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Developer Relations Programs 2019

  • ID: 4766834
  • Report
  • March 2019
  • Region: Global
  • 156 pages
  • Evans Data Corp
Developer Program Membership Reaches All-Time High

This comprehensive study of over 500 software developers examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program, including:

  • Which revenue model do developers prefer?
  • What are the most important features of a developer program?
  • For which elements of a program are developers willing to pay?
  • What motivates developers to share knowledge and experience on developer community websites?

Objectives of the Survey
This study gives a comprehensive view of the attitudes, adoption patterns,  and intentions of developers with respect to developer relations. The researcher wishes to make this survey series as valuable as possible to our clients; thus, we solicit input from subscribers prior to the publication of each volume. This subscriber input is incorporated into the content of the survey, providing answers and insight into issues of interest to our clients.

What’s New

Community Management and Engagement
A developer program and the personnel behind it occupy a specific segment of any developer community. Understanding how and why your developer community interacts with your program’s representatives can help you better provide an enriching experience for your community. This section explores the interaction between developer program representatives and the developer communities surrounding them. New material in this section explores the importance of a company contact on developer program perception, where and why developers interact with developer evangelists, and the relevance of having community champions to advocate for a vendor’s technologies.
Expanded Deep Dives on:

Developer Program Content
Even if a developer program provides all of the resources that developers need, it may not fit their preferred means of delivery. This section takes a deeper dive into the content that developer programs provide in support of their technologies, and includes a variety of new questions, including the most helpful resources in learning about new technologies, preference surrounding such aspects as sample code and test hardware, and the relevance of vendor sites as an information source. One key question in this section discusses the biggest annoyances developers have with their current developer programs. Finally, this section asks web developers about their involvement with collocation centers.

Developer Training and Learning Resources
Training and learning resources will ultimately help your program members get the most out of your technologies. Bolstering a long-standing section in the Developer Relations survey, this section has new questions surrounding expectations of technical training and the importance of training resources. New questions in this section also include training and tutorials’ influence on tech support, code samples’ influence on tutorials, and the preferred format for tutorials.

Technical Support
Technical support is a pillar for most developer programs, and can be a focal point for developers’ interactions with a program. Further building upon established discussion of technical support, this section includes new questions about the relevance of third-party sites in support, as well as the importance of having a dedicated support representative. This section also digs into the longest acceptable wait for support. 

Get answers to these questions and more in this survey report. Consider this a key resource to help you build and maintain a successful developer program, community website, and training sessions.

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  • Objectives of the Survey
  • Survey Methodology
  • Research Design
  • Relative Rankings
  • The Sample – Software Developers


  • Custom Surveys
  • Targeted Analytics



  • Program Membership
  • Program Membership (Trend)
  • Program Membership (PC Developers)
  • Program Membership (Mobile Developers)
  • Program Membership (Cloud Developers)
  • Program Membership (Web Developers)
  • Longest Lasting Developer Program Membership
  • Involvement in Software Development
  • Company Size


  • Top Reasons to Join a Developer Relations Program
  • Top Reasons to Stay with a Developer Program
  • How to Make a Developer Feel like a Partner
  • Best Value-Add for Developer Programs
  • Best Value-Add by Company Size
  • Measuring Success of a Developer Program Membership
  • Time Saved by Using Developer Program Resources
  • Importance of Various Developer Program Resources
  • Most Influential Incentives for Loyalty


  • Cost of Developer Program Membership
  • Can Developer Programs Help Justify Membership Costs?
  • Are Developers Getting Their Money's Worth?
  • Dissatisfaction with Program Membership Value
  • Who Pays for Developer Program Membership?
  • Cost Of Program Membership by Who Pays for Membership
  • Reasons Used to Ask Management to Pay for Memberships
  • Willingness to Pay for Various Program Elements


  • Which Companies Provide Great Customer Service?
  • Which Companies Provide Excellent Tools & SDKs?
  • Which Companies’ Developer Programs Care the Most?
  • Which Companies’ Developer Programs Are Most Innovative?
  • Which Companies Have the Best Support for Open Source?
  • Which Developer Programs Have the Best Communities?


  • Importance of APIs and SDKs to Developer Programs
  • Importance of APIs and SDKs by Company Size
  • Measuring the Importance of Aspects of an SDK
  • Impact of Lack of Developer Programs on API Use
  • Importance of Technical and Business Information about APIs
  • Most Important Technical and Business Information
  • Number of API Providers Used
  • API Consumption: Free vs. Paid
  • Expected Means of Payment for API Access
  • Most Important Criterion for API Provider Selection


  • Frequency of Visiting Primary Program Website
  • Length of Time Spent on Developer Program Website
  • Personalized Experience on Developer Websites
  • Most Common Activities in Program Portals
  • Reasons to Participate Actively in a Developer Website
  • Time Spent Accessing Developer Program with Mobile Devices
  • Chat Programs Used for Development Team Communications
  • Level of Participation in Community Resources


  • Importance of Community Involvement in Developer Programs
  • Importance of Community Involvement by Company Size
  • Influence of Company Contact on Developer Program Perceptions
  • Influence of Company Contact by Program Membership
  • Participation in Events
  • Participation in Events by Company Size
  • Reasons for Interacting with Developer Evangelists
  • Reasons for Interacting with Evangelists by Program Membership
  • Reasons for Interacting with Evangelists by Company Size
  • Top Venues for Developer Evangelists
  • Top Venues for Evangelists by Program Membership
  • Interactions with Community Champions


  • Most Compelling Reason to Log into a Development Community
  • What Makes Information from a Vendor Portal Credible?
  • Most Helpful Resources in Learning about New Technology
  • Most Valuable Topic Areas for Blogs
  • Biggest Annoyances with Developer Programs
  • Biggest Annoyances with Developer Programs by Company Size
  • Preferred Access to Test Hardware
  • Importance of Code Samples
  • Importance of Code Samples by Company Size
  • Preferred Location for Sample Code
  • Vendor Sites as an Information Source
  • Preference for Video or Whitepaper as Media for Learning
  • Download Medium for Software Trials and Development
  • Assistance from Co-Los
  • Assistance from Co-Los by Involvement in Web Development


  • Importance of Various Business Aspects of Developer Programs
  • Familiarity with Startup Accelerators
  • How Long Should Accelerators Last?
  • Best Incentives for Being in Accelerator Programs
  • Preferred Model for Accelerator Program Participation
  • Familiarity with Specific Accelerator Programs
  • Familiarity with City-run Incubators or Accelerators


  • Importance of App Stores for Developer Relations Programs
  • Importance of App Stores by Company Size
  • Selling Apps in App Stores
  • Annual Revenue Generated from App Stores
  • Importance of App Store Features
  • Importance of App Store Features by Company Size
  • Impact of Better Share of App Store Revenues


  • Expectation of Technical Training in Developer Programs
  • Training's Influence on Tech Support
  • Experience with Online Education and Training Courses
  • Do Online Academies Influence Developer Program Membership?
  • Do Developer Programs Influence Online Academy Attendance?
  • Familiarity with Online Education and Training Courses
  • Specific Online Certifications and Degrees Acquired
  • Specific Training Attendance for Primary Technology
  • Formal Training Attendance for a New Product
  • Elements of a Great Technical Training Session
  • Preferred Format for Training
  • Most Sought-after Training from Certification Programs
  • Most Sought-After Training from Own Company
  • Importance of Tutorials by Company Size
  • Code Samples' Influence on Tutorials
  • Preferred Format for Tutorials
  • Percentage of Developers Who Are Certified
  • Should a Developer Relations Program Provide Certifications?


  • Longest Acceptable Wait for Support
  • Frequency of Tech Support Use
  • Preferred Type of Customer Support
  • Expectation of Free Online Support Forums
  • Expectation of Support Forums by Company Size
  • Expectation that Engineers Monitor Forums
  • Expectation of Engineer-Monitored Forums by Company Size
  • Preference to Pay for Support on an Hourly Basis
  • Preference of Hourly Payment by Company Size
  • Satisfaction with Normal Hours of Support
  • Satisfaction with Support Hours by Company Size
  • Sufficiency of Online Chat with Engineer
  • Sufficiency of Engineer Chat by Company Size
  • Should Vendors Monitor Third-party Sites?
  • Vendors Monitoring Third Party Sites by Company Size
  • Importance of Dedicated Support Representatives
  • Importance of Dedicated Support Representatives by Company Size


  • Primary Source of Information about New Developer Programs
  • Preferred Method of Communicating with Other Developers
  • Top Methods to Receive Updates from Developer Program
  • Frequency of Interaction on Social Networks
  • Use of a Web-based Collaborative Forge for Software Development
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


This survey series is completed entirely online. Developers from the International Panel of Developers were sent invitations to participate and complete the survey online. Incentives for completing the survey are the ability to influence tool makers and receive points that build up and can be used to redeem cash cards. 

The survey research method is the basic research design. The questionnaire  for this survey is constructed for developers actively involved with developing a variety of applications using a wide variety of technologies. An e-mail invitation was sent out to software developers inviting them to come to the survey site, fill out the survey online, and register for the drawing. Verbatim of any appreciable length was not used in this volume. Answers were compiled in SPSS.
In order to facilitate better at-a-glance comprehension of complex data sets, Evans Data Corp provides relative ranking tables next to summary sheets. These rankings have a numerical weighting for the various categories. For example, in a question where the possible answers are w, x, y, and z, w is multiplied by 3, x by 2, y by -2, and z by -3. The sum of these comprises the relative ranking for the category in question. The results are then sorted, from highest ranking to lowest, to give a closer comparison.


This survey consists of 564 in-depth interviews conducted with English-speaking developers. This provides a margin of error of 4.1%