5 Industry Mix by Turnover Band in 2018
6.2.6 Industry Share by Location Type in 2018
6.2.7 Garden Centres Sales Mix by Geographical Region in 2018
6.3 Key Market Trends in the Garden Centres Industry 2012-2022
6.3.1 Garden Centre Market Profitability 2012-2022
6.3.2 Garden Centres Industry Assets 2012-2022
6.3.3 Garden Centres Industry Debt 2012-2022
6.3.4 Garden Centres Market Net Worth 2012-2022
6.3.5 Sales Per Employee in Garden Centres Market 2012-2022
6.4 Top 50 Garden Centres Sales Ranking & Turnover Estimates
6.4.1 Top 50 Garden Centres Listing
6.4.2 Garden Centres Ranking By Turnover
6.4.3 Garden Centres Turnover Estimates & Ranking
6.4.4 Garden Centres Ranking by Profitability
6.4.5 Garden Centres Ranking by Assets
6.4.6 Garden Centres Ranking by Debt
6.4.7 Garden Centres Ranking by Net Worth
6.5 Garden Centres Profiles, KPIs & ‘At a Glance’
50+ Garden Centres' Profiles, Company Overview & ‘At a Glance’ 3 Year Financials
Report List of Charts:
Figure 1: Garden Products Market – UK 2012 – 2022 By Value £m
Figure 2: Garden Products Market – UK 2012 – 2022
Figure 3: Share by Product in Garden Products Market 2018
Figure 4: Garden Products Market Forecasts – UK 2018 – 2022 £m
Figure 5: Garden Leisure Market – UK 2012 – 2022 By Value £m
Figure 6: Garden Furniture & Barbecues Market - Share by Product
Figure 7: PEST Analysis for UK Garden Barbecues & Furniture
Figure 8: Number of UK Gardens & Number of Homes 2012-2022
Figure 9: Average Size of UK Gardens M2 2012-2022
Figure 10: UK Economic Annual Performance– GDP 2010-2023
Figure11: UK Economic Annual Performance– Inflation (CPI)
Figure 12: UK Economic Annual Performance– Interest Rates
Figure 13: UK Unemployment Numbers 2012-2023
Figure 14: Housebuilding Market – UK 2012 – 2022 By Value £m
Figure 15: New Build Home Completions UK: 2012-2023
Figure 16: House Building Starts by Volume – UK 2012 – 2022
Figure 17: New Home Build Activity Split by LA, HA & Private 2018
Figure 18: Private Sector New Build Home Starts 2012-2022
Figure 19: Housing Associations New Build Housing 2012 - 2022
Figure 20: Local Authority New Build Housing Starts UK 2012 - 2022
Figure 21: UK Residential Property Transactions 2012-2022
Figure 22: UK RMI Market by Value 2012-2022
Figure 23: Self Build Market Housing Completions UK 2012 - 2022
Figure 24: Strengths & Weaknesses in Furniture & Barbecues Market 2018-2022
Figure 25: Key Opportunities & Threats in Garden Products Market
Figure 26: Imports of Furniture & Barbecues By Value 2012-2022
Figure 27: Share by World Region for Furniture & Barbecue Imports
Figure 28: Garden Leisure Sales Share by UK Country in 2018
Figure 29: Garden leisure Sales Share by English Region in 2018
Figure 30: Furniture & Barbecues Sales By English Region 2018 £M
Figure 31: Products Growth Share by Ansoff Strategy 2018-2022
Figure 32: Garden Furniture Market –2012–2022 Current Prices £m
Figure 33: Furniture Market in Real Terms –2012–2022 By Value
Figure 34: Garden Furniture by Type of Product Shares 2018 (%)
Figure 35: Garden Furniture by Type of Material Shares 2018 (%)
Figure 36: Garden Furniture Sales by Month %
Figure 37: Garden Furniture Market Sales 2018–2025 £m
Figures 38 - 71: 30+ Garden Furniture Suppliers 3 Year Financials
Figure 72: Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecues Market £m
Figure 73: Outdoor Cooking, Heating & Barbecues Sales
Figure 74: Barbecues & Outdoor Cooking - Product Shares 2018
Figure 75: UK Barbecues Sales –2012–2022 £m
Figure 76: UK Barbecues Sales by Volume –2012–2022
Figure 77: Barbecues Share by Fuel Type 2018 (%)
Figure 78: Share by Type of Barbecue 2018 (%)
Figure 79: Barbecue Sales by Month %
Figures 80 - 104: 20+ Barbecue Suppliers 3 Year Financials
Figure 105 : Share by Distribution Channel for Garden Products
Figure 106: Share by Garden Centres Sales Growth / Decline
Figure 107: Share by Credit Rating in the Garden Centre Market
Figure 108: Share by Company Age in the Garden Centres Market
Figure 109: Mix by Number of Employees in Garden Centres
Figure 110: Share by Turnover Band in the Garden Centres Market
Figure 111: Mix by Location Type in the Garden Centres Market
Figure 112: Garden Centres Sales Mix by Geograhical Region 2018
Figure 113: Garden Centres Market Profitability 2012 – 2022
Figure 114: Garden Centres Assets 2012 – 2022
Figure 115: Average Garden Centre Assets 2012 – 2022
Figure 116: Garden Centres Market Debt – UK 2012 – 2022
Figure 117: Garden Centres Market Average Debt 2012 – 2022
Figure 118: Garden Centres Market Net Worth – UK 2012 – 2022
Figure 119: Garden Centres Average Net Worth – UK 2012 – 2022
Figure 120: Garden Centres Sales Per Employee 2012 – 2018
Figure 121: Top 50 Garden Centres Company Listing
Figure 122: Garden Centres Ranked By Turnover 2017
Figure 123: Garden Centres Sales Estimates 2017 £M
Figure 124: Garden Centres Ranked By Profit 2017
Figure 125: Garden Centres Ranked By Assets 2017
Figure 126: Garden Centres Ranked By Debt 2017
Figure 127: Garden Centres Ranked By Net Worth 2017
Figures 128 - 180: 50+ Garden Centres' 3 Year Financials