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Waterborne Freight Transportation in the United States - 2018 Market Size & Share Estimates: 2018 - 2023

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  • 144 Pages
  • January 2019
  • Region: United States
  • Amadee & Company, Inc
  • ID: 4745935

This Report Provides a Look at the U.S. Waterborne Freight Transportation Industry in Terms of its Fleet, Products Moved, New Market Opportunities and the Competitive Environment

Despite the critical role that Waterborne freight transportation has played in the U.S. economy for more than 200 years, the inland and coastal maritime industry are little known outside of the transportation sector. This report is meant to address that situation by providing a detailed look at the U.S. Waterborne freight transportation industry in terms of its fleet, products moved, new market opportunities and the competitive environment. Although very mature, and highly fragmented with hundreds of players, the industry still generates significant profits for good operators.

It also is of great strategic importance and protected from foreign competition by the Jones Act. The industry also stands to benefit significantly as the U.S. becomes the world’s largest oil producer and hundreds of billions of new dollars are invested in the U.S. Petrochemicals industry.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
  • Scope
  • Methodology and Sources
  • Statistical Notes
2. U.S. Waterborne Freight Transportation Industry
  • Key Facts
  • Inland Waterways
  • Coastal Waterways
  • Industry Definition
  • Waterborne Freight Transportation Market
  • Fleet Size
  • Capital Expenditures
  • New Tugboat/Towboat and Barge Production
  • Waterborne Most Efficient Mode
  • Transportation Costs by Mode
  • Freight Moved by Volume and Mode
  • Domestic vs. Foreign Waterborne Commerce
  • Barge Traffic
  • Products Shipped by Commodity Group
  • Market Segments
  • Tank Barge Sector
  • Waterborne Commerce by State
  • Largest U.S. Ports
  • Demand Drivers
  • Petrochemical Volumes
  • Black Oil Volumes
  • Refined Petroleum Product Volumes
  • Agricultural Fertilizer
  • Petroleum Liquids Outlook
  • Barge Oil and Refined Products Shipments
  • Grains Shipments
  • New Markets
  • Chemicals
  • New Petrochemicals Capital Investments
  • Regional Petrochemical Investments
  • Company Petrochemical Projects
  • Frac Sand
  • Development of U.S. Shale Gas
  • Frac Sand Description
  • Frac Sand Mining Process
  • Industry Backdrop
  • Mesh Size
  • Frac Sand Company Market Shares
  • Capacity Additions
  • Over-Supply Coming
  • Price Trends
  • Frac Sand Barge Shipments
3. Competitive Environment
  • Fragmented
  • Inland Tank Barge Industry
  • Tank Barge Fleet Declining
  • Competition in the Tank Barge Industry
  • Major Players
4. Company Profiles
  • American Commercial Barge Line (Key Facts, Operations, Services, Products Handled, Terminal, Fleet, River Code System, Jeffboat, Moodys Downgrade)
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation (Key Facts, Services, Fleet, Operations, Ardent, SeaRiver Maritime)
  • Harley Marine Services Inc. (Key Facts, Services, History, Tier-4 Engines)
  • Heartland Barge Management, LLC (Key Facts, Heartland Fabrication)
  • Ingram Marine Group (Key Facts, History)
  • Kirby Corporation (Key Facts, Operations, Positioned for Gulf Petrochemical Production Boom, Financials, Margins, Utilization, Rates, Acquisitions, Competition, Marine Transportation, Inland, Coastal, Products Transported, Petrochemicals, Black Oil, Refined Petroleum Products, Agricultural Chemicals, Inland Operations, Inland Fleet, Towboats, Contracts, Double Hulls, Vessel Management, Fleeting, San Jac Marine, Osprey, Coastal Operations, Kirby Offshore Marine, Atlantic Division, Pacific Division, Fleet Size, Kirby Ocean Transport)
  • Moran Towing Corporation (Key Facts, Ship Docking, Marine Transportation, Petroleum Products Transportation, Dry Bulk Transportation Division, Offshore, and Contract Towing, LNG Services, LNG ATB Program, Special Projects, Moran Environmental Recovery, Tug Fleet, Barge Fleet)
List of Tables
U.S. Tugboat, Towboat and Barge Industry Definitions by NAICS Code, Descriptions and Coverage
U.S. Inland and Coastal/Great Lakes Freight Transportation Market ($ Billion): 2018-2023
U.S. New and Rebuilt Tugboat and Towboat Production by Type (Units): 2007-2018
U.S. New and Rebuilt Barge Production by Type (Units): 2007-2018
Standard Cargo Capacity by Freight Transportation Mode
Freight Transportation Costs for Alternative Modes (Cents per Ton-Mile)
Cost Savings from Water Transportation by Commodity (2012 Dollars per Ton Moved)
United States Freight Shipments by Transportation Mode (Million Tons): 2015-2045
Total U.S. Waterborne Commerce, Domestic vs. Foreign, (Short Tons): 1977-2016
U.S. Domestic Traffic, Barge Traffic, Self-Propelled Traffic by Destination (Million Short Tons): 2015-2016
U.S. Waterborne Commerce Shipped by Commodity Group (Million Short Tons): 1997-2016
Domestic and Foreign Waterborne Commerce Ranked by State Tonnage, Shipping vs. Receiving. Intrastate (Short Tons): 2016
Top 100 U.S. Ports by Name Ranked by Total Tons, Domestic Tons, Foreign Inbound vs. Outbound (Short Tons): 2016
U.S. Domestic and Foreign Refinery Receipts of Crude Oil by Mode of Transportation (Thousand Barrels): 2012-2017
U.S. Domestic Crude Oil Refinery Receipts by Barge by Decade and Year (Thousand Barrels): 1980-2017
U.S. Foreign Crude Oil Refinery Receipts by Barge by Decade and Year (Thousand Barrels): 1980-2017
U.S. Crude Oil Conveyances by Mode, Capacity, Speed, Geography
U.S. Grains Production by Type, Exports by Type, Domestic Consumption by Type (1,000 Tons): 1998-2014
U.S. Domestic and Export Grains Shipments by Rail, Barge, Truck (1,000 Tons, %): 1998-2014
Barge Grain Movements by Type of Grain and River System (1,000 Tons): 2017-2018
Wheat, Corn, Soybean Inspections for Export by U.S. Port Region (1,000 Metric Tons): 2017-2018
New U.S. Cracker Plants Under Construction or FID Made (Company, Capacity, Output, Location, Start-Up): 2018
Expansion of Existing U.S. Crackers and Restarts (Company, Capacity, Location, Start-Up): 2018
Second Wave of New U.S. Cracker Projects (Company, Capacity, Output, Location, Start-Up): 2018
U.S Waterborne Freight Transportation Revenues ($ Billion) and Market Shares (%) for Leading Companies: 2018
ACBL River Code System
Kirby Corp. Income Statement Model ($ Million), Revenue Growth (%), Margin Analysis (%), Barges Active, Barrel Capacity: 2016-2020
Kirby Corp. Marine Transportation, Inland Marine, and Offshore Marine Revenue Models ($ Million, %): 2016-2020
Kirby Corp. Marine Transportation Acquisitions: 1988-2018
Kirby Corp. Distribution and Services Acquisitions: 1987-2018
U.S. Inland Tank Barge Fleet by Operator (Number): 2018
U.S. Coastal Tank Barge Fleet by Operator (Number): 2018
Kirby Corp. Fleet (Class of Equipment, Number, Average Age, Capacities): 2018
Moran Towing Tug Fleet
Moran Towing Barge Fleet

List of Figures
Total U.S. Waterborne Commerce, Domestic vs. Foreign, (Million Short Tons): 1977-2016
U.S. Domestic Traffic, Barge Traffic, Self-Propelled Traffic by Type (Million Short Tons, %): 2016
U.S. Waterborne Commerce Shipped by Commodity Group (Million Short Tons): 1997-2016
Age of U.S. Towing Industry Fleets by Type
U.S. Crude Production (1,000 BPD): 2013-2018
U.S. Distillate Production (1,000 BPD): 2013-2018
U.S. Gas Transmission and Hazardous Liquid Pipelines: 2018
ATB Pushes Barge with 110,000-bbl. Oil
U.S. Grains (Wheat, Corn, Soybeans) Inspected for Export (Million Bushels): 2017-2018
Top 10 Destination Markets for U.S. Containerized Grain Exports: January-May 2018: (%)
New High Volume Product Markets for Waterborne Transportation
Middle East vs. U.S. Changes in Petrochemical Production Capacity (Million Tons): 2000-2020
U.S. Cumulative Announced Chemical Industry Investments from Shale Gas (Number of Projects, $ Billions): 2010-2018
U.S. Petrochemicals Production by Product Category (Million lbs./Day, CAGR): 2012-2022
U.S. Petrochemical Investments by Company, Location, Project, Budget ($ Million): 2015-2022
Petrochemical Natural Resources, Process Chemicals, Finished Chemicals by Type Moved by Water
New U.S. Chemical Industry-Capital Investment by Region (%): 2015-2022
U.S. Lower 48 States Shale Plays by Region and State: 2018
Geology of Shale Gas and Conventional Natural Gas
Frac Sand vs. Typical Sand
US Frac Sand Demand and Sand Pumped per Rig per Year (Million Tons): 2011-2021
U.S. Nameplate and Effective Frac Sand Capacity (Tons/Year): 2017-2021
Frac Sand Mesh Size Mix: 2018
Frac Sand Mesh Size Mix: 2020
Frac Sand Demand by Source (NWS, Texas Out-of-Basin, In-Basin), Volume (Million TPY), Share (%): 2017-2019
Frac Sand Industry Nameplate Capacity by Region (Million TPY): 2016-2019
Frac Sand Nameplate Capacity by Company (%): 2016-2019
Frac Sand Market Shares by Company (Million TPY): 2018
Frac Sand Nameplate Capacity by Basin (Million TPY, %): 2019
U.S. Gross and Net Excess Frac Sand Supply (TPY, %): 2017-2021
Minegate Frac Sand Prices by Type ($/Ton): 2017-2019
U.S. Onshore Oil Production vs Frac Sand Pumped (Million BPD, Million TPY): 2013-2021
Northern White Frac Sand Supply Chain Delivered Costs by Type ($/Ton): 2018
Kirby Corp. Inland Marine Operating Margin (%): 2013-2018
Kirby Corp. Offshore Marine Operating Margin (%): 2013-2018
Kirby Corp. Inland Barge Fleet Utilization Rate (%): 2010-2018
Kirby Corp. Coastwise Utilization Rate (%): 2011-2018
Kirby Corp. Inland Rate (Cents/Ton Mile): 2007-2018
Kirby Corp. Offshore Day Rate ($): 2011-2018

Companies Mentioned

  • American Commercial Barge Line
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation
  • Harley Marine Services Inc.
  • Heartland Barge Management, LLC
  • Ingram Marine Group
  • Kirby Corporation
  • Moran Towing Corporation