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2018 Target Market Report on Millennial Nutrition

  • ID: 4756139
  • Report
  • January 2019
  • Region: Global
  • 89 pages
  • Multi-sponsor Surveys, Inc.
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Examining Their Nutrient Needs & How Their Choice of Nutritional Products is Reshaping The Market

Millennials often seek alternatives to dietary supplements given their preference to meet nutritional needs with foods and beverages.  This report examines trends spurred on by Millennials and highlights the types of ‘nutritionals’ favored by Millennials and the benefits and product attributes sought. These distinctions provide key insights into how nutritional product manufacturers can most successfully market to Millennials and capture the loyalty of this large generation.

This report will examine the following topics to describe how Millennials are reshaping the market for nutritional products:

  • Nutrient needs and commitment to good nutrition
  • Knowledge and confidence in their own ability to make good choices
  • Nutrition motivators
  • Trend in use of dietary supplements - multivitamins, probiotics, herbs, sports nutrition, etc.
  • Usage details: number taken, forms, etc.
  • Use of functional and fortified foods/beverages
  • Purchase habits, including online shopping for nutritionals
  • Clean label and ‘fresh’ orientation
  • Digital lifestyles and social media participation
  • Nutritional attitudes that set Millennials apart from the older generation

DELIVERABLES: Electronic delivery of the PowerPoint SUMMARY REPORT including Key Findings section, followed by an in-depth Summary, including graphs and charts depicting survey findings.

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Millennial Market Size & Dynamics (Section A)

  • Population Projections by Age:  2016 to 2026

Nutrient Needs & Knowledge (Section B)

1.  General Nutritional Knowledge 

  • Nutrient Awareness Among Millennials
  • Specific Health Benefits Linked to a Healthy, Nutrient-Rich Diet
  • Need for Supplements to Ensure Good Nutrition
  • Millennials Efforts Made to Consume Nutrients
  • Health-Related Reasons For Own Dietary Efforts
  • Satisfaction With Ability to Consume Needed Nutrients in Sufficient Quantities

2.  General Nutritional Efforts 

  • Millennials Efforts to Consume Nutrients and Nutrient Shortfalls
  • How Amount of Nutrients in Daily Diet Compares to RDAs

Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements (Section C)

1.  Supplement Use & Expectations 

  • Trends In Attitudes Toward Dietary Supplements
  • Reasons for Taking Nutritional Supplements
  • Benefits From Nutritional Supplements By Age Group
  • Millennials Are Above Average for Past 12 Months Use of Growth Brands
  • Millennials Are at the Forefront of Changes Taking Place in the Supplement Market
  • Millennials Spearheading A Growing Preference For Gummies

2.  Sports Nutrition Supplements

  • Millennials Lead In Sports Nutrition Products Used in Past 12 Months
  • Sports Nutrition Products Used in Past 12 Months

3.  Herbal Supplements

  • Millennials Use of Herbal Supplements
  • Millennials Lead In Usage of Specific Herbal Supplements Taken
  • Specific Herbal Supplements Taken

4.  Attitudes Toward Supplements

  • Millennials Attitudes Toward Dietary Supplements

Functional/Fortified Foods/Beverages (Section D)

1.  Confidence In & Efforts To Consume Functional/Fortified Foods/Beverages 

  • Millennial Confidence in Nutrient Content of Functional Foods/Beverages
  • Preferred Nutrient Source & Effort to Consume Functional Foods/Beverages
  • Health Benefits Sought From Functional Foods/Beverages In Past 12 Months

2. Functional/Fortified Foods/Beverages Consumed
Functional Foods Consumed Regularly
Functional Beverages Consumed Regularly
Functional Beverage Brands Consumed In Past 12 Months
Protein Powder/RTD Shake Brands Used In Past 12 Months

Purchase Habits:  Online & In-Store (Section E)

  • Outlets Shop For Foods/Beverages
  • Purchased Nutritional Foods/Beverages Online in Past 12 Months
  • Purchase of Nutritional Supplements Online

Clean-Label & Fresh Orientation (Section F)

1.  Clean-Label Supplement Use

  • Clean Label Supplement Use – Millennial Highest Age Group
  • Incidence Of Clean Label Supplement Use By Millennials
  • Frequency Of Reading Labels For Nutritional Information
  • Importance Of Supplement Selection Factors

2.  Fresh Orientation Diet & Attitudes

  • Attitudes Toward Fresh/Unprocessed Foods
  • Efforts To Limit Meat/Follow Vegetarian Diet
  • Willingness To Pay More For Nutritional Products Manufactured In An Environmentally-Responsible
  • Manner

Digital Lifestyles (Section G)

  • Millennials Awareness Of Personalized Multivitamin Services/Providers
  • Millennials Likelihood of Learning More About or Subscribing to a Personalized Multivitamin Service
  • Millennials Likelihood of Purchasing Supplements Online in Next 12 Months
  • Purchase Impact of Ads on Social Media/Facebook Feed

Nutrition Motivators & Attitudes (Section H)

  • Specific Health Benefits Motivating Dietary Efforts by Millennials
  • Nutrition Sources Recommended By Doctors

Health & Fitness (Section I)

  • Health Problems & Concerns
  • Key Health Factors Motivating Nutritional Efforts
  • Millennials Interest in Taking Supplements for Cognitive Health or Brain/Memory Function


  • Sampling Tolerances
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The following topics will be examined among 18-34 year olds to examine how Millennials are reshaping the market.


  • Market size projections
  • Millennial profile with regard to demographics, lifestyle, health, etc.
  • Future outlook describing how Millennials are reshaping the market for dietary supplements and other nutritional products


  • Satisfaction with nutrient intake
  • Level of effort to consume nutrients
  • Preferred means of obtaining necessary nutrients
  • Nutrients making strong effort to consume
  • Nutrient shortfalls
  • Knowledge of nutrients’ health benefits
  • Consider diet sufficient for nutrition or believe supplements necessary (2007-2017)


  • Trends in vitamin/mineral use (2007-2017)
  • Types of vitamins/minerals taken
  • Health benefits sought from multivitamins
  • Use of specialty supplements - probiotics, omega 3, whey protein, etc.
  • Number of dietary supplements taken daily
  • Use of and interest in vitamin packs and personalized vitamin subscription services
  • Sports nutrition supplements: types taken; benefits sought
  • Herbal supplements: types taken
  • Use of beauty supplements for skin, hair, nails
  • Brands favored by Millennials
  • Use of supplements formulated for stage of life/health problems
  • Preferred form of supplements
  • Expectations for length of time necessary to take a supplement before seeing noticeable benefits


  • Effort to consume functional foods/beverages
  • Types of fortified and functional foods and beverages consumed
  • Benefits sought in functional foods/beverages
  • Confidence in functional foods to provide therapeutic benefit


  • Retail outlets patronized for food and supplements
  • Online shopping for supplements
    • Types bought online
    • Online retailers patronized
    • Brands bought online
    • Reasons for buying online
    • Share of supplements purchased online


  • Frequency of reading labels
  • Types of clean-label supplements purchase: organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, etc.
  • Willingness to pay more for clean label supplements
  • Clean label food consumption - organics, gluten-free, fair trade, GMO-free, etc.
  • Product attributes most important to Millennials
  • Commitment to “fresh” foods and efforts to avoid processed foods
  • Vegetarian/flexitarian eating habits


  • Reliance on internet for nutritional information
  • Frequency of accessing social media
  • Amount of time spent daily on digital devices and on social media
  • Use of apps for tracking exercise/calories


  • Reasons for making effort at proper nutrition
  • Extent to which supplement use is driven by desire to:
    • promote well-being
    • prevent/treat health problems
    • enhance energy
    • improve sports performance/endurance
    • comply with doctor’s recommendation
  • Types of supplements recommended by doctors
  • Review of attitudes that set Millennials apart from older adults/supplement users


  • Health problems and concerns of Millennials
  • Stress level
  • Obesity and dieting
  • Frequency of exercising and reasons for exercise
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown