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Safety & Quality Collection

  • ID: 4900641
  • Database
  • January 2021
  • Region: Global
  • 146 pages
  • Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

This is a new thematic database of chapters bring you comprehensive reviews of the latest research in crop and livestock science as 'bite sized' pieces of content and will enable you to efficiently access what's really going on in your specialist subject. This collection includes 161 chapters that review advances in understanding and preventing pathogenic, contaminant and other human health hazards in crop and livestock products. It also includes chapters on understanding, measuring and improving the sensory, nutritional and processing quality of plant and animal-based farm products as ingredients for food, feed and other products.

This collection has a total of 161 chapters.

Some of the topics covered in the database include:

  • Advances in techniques for monitoring the quality of stored cereal grains
  • Advances in understanding fungal contamination in cereals
  • Developing barley crops for improved brewing quality
  • Developing barley crops for improved malt quality
  • Nutritional and bioactive compounds in barley
  • Optimising the use of barley as an animal feed
  • Advances in postharvest sanitizing regimes for horticultural produce
  • Advances in the potential use of non-thermal plasma in postharvest treatment of fresh horticultural produce
  • Advances in the use of biological control agents in the disinfection of horticultural produce
  • Advances in the use of irradiation for the market access of fresh horticultural produce
  • Advances in the use of ozone in the disinfection of horticultural produce
  • Advances in understanding pathogens contaminating horticultural produce
  • Advances in using heat for disinfection/disinfestation of horticultural produce
  • Monitoring postharvest attributes: instrumental techniques for measuring harvest maturity/fruit quality
  • Smart distribution to maintain shelf life of horticultural produce
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
  1. Advances In Postharvest Sanitizing Regimes For Horticultural Produce
  2. Advances In The Potential Use Of Non-Thermal Plasma In Postharvest Treatment Of Fresh Horticultural Produce
  3. Advances In The Use Of Biological Control Agents In The Disinfection Of Horticultural Produce
  4. Advances In The Use Of Irradiation For The Market Access Of Fresh Horticultural Produce
  5. Advances In The Use Of Ozone In The Disinfection Of Horticultural Produce
  6. Advances In Understanding Pathogens Contaminating Horticultural Produce
  7. Advances In Using Heat For Disinfection/Disinfestation Of Horticultural Produce
  8. Monitoring Postharvest Attributes: Instrumental Techniques For Measuring Harvest Maturity/Fruit Quality
  9. Smart Distribution To Maintain Shelf Life Of Horticultural Produce
  10. Role Of Food Safety In Food Waste And Losses
  11. Assessing The Impact Of Environmental Factors On The Quality Of Greenhouse Produce
  12. Microbiological Safety Of Vegetable Produce: The Impact Of Pre- And Post-Harvest Practices
  13. Advances In Breeding Of Hazelnuts
  14. Advances In Detecting Tree Nut Allergens
  15. Advances In Understanding Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts
  16. Advances In Understanding Health Benefits Of Pistachio
  17. Advances In Understanding The Nutritional Profile And Health Benefits Of Almonds
  18. Nutritional And Nutraceutical Value Of Walnut
  19. Uses And Health Benefits Of Chestnuts
  20. Bioactive/Nutraceutical Compounds In Fruit That Optimize Human Health Benefits
  21. Pre- And Post-Harvest Strategies To Optimize Fruit Quality And Shelf Life
  22. Acrylamide Formation In Fried Potato Products And Its Mitigation
  23. Mycotoxins In Cocoa: Causes, Detection And Control
  24. Nutritional Properties And Enhancement/Biofortification Of Potatoes
  25. Dealing With The Challenge Of Antibiotic Resistance In Pig Production
  26. Detecting And Preventing Chemical Residues In Pig Meat
  27. Factors Affecting Pork Flavour
  28. Factors Affecting The Colour And Texture Of Pig Meat
  29. Nutritional Composition And The Value Of Pig Meat
  30. Producing Consistent Quality Meat From The Modern Pig
  31. Salmonella Control In Pig Production
  32. Zoonoses Associated With Pigs
  33. Analysing Sensory And Processing Quality Of Cocoa
  34. Bioactive Compounds In Oil Palm
  35. Nutritional Value Of Red Palm Oil
  36. Palm Oil And Health
  37. Biofortification Of Grain Legumes
  38. Dietary Health Benefits, Phytochemicals And Anti-Nutritional Factors In Grain Legumes
  39. Nutritional Potential Of Grain Legumes: An Economic Perspective
  40. Effect Of Cultivation Techniques On Tea Quality
  41. Instrumentation And Methodology For The Quantification Of Phytochemicals In Tea
  42. Pesticide Residues In Tea: Challenges In Detection And Control
  43. Potential Role For Tea In Combating Chronic Diseases
  44. Allergens In Soybean
  45. Improving The Nutritional Value Of Soybean
  46. Nutritional Considerations For Soybean Meal Use In Poultry Diets
  47. Nutritional, Nutraceutical And Functional Properties Of Soybeans
  48. Monitoring Fruit Quality And Quantity In Mangoes
  49. The Nutritional And Nutraceutical/Functional Properties Of Mangoes
  50. Preventing Mycotoxin Contamination In Groundnut Cultivation
  51. Advances In Research On Coffee Flavour Compounds
  52. Beneficial Compounds From Coffee Leaves
  53. Bioactive Compounds In Coffee Beans With Beneficial Health Properties
  54. Chemical Composition Of Coffee Beans: An Overview
  55. Flavour As The Common Thread For Coffee Quality Along The Value Chain
  56. Harmful Compounds In Coffee
  57. Metabolomics As A Powerful Tool For Coffee Authentication
  58. Nutritional And Health Effects Of Coffee
  59. Analysing The Processing Quality Of Sugarcane
  60. Improving Sheep Wool Quality
  61. Producing Quality Milk From Sheep
  62. Breeding Cassava To Meet Consumer Preferences For Product Quality
  63. Breeding, Delivery, Use And Benefits Of Bio-Fortified Cassava
  64. Controlling Aflatoxins In Maize In Africa: Strategies, Challenges And Opportunities For Improvement
  65. Cassava For Industrial Uses
  66. New Uses And Processes For Cassava
  67. Use And Nutritional Value Of Cassava Roots And Leaves As A Traditional Food
  68. Measuring Wheat Quality
  69. Analysing Maize Grain Quality
  70. Assessing And Improving The Nutritional Quality Of Maize
  71. Beef Carcass Inspection Systems
  72. Maintaining The Safety And Quality Of Beef Carcass Meat
  73. Nutritional And Nutraceutical/Functional Properties Of Maize
  74. Traceability In The Beef Supply Chain
  75. Chemical Contaminants In Milk
  76. Managing Sustainable Food Safety On Dairy Farms
  77. Mastitis, Milk Quality And Yield
  78. Advances In Understanding The Role Of Rice In Nutrition
  79. Detecting Antibiotic Residues In Animal Feed: The Case Of Distiller’S Grains
  80. Ensuring Beef Safety Through Consumer Education
  81. Beef Cattle Nutrition And Its Effects On Beef Quality
  82. Composition And Properties Of Egg White
  83. Controversies Surrounding The Impact Of The Fat Content Of Beef On Human Health
  84. Effects Of Metabolic Modifiers On Beef Carcass Composition And Meat Quality
  85. Future Of Dna Technologies For Improving Beef Quality: Marbling, Fatty Acid Composition And Tenderness
  86. Mechanisms For Transmissions Of Pathogens Into Eggs
  87. Animal And On-Farm Factors Affecting Sheep And Lamb Meat Quality
  88. Branded Beef Programmes
  89. Packaging Systems For Beef Retailers And Their Effects On Visual Quality And Palatability
  90. Role Of Beef In Human Nutrition And Health
  91. Understanding The Effects Of Handling, Transportation, Lairage And Slaughter On Cattle Welfare And Beef Quality
  92. Ensuring The Safety Of Feed For Beef Cattle
  93. Factors Affecting Sheep Carcass Characteristics
  94. Methods For Detecting Pathogens In The Beef Food Chain: An Overview
  95. Methods For Detecting Pathogens In The Beef Food Chain: Detecting Particular Pathogens
  96. Pathogens Affecting Table Eggs
  97. The Effects Of Housing Systems For Laying Hens On Egg Safety And Quality
  98. Understanding And Improving The Shelf Life Of Tomatoes
  99. Understanding And Preventing Spoilage Of Cow’S Milk
  100. Understanding The Natural Antibacterial Defences Of Egg White And Their Regulation
  101. Determinants Of Egg Appearance And Colour
  102. Sampling And Detection Of Salmonella In Eggs
  103. Nutraceutical Benefits Of Eggs
  104. Composition And Properties Of Eggshell
  105. Nutritional And Physiological Functions Of Egg Yolk Components
  106. Measuring And Assessing Beef Quality And Sensory Traits For Retailers And Consumers
  107. Muscle Fibre Types And Beef Quality
  108. Emergence Of Antibiotic Resistance On Poultry Farms
  109. Zoonoses Affecting Poultry: The Case Of Salmonella
  110. Case Studies On Food Safety Control In The Production Of Fresh Poultry Meat: Effective Control Of Salmonella In Sweden
  111. Enhancing Texture And Tenderness In Poultry Meat
  112. Safety Management And Pathogen Monitoring In Poultry Slaughterhouse Operations: The Case Of The United States
  113. Zoonoses Affecting Poultry: The Case Of Campylobacter
  114. Safety Management On The Poultry Farm
  115. Colour Of Poultry Meat: Understanding, Measuring And Maintaining Product Quality
  116. Egg Quality: Consumer Preferences And
  117. Factors Affecting Fat Content And Distribution Of Fat In Cattle And Carcasses
  118. Effects Of Carcass Chilling And Electrical Stimulation On Visual Beef Quality And Palatability
  119. Enhancing The Nutritional Profile Of Eggs
  120. Factors Affecting Flavour Development In Beef
  121. Traditional Animal Breeding Of Cattle To Improve Carcass Composition And Meat Quality
  122. Agronomic And Environmental Factors Affecting Rice Grain Quality
  123. Alternatives To Antibiotics In Preventing Zoonoses And Other Pathogens In Poultry: Prebiotics And Related Compounds
  124. Beef Carcass Grading And Classification
  125. Beef Colour Development And Variation
  126. Bioactive Components In Cow’S Milk
  127. Biofortified Golden Rice: An Additional Intervention For Vitamin A Deficiency
  128. Egg Washing To Ensure Product Safety
  129. Ensuring Safety In Chilling And Freezing Of Poultry Meat
  130. "Inspection Techniques For Poultry Slaughterhouse Operations: The Case Of The European Union"
  131. Minimising The Development Of Antimicrobial Resistance On Dairy Farms: Appropriate Use Of Antibiotics For The Treatment Of Mastitis
  132. Poultry Meat Quality: An Overview
  133. Quality Parameters And Testing Methods In Rice Cultivation
  134. Sensory Evaluation Of Cow’S Milk
  135. Ingredients From Milk For Use In Food And Non-Food Products: From Commodity To Value-Added Ingredients
  136. Optimizing The Microbial Shelf-Life Of Fresh Beef
  137. Proteins Of Milk
  138. The Nutritional Role Of Eggs
  139. Ageing, Physical And Chemical Methods For Improving Tenderness And Palatability Of Beef
  140. Biofortification Of Maize
  141. Biological Types Of Cattle: Carcass And Meat Quality
  142. Detecting Pathogens In Milk On Dairy Farms: Key Issues For Developing Countries
  143. Development Of Rice Varieties With Improved Iron Content In Grain
  144. Enhancing The Flavour Of Poultry Meat
  145. Enhancing The Nutritional Quality Of Poultry Meat
  146. Food Safety Control On Poultry Farms: Effective Control Of Campylobacter
  147. Food Safety Management On Farms Producing Beef
  148. Molecular Breeding Techniques To Improve Egg Quality
  149. New Developments In Packaging Of Eggs To Improve Safety And Quality
  150. Nutraceutical Properties Of Rice
  151. Pathogens Affecting Beef
  152. Pathogens Affecting Raw Milk From Cows
  153. Preventing Spoilage Of Poultry Meat
  154. The Nutritional And Nutraceutical Value Of Wheat
  155. Understanding And Improving The Shelf-Life Of Eggs
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown