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Top 100 Enterprises - Manufacturing of Locks and Hinges in Romania

  • ID: 5182260
  • Report
  • October 2020
  • Region: Romania
  • 310 pages
  • Financial Trends
See the Risk and Performance of the Biggest Companies in the Industry


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  • Danymet Working Srl
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  • Sarsim Cars Srl
What is the Top 100 Enterprises report?
Top 100 Enterprises is a report in which we analyze the biggest 100 companies from each industry in Romania (organized by NACE rev. 2. codes) using data from their balance sheet and P&L account from the last 5 financial years.

3 Models of risk analysis and performance of companies
The publisher created three analytic models similar to the models used by financial institutions to establish risk, for each company present in the report and performed the analysis of financial data from the last 5 years.

Depending on the performance each company obtained a score between 0 - 100 and one of the 5 risk classes (Very high risk -> Very low risk) determining the relative position of the company in the industry and whether the company has improved, maintained or deteriorated in the last year.

How the publisher presents the conclusions
Analysts built the entire report around the idea of transmitting the results of the analysis as efficiently as possible, the report is interactive and easy to navigate.

In order to easily perceive the results, the tables and charts are made especially for each group of indicators analyzed so that the visual presentation blends perfectly with the technical component.

Centralization of performance scores
Analysts combined the results of the 100 companies into two representative dashboards, made specifically to illustrate each element of the risk and performance models and how each indicator analyzed influenced the final score.

Both dashboards focus on the centralized transmission of results and allow for comparative analysis and for a full imagine of the industry.

Top 100 Enterprises gives you a complete image of the largest companies in each industry in Romania with a severe financial analysis recommended for companies that do business in Romania, want to sell their product in Romania, expand their business in Romania, vet a potential partner from Romania or analyze their competition.

*The report includes the financial data from the period 2015-2019 in raw format (xls/csv) used in the processing.
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  • Afoprod Srl
  • Danymet Working Srl
  • Ferodani Srl
  • Mag-Impex Srl
  • Mobi Steel Srl
  • Sarsim Cars Srl
Part I. Companies Score Dashboard

Part II. The Publisher's Benchmark Score Dashboard

Part III. Navigation menu

Part IV. Performance and risk analysis of the 100 companies
  • Key information for each company
  • The Publisher's Trend Score
  • The Publisher's Benchmark Score
  • The Publisher's Financial Score
  • Financial information and financial indicators charts
  • Balance Sheet and P&L Account 2015-2019
  • Efficiency Indicators
  • Profitability Indicators
  • Debt Indicators
  • Evolution over time of financial indicators
  • Comparative evolution of financial indicators
  • Evolution over time of size indicators
Part V. License to use and risk limitation
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


  • Afoprod Srl
  • Al Fer-Crom Design Srl
  • Amazing Home Trend S.R.L.
  • Art Metal Breka S.R.L.
  • Assa Abloy Romania Srl
  • Barbosan Prod Serv Srl
  • Binalia Srl
  • Blacksmith Confex SrlCalinel Trans Srl
  • Carely Els Company S.R.L.
  • Cesrom Srl
  • Cheia Cristflor Srl
  • Cnc Plasma Fence Srl
  • Comerpan Srl
  • Costival Trading Srl
  • Crisanc Impex 2000 Srl
  • Cristymih-Service Srl
  • Danymet Working Srl
  • Dany'S Pro Collection Srl
  • Darmold Srl
  • Dedradalex Srl
  • Duotil Serv Srl
  • Electrocasnice Srl
  • Emiex Srl
  • Expres Service Sancrist Srl
  • Express Key Srl-D
  • Faure Rom Srl
  • Feral Prod Srl
  • Ferexpert Srl
  • Fermob Srl
  • Fero Bonanza Srl
  • Fero Scul Prod Srl
  • Ferochim Srl
  • Ferodani Srl
  • Feromet M Srl
  • Feroneria Prod Sa
  • Fin-As-Pro Srl
  • Flamela Srl
  • Gdk Plus Srl
  • Gokey Co Srl
  • Hammerwork Srl
  • Huzaprod Srl
  • Iamba Arad S.A.
  • Industry-Steel-Corp Srl
  • International Service C & I Srl
  • Iseo Galvanica Srl
  • Kmz69 S.R.L.
  • Koferom Srl
  • Lost Car Keys Srl
  • Maea Servicii Exclusive Srl
  • Mag-Impex Srl
  • Makedstahl Srl
  • Mals Exim Srl
  • Marbo Grup Invest Srl
  • Matriterie La Emil Srl
  • Maxman & Art Srl
  • Mci Inginerie Srl
  • Mecatron Srl
  • Mecfintek Srl
  • Metal Furniture Production 78 Srl-D
  • Metal Plast Srl
  • Miasoft Line Srl
  • Midica Prod S.R.L.
  • Milbo Impex Srl
  • Misorf Srl
  • Mit Cem Trans Srl
  • Mobi Steel Srl
  • Nano Vasy Srl
  • Nidec Service & Components Romania S.A.
  • Nuova Ario Sa
  • Orizont P.M. Srl
  • Otelconf Srl
  • P & P Mixt Srl
  • Padystef Srl
  • Pitco Srl
  • Porti Forjate Srl
  • Pres Peet Srl
  • Princast Srl
  • Procomel Srl
  • Prodmolda Srl
  • Raxit Sys S.R.L.
  • Restar Hardware Srl
  • Sarsim Cars Srl
  • Scule De Filetat Sa
  • Sigma Art Srl
  • St Technik Srl
  • Stahlpres Srl
  • Stanzwerk Ineu Srl
  • Stc Invest Srl
  • Sziferon Srl
  • Tebe Prodimpex Srl
  • Tecwal Srl
  • Trans-Service Srl
  • Trifero Prod Srl
  • Van & Marius Metal Srl-D
  • Verofer Srl
  • Viva Com Srl
  • Wally Junior Srl
  • Ximena Serv Srl
  • Zeta Quattro Srl
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown