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2020 Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Drug Pipeline Report- Current Status, Phase, Mechanism, Route of Administration, and Companies, of Pre-Clinical And Clinical Drugs

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  • 107 Pages
  • February 2020
  • Region: Global
  • VPA Research
  • ID: 4987926
The 2020 Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline report presents a comprehensive overview of the research and development of Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) drug candidates. It presents drugs in development that could potentially reach the market in the next 5 to 10 years: Three drugs in Research phase, Six drugs in pre-clinical phase, One drug in Phase 1, 11 drugs in Phase 2, and four drugs in Phase 3.

As of February 2020, the Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline remains robust with 26 therapeutic candidates under development. An increasing number of companies are actively participating in the development of Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) treatment. Diverse types of targeted therapies are being explored through clinical trials including Beta 1 adrenergic receptor antagonists; cannabinoid receptors; Casein kinase Idelta inhibitors; Casein kinase Iepsilon inhibitors; CYP1A2 activators; GABA A receptor agonists; GABA A receptor modulators; GABA B receptors; Histamine H1 receptor antagonists; Melatonin receptor agonists; Orexin receptor type 1 antagonists; Orexin receptor type 2 antagonists; Serotonin 1A receptor agonists; Serotonin 1D receptor agonists; Serotonin 2A receptor antagonists; Serotonin 2B receptor antagonists.

The report provides complete details of pipeline drugs including the development phase, mechanism of action, companies involved, clinical trial developments, molecule type, and other details. Further, the report also provides Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) drug development history, latest news, and other developments.

It assists companies, governments, investors and research organizations to understand the current status in 2020 and possible development in the next 10 years. Further, it enables readers to track new companies in the market and their developments. The product portfolio of different companies and their growth strategies are also detailed in the report.

Publisher Expertise

The publisher's online databases analyze pipeline drugs and developments for over 2,000 diseases worldwide. All our reports and databases are developed through intensive primary and secondary research methods. The insights and data presented in the databases are validated through industry experts and represent completely unbiased opinions.

  • The report scope comprises of both pre-clinical phase and clinical phase development drugs for Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) development
  • Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline compounds and molecules under study by both large scale and small companies are included in the report
  • Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline across different phases including discovery, research, and pre-clinical stage, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and pre-registration phases are covered
  • Drug profile comprising of current development status, regulatory progress, companies, sponsors, mechanism of action, route of administration, molecule, and discovery details are covered
  • Further, orphan drug status, fast track designation, different grants awarded and special status for Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline candidates included
  • Business overview and snapshot of all companies involved in Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline are included
  • Latest market and pipeline developments are provided in the report

Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline companies included in the report are: Amherst Pharmaceuticals LLC, Biohemp International Inc, Cennerv Pharma (S) Pte Ltd, Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc, Druggability Technologies Holdings Ltd, Eisai Co Ltd, EUSOL Biotech Co Ltd, Evotec AG, Grupo Ferrer Internacional SA, Idorsia Pharmaceutical Ltd, Imbrium Therapeutics, Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc, Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc, Johnson & Johnson, Linnet BioPharmaceuticals Inc, Minerva Neurosciences Inc, NB Health Laboratory Co Ltd, Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd, NeuroFix Therapeutics LLC, Overseas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Sage Therapeutics Inc, Shionogi & Co Ltd, Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd, Tritech Biopharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Zelda Therapeutics Pty Ltd.

Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline drugs profiled in the report include: Zolpidem oral spray, nebivolol, CB2810, UCM-765, DRGT-73, lemborexant, SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem), EVT201, lorediplon, nemorexant, IMB-115, lumateperone, JNJ-48816274, seltorexant (JNJ-42847922), CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia, P005, piromelatine (Neu-P11), NFX91, CY18, CY20, SAGE-217, S-117957, TS-142, Zolpidem topical gel, cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia, sodium oxybate.

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2. Executive Summary
2.1 Report Scope and Research Methodology
2.2 Introduction to Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Condition
2.3 Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Pipeline Snapshot, 2020
2.4 Companies investing in Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) pipeline therapeutics
2.5 Phase wise Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Pipeline Candidates
2.6 Most Researched Mechanism of Action of Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Pipeline Products
2.7 Route of Administration of Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Pipeline Drugs
3. Companies Active in Pipeline Development
3.1 Amherst Pharmaceuticals LLC Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.2 Biohemp International Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.3 Cennerv Pharma (S) Pte Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.4 Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.5 Druggability Technologies Holdings Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.6 Eisai Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.7 EUSOL Biotech Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.8 Evotec AG Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.9 Grupo Ferrer Internacional SA Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.10 Idorsia Pharmaceutical Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.11 Imbrium Therapeutics Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.12 Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.13 Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.14 Johnson & Johnson Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.15 Linnet BioPharmaceuticals Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.16 Minerva Neurosciences Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.17 NB Health Laboratory Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.18 Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.19 NeuroFix Therapeutics LLC Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.20 Overseas Pharmaceuticals Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.21 Sage Therapeutics Inc Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.22 Shionogi & Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.23 Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.24 Tritech Biopharmaceuticals Co Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
3.25 Zelda Therapeutics Pty Ltd Overview, Contacts and ASD Pipeline Drugs
4. Active Pipeline Drug Details, 2020
4.1 Zolpidem oral spray Drug Details
4.1.1 Zolpidem oral spray Current Status
4.1.2 Zolpidem oral spray Drug Overview
4.1.3 Zolpidem oral spray Mechanism of Action
4.1.4 Zolpidem oral spray Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.1.5 Zolpidem oral spray Clinical Trials
4.2 nebivolol Drug Details
4.2.1 nebivolol Current Status
4.2.2 nebivolol Drug Overview
4.2.3 nebivolol Mechanism of Action
4.2.4 nebivolol Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.2.5 nebivolol Clinical Trials
4.3 CB2810 Drug Details
4.3.1 CB2810 Current Status
4.3.2 CB2810 Drug Overview
4.3.3 CB2810 Mechanism of Action
4.3.4 CB2810 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.3.5 CB2810 Clinical Trials
4.4 UCM-765 Drug Details
4.4.1 UCM-765 Current Status
4.4.2 UCM-765 Drug Overview
4.4.3 UCM-765 Mechanism of Action
4.4.4 UCM-765 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.4.5 UCM-765 Clinical Trials
4.5 DRGT-73 Drug Details
4.5.1 DRGT-73 Current Status
4.5.2 DRGT-73 Drug Overview
4.5.3 DRGT-73 Mechanism of Action
4.5.4 DRGT-73 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.5.5 DRGT-73 Clinical Trials
4.6 lemborexant Drug Details
4.6.1 lemborexant Current Status
4.6.2 lemborexant Drug Overview
4.6.3 lemborexant Mechanism of Action
4.6.4 lemborexant Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.6.5 lemborexant Clinical Trials
4.7 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Drug Details
4.7.1 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Current Status
4.7.2 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Drug Overview
4.7.3 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Mechanism of Action
4.7.4 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.7.5 SM-1 (Diphenhydramine+lorazepam+zolpidem) Clinical Trials
4.8 EVT201 Drug Details
4.8.1 EVT201 Current Status
4.8.2 EVT201 Drug Overview
4.8.3 EVT201 Mechanism of Action
4.8.4 EVT201 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.8.5 EVT201 Clinical Trials
4.9 lorediplon Drug Details
4.9.1 lorediplon Current Status
4.9.2 lorediplon Drug Overview
4.9.3 lorediplon Mechanism of Action
4.9.4 lorediplon Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.9.5 lorediplon Clinical Trials
4.10 nemorexant Drug Details
4.10.1 nemorexant Current Status
4.10.2 nemorexant Drug Overview
4.10.3 nemorexant Mechanism of Action
4.10.4 nemorexant Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.10.5 nemorexant Clinical Trials
4.11 IMB-115 Drug Details
4.11.1 IMB-115 Current Status
4.11.2 IMB-115 Drug Overview
4.11.3 IMB-115 Mechanism of Action
4.11.4 IMB-115 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.11.5 IMB-115 Clinical Trials
4.12 lumateperone Drug Details
4.12.1 lumateperone Current Status
4.12.2 lumateperone Drug Overview
4.12.3 lumateperone Mechanism of Action
4.12.4 lumateperone Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.12.5 lumateperone Clinical Trials
4.13 JNJ-48816274 Drug Details
4.13.1 JNJ-48816274 Current Status
4.13.2 JNJ-48816274 Drug Overview
4.13.3 JNJ-48816274 Mechanism of Action
4.13.4 JNJ-48816274 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.13.5 JNJ-48816274 Clinical Trials
4.14 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Drug Details
4.14.1 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Current Status
4.14.2 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Drug Overview
4.14.3 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Mechanism of Action
4.14.4 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.14.5 seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) Clinical Trials
4.15 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Drug Details
4.15.1 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Current Status
4.15.2 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Drug Overview
4.15.3 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Mechanism of Action
4.15.4 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.15.5 CYP1A2 Inducer for Insomnia Clinical Trials
4.16 P005 Drug Details
4.16.1 P005 Current Status
4.16.2 P005 Drug Overview
4.16.3 P005 Mechanism of Action
4.16.4 P005 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.16.5 P005 Clinical Trials
4.17 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Drug Details
4.17.1 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Current Status
4.17.2 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Drug Overview
4.17.3 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Mechanism of Action
4.17.4 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.17.5 piromelatine (Neu-P11) Clinical Trials
4.18 NFX91 Drug Details
4.18.1 NFX91 Current Status
4.18.2 NFX91 Drug Overview
4.18.3 NFX91 Mechanism of Action
4.18.4 NFX91 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.18.5 NFX91 Clinical Trials
4.19 CY18 Drug Details
4.19.1 CY18 Current Status
4.19.2 CY18 Drug Overview
4.19.3 CY18 Mechanism of Action
4.19.4 CY18 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.19.5 CY18 Clinical Trials
4.20 CY20 Drug Details
4.20.1 CY20 Current Status
4.20.2 CY20 Drug Overview
4.20.3 CY20 Mechanism of Action
4.20.4 CY20 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.20.5 CY20 Clinical Trials
4.21 SAGE-217 Drug Details
4.21.1 SAGE-217 Current Status
4.21.2 SAGE-217 Drug Overview
4.21.3 SAGE-217 Mechanism of Action
4.21.4 SAGE-217 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.21.5 SAGE-217 Clinical Trials
4.22 S-117957 Drug Details
4.22.1 S-117957 Current Status
4.22.2 S-117957 Drug Overview
4.22.3 S-117957 Mechanism of Action
4.22.4 S-117957 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.22.5 S-117957 Clinical Trials
4.23 TS-142 Drug Details
4.23.1 TS-142 Current Status
4.23.2 TS-142 Drug Overview
4.23.3 TS-142 Mechanism of Action
4.23.4 TS-142 Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.23.5 TS-142 Clinical Trials
4.24 Zolpidem topical gel Drug Details
4.24.1 Zolpidem topical gel Current Status
4.24.2 Zolpidem topical gel Drug Overview
4.24.3 Zolpidem topical gel Mechanism of Action
4.24.4 Zolpidem topical gel Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.24.5 Zolpidem topical gel Clinical Trials
4.25 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Drug Details
4.25.1 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Current Status
4.25.2 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Drug Overview
4.25.3 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Mechanism of Action
4.25.4 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.25.5 cannabinoid receptors for Insomnia Clinical Trials
4.26 sodium oxybate Drug Details
4.26.1 sodium oxybate Current Status
4.26.2 sodium oxybate Drug Overview
4.26.3 sodium oxybate Mechanism of Action
4.26.4 sodium oxybate Licensing/Collaboration Companies
4.26.5 sodium oxybate Clinical Trials
5. Latest Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation) Pipeline News and Deals
6. Appendix
6.1 Our Databases and Reports
6.2 Research Methodolgy

Companies Mentioned

  • Amherst Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • Biohemp International Inc
  • Cennerv Pharma (S) Pte Ltd
  • Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc
  • Druggability Technologies Holdings Ltd
  • Eisai Co Ltd
  • EUSOL Biotech Co Ltd
  • Evotec AG
  • Grupo Ferrer Internacional SA
  • Idorsia Pharmaceutical Ltd
  • Imbrium Therapeutics
  • Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Linnet BioPharmaceuticals Inc
  • Minerva Neurosciences Inc
  • NB Health Laboratory Co Ltd
  • Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • NeuroFix Therapeutics LLC
  • Overseas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Sage Therapeutics Inc
  • Shionogi & Co Ltd
  • Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd
  • Tritech Biopharmaceuticals Co Ltd
  • Zelda Therapeutics Pty Ltd