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Laboratory Equipment, General Canada and USA Report & Database

  • Database
  • 1980 Database Records
  • September 2022
  • Region: Canada, United States
  • DataGroup Booksellers
  • ID: 4965718


The Laboratory Equipment, General Canada and USA Report & Database gives Market Consumption / Products / Services for Canada and the USA by each Product by 3 Time series: From 1997/2007 to the Current Year (annually) and Forecast for each year to 2049.

Countries covered: Canada and the USA.



Market Consumption - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

Data includes Market Consumption by individual Product / Service, Per-Capita Consumption, Marketing Costs & Margins, Product Launch Data, Buyers, End Users & Customer Profile, Consumer Demographics. Historic Balance Sheets, Forecast Financial Data, Industry Profile, National Data.

The report and database is supplied as a Zip file containing the reports and databases.

110 Products/Markets covered.

This Regional Report + Database will contain about 15,000 files, including:

1. Regional Summary Report (PDF)
2. Regional Summary Report (Word)
3. Data Pages: about 2,000
4. Chapters and General (. htm) Pages: about 3,500 pages
5. Reference documents (PDF): 140
6. Templates which can be used to produce internal reports or documents (Word): 160
7. Excel spreadsheets: about 3,500
8. 4 Access databases: about 3,500
9. Excel templates, Software tools & utilities, and reference documents: 200 documents
10. Maps & Diagrams: 150


All HTM (. htm) files can be opened in Word and are designed to be paginated and indexed; and can then be output as a Word document, a PDF document, a PowerPoint file, printed hardcopy, et cetera.

All Excel spreadsheets can be opened and processed with Excel; and can be used to produce other Microsoft office document formats, PDF files, printed hardcopy, et cetera.

All Access database tables can be used and processed programmatically. The database are not locked or protected in any way.

Merge text, tables & databases for your own reports, spreadsheet calculations & modelling.

The Excel spreadsheets and Access tables are designed to be an analogue of the U. S. Government databases, specifically the U. S. Census of Manufactures and the U. S. Business Census. As such these reports are presented as Excel spreadsheets and Access tables which are compatible in structure and field names to U. S. Government databases.

There are a large number of Excel spreadsheets and Access tables in each report which are compatible with governmental and NGO databases as well as proprietary database handling software.

The Report + Database are dynamically generated, date stamped and output for each client order; and the client’s name is shown on the reports & databases.

Clients usually receive their orders via a download link in about 2-3 hours after the publishers receive the order.

A 65 page Methodology Manual is available on request.

Toolkits are available on request: 5 DVDs containing over 20GB of Reference documents, Database Utilities, Enterprise Planning, Integrated Development Environment tools, Statistical tools, Software packages, Server add-ons, et al.
110 Products/Markets covered, 1980 pages, 4028 spreadsheets, 4042 database tables, 4042 illustrations. Updated monthly. 12 month After-Sales Service.

Table of Contents


The Market for Laboratory Equipment, General in Canada and the USA by Products & Services.

The Laboratory Equipment, General Canada and USA Report + Database covers:

TIME SERIES: Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049. Data given at industry/distribution channel/service or product line level.



1. Laboratory equipment, general
2. Aerosol generators/atomisers for laboratories
3. Autoclaves, laboratory
4. Cages for laboratory animals
5. Capping & decapping tools for vials & sample containers, laboratory
6. Centrifugal separators, laboratory
7. Centrifuges & accessories, laboratory
8. Chromatography equipment, laboratory
9. Cold storage rooms, laboratory
10. Compressors, laboratory
11. Cooling baths, laboratory
12. Crucibles, laboratory, platinum
13. Cryogenic equipment, laboratory
14. Cryogenic generators, laboratory
15. Decanters, laboratory
16. Deionising equipment, laboratory
17. Dewar flasks
18. Dialysers, laboratory
19. Diffusers, laboratory
20. Digesters, chemical analysis, laboratory
21. Diluting equipment, liquid samples, laboratory
22. Dish filling equipment, sterile liquids, laboratory
23. Dispensing equipment, liquids, laboratory
24. Distillation apparatus for solvent extraction, laboratory
25. Distillation apparatus, steam, laboratory
26. Dosing equipment for gases, laboratory
27. Dosing equipment for liquids, laboratory
28. Dosing equipment for solids, laboratory
29. Driers, laboratory
30. Drying cabinets, laboratory
31. Effluent handling equipment, laboratory
32. Electrolysis equipment, laboratory
33. Electrophoresis apparatus, laboratory
34. Emulsifiers, laboratory
35. Evaporators, laboratory
36. Extractors, Soxhlet, laboratory
37. Fermenters, laboratory
38. Filters, laboratory
39. Fraction collectors, automatic, laboratory
40. Freeze drying equipment, laboratory
41. Freezers & deep freezers, laboratory
42. Fume extraction equipment, laboratory
43. Furnaces for melting point tests, laboratory
44. Furnaces, chamber, laboratory
45. Furnaces, high vacuum, laboratory
46. Furnaces, muffle & crucible, laboratory
47. Gas burners, Bunsen burners, burner components, laboratory
48. Gas generators, laboratory
49. Gloveboxes & cabinets, laboratory
50. Goniometers, laboratory
51. Heat exchangers, laboratory, mobile
52. Heating apparatus, electric, laboratory
53. Heating baths, laboratory
54. Heating lines & mantles, laboratory
55. Homogenisers, laboratory
56. Homogenisers, ultrasonic, laboratory
57. Hot plates, laboratory
58. Hydrogenation apparatus, catalytic, laboratory
59. Hydrolysis equipment, laboratory
60. Incubators, automatically controlled, laboratory
61. Laboratory apparatus & equipment, metal
62. Laboratory elutriators
63. Laboratory equipment, customised
64. Laboratory equipment, ceramic
65. Laboratory equipment, diamond
66. Laboratory equipment, graphite
67. Laboratory equipment, refractory
68. Laboratory equipment, tropicalised
69. Laboratory equipment, ultrasonic
70. Laboratory grinding & crushing equipment
71. Micropipettes, laboratory
72. Mixers, laboratory
73. Ovens, kilns & furnaces, coal, laboratory
74. Ovens, kilns & furnaces, electric, laboratory
75. Ovens, kilns & furnaces, gas, laboratory
76. Ovens, microwave, laboratory
77. Pestles & mortars, laboratory
78. Pipetting machines & equipment, laboratory
79. Presses, laboratory
80. Pumps, laboratory
81. Pumps, vacuum & high vacuum, laboratory
82. Recirculating coolers/chillers, laboratory
83. Rectifying columns, laboratory
84. Refrigerating equipment, laboratory
85. Refrigerators & freezers, explosion proof, for laboratories
86. Sample changers, automatic, laboratory
87. Sampling equipment for gases, laboratory
88. Sampling equipment for liquids, laboratory
89. Sampling equipment for radioactive liquids, automatic, laboratory
90. Sampling equipment for solids, laboratory
91. Sieves, laboratory
92. Slicers & cutters, laboratory
93. Sorting machines, automatic, for sealed sample tubes
94. Stands & supports, laboratory
95. Sterilisers, laboratory
96. Sterilising equipment, radiation, non-gamma, laboratory
97. Stills for laboratories
98. Stills, laboratory, for mercury
99. Stirrers, agitators, shakers, laboratory
100. Test sieve shakers, laboratory
101. Test sieves, sieve analysis equipment, laboratory
102. Test tube racks
103. Tongs & spatulas, laboratory
104. Ultrafilters, laboratory
105. Washing machines, laboratory
106. Water distillation equipment, laboratory
107. X-ray equipment, laboratory
108. Zero air/hydrocarbon-free air generators, laboratory
109. Laboratory equipment, general, nsk


1 Administration
2 Advertising
3 Buyers - Commercial Operations
4 Buyers - Competitors
5 Buyers - Major City
6 Buyers - Products
7 Buyers - Trade Cell
8 Competitive Industry Analysis
9 Competitor Analysis
10 Country Focus
11 Distribution
12 Business Decision Scenarios
13 Capital Costs Scenarios
14 Cashflow Option Scenarios
15 Cost Structure Scenarios
16 Historic Industry Balance Sheet
17 Historic Marketing Costs & Margins
18 Investment + Cost Reduction Scenarios
19 Market Climate Scenarios
20 Marketing Costs
21 Marketing Expenditure Scenarios
22 Marketing Margins
23 Strategic Options Scenarios
24 Survival Scenarios
25 Tactical Options Scenarios
26 Geographic Data
27 Industry Norms
28 Major City Market Analysis
29 Capital Access Scenarios
30 Market Cashflow Scenarios
31 Economic Climate Scenarios
32 Market Investment + Costs Scenarios
33 Marketing Expenditure Scenarios
34 Market Risk Scenarios
35 Market Strategic Options
36 Market Survival Options
37 Market Tactical Options
38 Marketing Expenditure -v- Market Share
39 Marketing Strategy Development
40 Markets
41 Operational Analysis
42 Overseas Development
43 Personnel Management
44 Physical Distribution + Customer Handling
45 Pricing
46 Process + Order Handling
47 Product Analysis
48 Product Development
49 Product Marketing Factors
50 Product Mix
51 Product Summary
52 Profit Risk Scenarios
53 Promotional Mix
54 Salesforce Decisions
55 Sales Promotion
56 Surveys
57 Targets -Product + Market
58 Technology
59 Trade Cell Analysis.


PRODUCT CONSUMPTION - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year: Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

REGIONAL & NATIONAL REPORT MARKET DATABASE & SPREADSHEETS: Database tables & Spreadsheets covering 103 Business Scenarios by Year. Regional Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Historic Markets & Market Forecast by Year. National Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Markets, Market Forecast, Financial Forecast, Financial Margins, Historic Financial, Historic Costs, Industry Norms for each country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

FINANCIAL SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 188 Balance Sheet, Financial Margins & Ratios for each of 103 Business Scenarios - by Country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

INDUSTRY SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 820 Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Historic Industry Balance Sheet Data, Forecast Industry Financial Data, Industry Profiles & Norms - by Country by Year - Historic from 2007, Forecast to 2028 & 2049.

NATIONAL DATA - by Country by Year.

110 Products covered for Canada and the USA: 1980 pages, 4028 spreadsheets, 4042 database tables, 4042 diagrams & maps.

The report and database is supplied as a Zip file containing the reports and databases. Readers can access & reproduce the information for their own documents or reports. Tables & databases as Access & Excel formats enable readers to produce their own spreadsheet calculations and modelling.

This database is updated monthly. 12 months Full After-Sales Services & Updates available from the publishers.

This report + database is also available as a World Report; 9 Regional Reports: Canada and the USA, Central America (31 countries), South America (13 countries), Europe (45 countries), Eurasia (4 countries), Middle East (19 Countries), Africa (54 countries), Asia (48 countries), and Oceania (20 countries); and for individual countries.

Countries Covered

  • Canada
  • United States