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Soil & Water Collection

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  • 87 Database Records
  • January 2021
  • Region: Global
  • Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing
  • ID: 4900640

This is a new thematic database of chapters bring you comprehensive reviews of the latest research in crop science as 'bite sized' pieces of content and will enable you to efficiently access what's really going on in your specialist subject. This collection includes 107 chapters that review advances in understanding and optimising soil health. It also includes chapters on improving irrigation and water management.

This collection has a total of 107 chapters.

Some of the topics covered in the database include:

  • Improving integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) by smallholders
  • Water management for rainfed smallholder farming
  • Effects of climate change on agricultural soils
  • Advances in assessing nutrient availability in soils
  • Advances in understanding boron cycling in soils, uptake/use by plants and ways of optimizing boron use efficiency in crop production
  • Advances in understanding iron cycling in soils, uptake/use by plants and ways of optimising iron-use efficiency in crop production
  • Current advances in zinc in soils and plants: implications for zinc efficiency and biofortification studies
  • The effect of soil organic matter on plant mineral nutrition
  • Micronutrients: advances in understanding manganese cycling in soils, acquisition by plants and ways of optimizing manganese efficiency in crops
  • Micronutrients: advances in understanding molybdenum in crop production
  • Secondary macronutrients: advances in understanding calcium cycling in soils, uptake/use by plants and ways of optimizing calcium-use efficiency in crop production
  • Biodiversity management practices and benefits in Conservation Agriculture systems
  • Carbon management practices and benefits in Conservation Agriculture systems: carbon sequestration rates
  • Carbon management practices and benefits in Conservation Agriculture systems: soil organic carbon fraction losses and restoration
  • Conservation Agriculture: climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits


  1. Agroecosystem Models For Delivering Ecosystem Services
  2. Improving Modelling Of Water Cycles In Crop Cultivation
  3. Modelling Crop Rotations: Capturing Short- And Long-Term Feedbacks For Sustainability And Soil Health
  4. Advances In Nutrient And Water Management In Forestry: Monitoring, Maintaining, And Restoring Soil Health
  5. Advances In Irrigation Management In Greenhouse Cultivation
  6. Advances In Irrigation Techniques In Vegetable Cultivation
  7. Advances In Understanding Soil Health For Vegetable Cultivation
  8. Use Of Intelligent/Autonomous Systems In Crop Irrigation
  9. Agroforestry: A System For Improving Soil Health
  10. Maintaining Soil Fertility And Health In Organic Crop Cultivation
  11. Site-Specific Irrigation Systems
  12. Improving Water Management In Organic Crop Cultivation
  13. Nutrition And Soil Management In Banana Cultivation
  14. Advances In Irrigation Management And Technology In Potato Cultivation: Experiences From A Humid Climate
  15. Improving Soil And Nutrient Management For Cacao Cultivation
  16. Biological Indicators Of Soil Health In Organic Cultivation
  17. Chemical Composition Of Soils: Role In Soil Health
  18. Conservation Grass Hedges And Soil Health Parameters
  19. Drainage Requirements To Maintain Soil Health
  20. Effects Of Crop Rotations And Intercropping On Soil Health
  21. Impact Of Heavy Metal Contamination On Soil Health
  22. Integrated Soil Health Management: A Framework For Soil Conservation And Regeneration
  23. Maintaining Soil Health In Africa
  24. Maintaining Soil Health In Dryland Areas
  25. Managing Irrigation For Soil Health In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions
  26. Managing Soil Health In Organic Cultivation
  27. Manure And Compost Management To Maintain Soil Health
  28. Mechanisms Of Soil Erosion/Degradation
  29. Modelling Soil Organic Matter Dynamics As A Soil Health Indicator
  30. Nutrient Cycling In Soils
  31. Optimising Fertiliser Use To Maintain Soil Health
  32. Organic Amendments To Improve Soil Health And Crop Productivity: A Case Study In China
  33. Pesticide Use And Biodiversity In Soils
  34. Plant–Soil Interactions: An Overview
  35. Role Of Soil Fauna In Soil Health And Delivery Of Ecosystem Services
  36. Role Of Soil Hydrology In Soil Health
  37. Soil And Soil Health: An Overview
  38. Soil Ecosystem Services: An Overview
  39. Soil Health And Climate Change: A Critical Nexus
  40. Soil Health Assessment And Inventory: Indices And Databases
  41. Soil Health Assessment And Maintenance In Central And South-Central Brazil
  42. Soil Microorganisms: Role In Soil Health
  43. Soil Sampling For Soil Health Assessment
  44. Soil Texture And Structure: Role In Soil Health
  45. Supporting Smallholders In Maintaining Soil Health: Key Challenges And Strategies
  46. The Economics Of Soil Health
  47. Use Of Cover Crops To Promote Soil Health
  48. Management Of Water Resources For Grasslands
  49. Managing Soil Health For Grassland
  50. Assessing The Cost Of Supplying Water For Agriculture: The Food Supply Cost Curve
  51. Climate Change And Water Resources For Agriculture
  52. Deficit Irrigation And Site-Specific Irrigation Scheduling Techniques To Minimize Water Use
  53. Developments In Surface Irrigation Techniques
  54. Drainage Systems To Support Sustainable Water Use
  55. Dynamics Of Water Storage And Retention In Soil
  56. Economics Of Groundwater Development And Governance
  57. Fertigation Techniques For Efficient Water And Nutrient Use In Agriculture
  58. Improving Water Productivity In Rainfed Agriculture: Challenges And Opportunities For Small-Scale Farmers In Dry Lands
  59. Improving Water Use In Tropical Rain-Fed Systems: The Situation In India
  60. Increasing Water Productivity In Agriculture: An Overview
  61. Integrated Approach For The Estimation Of Crop Water Requirements Based On Soil, Plant And Atmospheric Measurements
  62. Managing Surface Water For Irrigation
  63. Modelling Water Use On Farms
  64. Overview Of Subsurface Irrigation Techniques
  65. Rainwater And Floodwater Harvesting For Crop Irrigation
  66. Regional Strategies In Sustainable Water Management For Irrigation: The Eco-Efficiency Approach
  67. The Challenge Of Sustainable Water Resources Management Under Water Scarcity
  68. Trickle Irrigation Systems
  69. Understanding And Measuring Plant Water Use
  70. Use Of Brackish And Marginal Water For Irrigation In Water-Scarce Areas
  71. Use Of Treated Wastewater For Crop Irrigation
  72. Improving Soil And Crop Nutrition Management In Sorghum Cultivation
  73. Improving Water Management In Sorghum Cultivation
  74. Soil And Nutrient Management In Grain Legume Cultivation
  75. Improving Soil Health And Crop Nutrition In Oil Palm Cultivation
  76. Maintaining Soil Health In Oil Palm Cultivation
  77. Improving Fertilizer And Water-Use Efficiency In Mango Cultivation
  78. Soil Solarization: A Sustainable Method
  79. Advances In Sugarcane Irrigation For Optimisation Of Water Supply
  80. Best Management Practices For Maintaining Water Quality In Sugarcane Cultivation
  81. Improving Soil Management In Sugarcane Cultivation
  82. Improving Water Management In Winter Wheat
  83. Cassava Cultivation And Soil Productivity
  84. Advances In Soil And Nutrient Management In Apple Cultivation
  85. Improved Energy And Water Management To Minimize The Environmental Impact Of Dairy Farming
  86. Advances In Irrigation Techniques For Rice Cultivation
  87. Improving Water And Nutrient Management In Tomato Cultivation
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