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Foundations of Ethics. An Anthology. Edition No. 1. Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies

  • ID: 5224390
  • Book
  • September 2006
  • 516 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
A substantial collection of seminal articles, Foundations of Ethics covers all of the major issues in metaethics.
  • Covers all of the major issues in metaethics including moral metaphysics, epistemology, moral psychology, and philosophy of language.
  • Provides an unparalleled offering of primary sources and expert commentary for students of ethical theory.
  • Includes seminal essays by ethicists such as G.E. Moore, Simon Blackburn, Gilbert Harman, Christine Korsgaard, Michael Smith, Bernard Williams, Jonathan Dancy, and many other leading figures of ethical theory.
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General Introduction. .

Part I: Moral Ontology.

Moral Error Theories. .


1. The Subjectivity of Values (John Mackie).

2. The Myth of Morality (Richard Joyce).

Expressivism. .


3. A Critique of Ethics (A. J. Ayer).

4. How to be an Ethical Anti-Realist (Simon Blackburn).

5. Nondescriptivist Cognitivism: Framework for a New Metaethic (Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons).

6. The Reasons of a Living Being (Allan Gibbard).

Constructivism. .


7. Moral Relativism Defended (Gilbert Harman).

8. The Authority of Reflection (Christine Korsgaard).

9. Ethical Absolutism and the Ideal Observer (Roderick Firth).

10. Contractarian Constructivism (Ronald Milo).

Sensibility Theories. .


11. Values and Secondary Qualities (John McDowell).

12. A Sensible Subjectivism (David Wiggins).

Moral Realism. .


13. How To Be a Moral Realist (Richard Boyd).

14. Moral Realism (Peter Railton).

15. The Authority of Reason (Jean Hampton).

16. Ethics as Philosophy: A Defense of Ethical Nonnaturalism (Russ Shafer-Landau).

Part II: Problems in Metaethics.

Moral Motivation. .


17. The Externalist Challenge (Michael Smith).

18. Externalist Moral Motivation (Nick Zangwill).

19. Virtue as Knowledge: Objections from the Philosophy of Mind (Margaret Olivia Little).

20. Acting for a Good Reason (Jonathan Dancy).

Moral Reasons.


21. Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives (Philippa Foot).

22. Internal and External Reasons (Bernard Williams).

23. Skepticism about Practical Reason (Christine Korsgaard).

24. Moral Reasons (Russ Shafer-Landau).

Moral Explanations. .


25. Ethics and Observation (Gilbert Harman).

26. Moral Explanations (Nicholas L. Sturgeon).

27. Moral Facts as Configuring Causes (Terence Cuneo).

Moral Disagreement.


28. The Nature of Ethical Disagreement (Charles L. Stevenson).

29. Moral Disagreement (David Brink).

Moral Knowledge. .


30. Wide Reflective Equilibrium and Theory Acceptance in Ethics (Norman Daniels).

31. Intuitionism, Pluralism and the Foundations of Ethics (Robert Audi).

32. Seeing as Caring: The Role of Affect in Feminist Moral Epistemology (Margaret Olivia Little).

Moral Supervenience. .


33. Supervenience Revisited (Simon Blackburn).

34. The Supervenience of the Ethical on the Descriptive (Frank Jackson).

Semantic Puzzles. .


35. The Subject-Matter of Ethics (G. E. Moore).

36. Attitudes and Contents (Simon Blackburn).

37. Expressivism and Embedding (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong).

38. New Wave Moral Realism Meets Moral Twin Earth (Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons)

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Russ Shafer-Landau University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Terence Cuneo Calvin College.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown