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Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Application Europe Database

  • Database
  • December 2022
  • Region: Europe
  • DataGroup Booksellers
  • ID: 4943964


The Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Application Europe Report & Database gives Market Consumption/Products/Services for 44 countries by each Product by 3 Time series: From 1997/2007 to the Current Year and Forecasts Current Year annually for next 7 years & for each year to 2049.

Countries covered include: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom. Other countries: Faeroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Kosovo have data caveats due to local conditions.



Market Consumption - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

  • Regional Country Data
  • Market Databases Spreadsheets
  • Financial Databases Spreadsheets
  • Industry Databases Spreadsheets

Data includes Market Consumption by individual Product/Service, Per-Capita Consumption, Marketing Costs & Margins, Product Launch Data, Buyers, End Users & Customer Profile, Consumer Demographics. Historic Balance Sheets, Forecast Financial Data, Industry Profile, National Data.

The report and database is supplied as a Zip file containing the reports and databases.

80 Products/Markets covered.

This Regional Database will contain about 15,000 files, including:

1. Regional Summary Report (PDF)
2. Regional Summary Report (Word)
3. Data Pages: about 2,000
4. Chapters and General (.htm) Pages: about 3,500 pages
5. Reference documents (PDF): 140
6. Templates which can be used to produce internal reports or documents (Word): 160
7. Excel spreadsheets: about 3,500
8. 4 Access databases: about 3,500
9. Excel templates, Software tools & utilities, and reference documents: 200 documents
10. Maps & Diagrams: 150


All HTM (.htm) files can be opened in Word and are designed to be paginated and indexed; and can then be output as a Word document, a PDF document, a PowerPoint file, printed hardcopy, et cetera.

All Excel spreadsheets can be opened and processed with Excel; and can be used to produce other Microsoft office document formats, PDF files, printed hardcopy, et cetera.

All Access database tables can be used and processed programmatically. The database are not locked or protected in any way.

Merge text, tables & databases for your own reports, spreadsheet calculations & modelling.

The Excel spreadsheets and Access tables are designed to be an analogue of the U.S. Government databases, specifically the U.S. Census of Manufactures and the U.S. Business Census. As such these reports are presented as Excel spreadsheets and Access tables which are compatible in structure and field names to U.S. Government databases.

There are a large number of Excel spreadsheets and Access tables in each report which are compatible with governmental and NGO databases as well as proprietary database handling software.

The Database is dynamically generated, date stamped and output for each client order; and the client’s name is shown on the reports & databases.

Clients usually receive their orders via a download link in about 2-3 hours after the publishers receive the order.

A 65 page Methodology Manual is available on request.

Toolkits are available on request: 5 DVDs containing over 20GB of Reference documents, Database Utilities, Enterprise Planning, Integrated Development Environment tools, Statistical tools, Software packages, Server add-ons, et al.

80 Products/Markets covered, 1917 pages, 4026 spreadsheets, 4035 database tables, 296 illustrations. Updated monthly. 12 month After-Sales Service.

Table of Contents


The Market for Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Application in each country by Products & Services.

The Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Application Europe Database covers:

TIME SERIES: Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049. Data given at industry / distribution channel / service or product line level.



   1. Motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment
   2. Alternators, rectifiers, motor vehicle
   3. Armatures, dynamo & starter motor, motor vehicle
   4. Battery boxes, motor vehicle
   5. Battery terminal clamps, motor vehicle
   6. Cable clips, clamps & fasteners, motor vehicle
   7. Cable conduit systems, bus & coach
   8. Cable conduit systems, commercial vehicle
   9. Cable conduit systems, military vehicles
  10. Cable conduit systems, motor car
  11. Cables, ignition, motor vehicle
  12. Cashless payment equipment for fuel, motor vehicle fuel tank mounted
  13. Circuit breaker sets, motor vehicle
  14. Condensers, ignition circuit, motor vehicle
  15. Connectors, electric & electronic, for motor vehicles
  16. Control units, engine, electronic, motor vehicle
  17. Couplers, starter motor, for motor vehicles
  18. Current limiters for motor vehicles
  19. Data logging systems, motor vehicle
  20. Dimmer switches, photoelectric cell, motor vehicle
  21. Discharge indicators for electric vehicles
  22. Dynamo components, motor vehicle
  23. Dynamos, motor vehicle
  24. Electric motors for motor vehicle water pumps
  25. Electrical & electronic equipment for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) & methane fuel systems, motor vehicle
  26. Electrical equipment for battery electric vehicles
  27. Electrical equipment for coaches & buses
  28. Electrical equipment for motor cars
  29. Electrical equipment for motorcycles & scooters
  30. Electrical equipment, waterproof, armoured, motor vehicle
  31. Electronic ignition systems, motor vehicle
  32. Engine management sensors, motor vehicle
  33. Flasher units, motor vehicle
  34. Fuel pumps, electric, motor vehicle
  35. Fuse boxes, motor vehicle
  36. Fuses, motor vehicle
  37. Headlight cleaning systems, motor vehicle
  38. Headlight dip switches & controls, motor vehicle
  39. Headlight levelling systems, motor vehicle mounted
  40. Headlight systems, automatic, xenon
  41. Heater plugs (glow plugs), motor vehicle
  42. Ignition advancers, motor vehicle
  43. Ignition coils, motor vehicle
  44. Ignition distributor components, motor vehicle
  45. Ignition distributors, motor vehicle
  46. Junction boxes, motor vehicle
  47. Lampholders, motor vehicle
  48. Lenses, headlight & warning lamp, motor vehicle
  49. Lighting systems for military vehicles
  50. Lights, interior, motor vehicle
  51. Lights, number-plate, motor vehicle
  52. Magnetos, motor vehicle
  53. Measuring, dispensing & invoicing systems, electronic, for road tankers
  54. Motors, electric, for windows, sliding roofs, hoods & seat operating units, motor vehicle
  55. Parking aid systems for motor vehicles
  56. Plugs & sockets, electrical, motor vehicle
  57. Pumps, electrically operated, windscreen washer, motor vehicle
  58. Push-buttons, horn, motor vehicle
  59. Relays, motor vehicle
  60. Safety systems, fuel cut-off, vehicle crash operated
  61. Shafts, dynamo & starter motor, motor vehicle
  62. Sidelights, tail lights & stop lights, light emitting diode (LED), motor vehicle
  63. Spark capacitors for motor vehicles
  64. Starter motor brushes, motor vehicle
  65. Starter motor commutators, motor vehicle
  66. Starter motors, motor vehicle
  67. Start-stop systems for motor vehicles
  68. Switches, direction indicator, motor vehicle
  69. Switches, interior light, motor vehicle
  70. Switches, motor vehicle, steering column mounted
  71. Switches, on-off, reversing light, gearbox mounted, motor vehicle
  72. Switches, pressure operated, stop light, motor vehicle
  73. Switches, windscreen wiper, motor vehicle
  74. Voltage regulators, cut-outs, motor vehicle
  75. Windscreen & rear window defrosters & demisters, electric, motor vehicle
  76. Windscreen washers, electric, motor vehicle
  77. Windscreen wiper motors, motor vehicle
  78. Wiring harnesses/cable looms, motor vehicle
  79. Motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment, nsk


 1  Administration
 2  Advertising
 3  Buyers - Commercial Operations
 4  Buyers - Competitors
 5  Buyers - Major City
 6  Buyers - Products
 7  Buyers - Trade Cell
 8  Competitive Industry Analysis
 9  Competitor Analysis
10  Country Focus
11  Distribution
12  Business Decision Scenarios
13  Capital Costs Scenarios
14  Cashflow Option Scenarios
15  Cost Structure Scenarios
16  Historic Industry Balance Sheet
17  Historic Marketing Costs & Margins
18  Investment + Cost Reduction Scenarios
19  Market Climate Scenarios
20  Marketing Costs
21  Marketing Expenditure Scenarios
22  Marketing Margins
23  Strategic Options Scenarios
24  Survival Scenarios
25  Tactical Options Scenarios
26  Geographic Data
27  Industry Norms
28  Major City Market Analysis
29  Capital Access Scenarios
30  Market Cashflow Scenarios
31  Economic Climate Scenarios
32  Market Investment + Costs Scenarios
33  Marketing Expenditure Scenarios
34  Market Risk Scenarios
35  Market Strategic Options
36  Market Survival Options
37  Market Tactical Options
38  Marketing Expenditure -v- Market Share
39  Marketing Strategy Development
40  Markets
41  Operational Analysis
42  Overseas Development
43  Personnel Management
44  Physical Distribution + Customer Handling
45  Pricing
46  Process + Order Handling
47  Product Analysis
48  Product Development
49  Product Marketing Factors
50  Product Mix
51  Product Summary
52  Profit Risk Scenarios
53  Promotional Mix
54  Salesforce Decisions
55  Sales Promotion
56  Surveys
57  Targets -Product + Market
58  Technology
59  Trade Cell Analysis.


PRODUCT CONSUMPTION - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year: Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

REGIONAL & NATIONAL REPORT MARKET DATABASE & SPREADSHEETS: Database tables & Spreadsheets covering 103 Business Scenarios by Year. Regional Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Historic Markets & Market Forecast by Year. National Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Markets, Market Forecast, Financial Forecast, Financial Margins, Historic Financial, Historic Costs, Industry Norms for each country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

FINANCIAL SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 188 Balance Sheet, Financial Margins & Ratios for each of 103 Business Scenarios - by Country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

INDUSTRY SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 820 Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Historic Industry Balance Sheet Data, Forecast Industry Financial Data, Industry Profiles & Norms - by Country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

NATIONAL DATA - by Country by Year.

80 Products covered for 44 Countries: 1917 pages, 4026 spreadsheets, 4035 database tables, 296 diagrams & maps.

The report and database is supplied as a Zip file containing the reports and databases. Readers can access & reproduce the information for their own documents or reports. Tables & databases as Access & Excel formats enable readers to produce their own spreadsheet calculations and modelling.

This database is updated monthly. 12 months Full After-Sales Services & Updates available from the publishers.

This Database is also available as a World Database; 9 Regional Reports: Canada and the USA, Central America (31 countries), South America (13 countries), Europe (45 countries), Eurasia (4 countries), Middle East (19 Countries), Africa (54 countries), Asia (48 countries), and Oceania (20 countries); and for individual countries.

Countries Covered

  • Albania
  • Andorra
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Greenland
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia & Montenegro
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Other countries have data caveats due to local conditions: Faeroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Kosovo.