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50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 5224807
  • Book
  • March 2015
  • 320 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality seeks to dispel commonly accepted myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality, providing an enlightening, fascinating and challenging book that covers the fifty areas the author’s believe individuals must understand to have a safe, pleasurable and healthy sex life.

  • Dispels/Explores commonly accepted myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality
  • Includes comparisons to other countries and cultures exploring different beliefs and how societies can influence perceptions
  • Areas discussed include: pre-marital sex, masturbation, sexual diseases, fantasy, pornography, relationships, contraception,  and emotions such as jealousy, body image insecurity, passionate love and sexual aggression
  • Covers both heterosexual and same-sex relationships
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Preface ix

1 Body Parts

Who Has What and How It Works 1

#1 Bigger Penises Are Better 1

#2 Vaginas Are Dirty, Ugly, and Smell Bad 6

#3 Male Circumcision Is Dangerous and Completely Unnecessary 14

#4 The G-spot Is the Most Orgasmic Part of a Woman’s Body 22

#5 Testosterone Is the Main Predictor of Sex Drive in Men, and You Can Always Add More 26

#6 Everyone Is Born Either Male or Female 31

2 Orientation and Identity

Who We Are and Who We Want 41

#7 You Can Tell If Someone Is Gay Just by Looking at Him/Her 41

#8 No One Is Really Bisexual 44

#9 Most Transgender Individuals Get Surgery 49

#10 Homosexuality Can Be Cured 55

#11 Same-Sex Relationships Are Inherently Different from Those Between One Man and One Woman 64

#12 Children of Same-Sex Parents Have Psychological Issues and Usually End Up Gay 69

#13 Most Child Molesters Are Gay Men 77

3 Sexual Stats

Who Has Sex? How Often? How Hot? 83

#14 Single People Have the Best Sex Life Since They’re Not Tied Down 83

#15 Married Sex Is Boring, and Boring Sex Is Bad 87

#16 Grandma Doesn’t Have Sex (and I Doubt that Mom Does Either) 91

#17 Young People Are Sexually Wild, Promiscuous, and Irresponsible 97

#18 Anal Sex is Not Normal 102

4 Performance

Lights, Camera, Orgasm 110

#19 The First Time You Have Sex Is One of the Best and Most Meaningful Events of Your Life 110

#20 Good Sex Always Ends With Simultaneous Orgasms 117

#21 No Partner of Mine Has Ever Faked an Orgasm 123

#22 Women Want to Be Dominated in Bed, Rough Sex Is the Most Fun 126

#23 Only People Who Aren’t Getting Any Masturbate 129

#24 Not Horny? Horny Goat Weed Can Help 132

5 Conception and Contraception

Illusions and Delusions 137

#25 She’s Not Going to Get Pregnant if We Just Do It This Once 137

#26 The Pill and Other Birth Control Methods are Actually Dangerous to a Woman’s Health 141

#27 Withdrawal Is Just as Good as Any Other Contraceptive Method 151

#28 Condoms Don’t Work Very Well, Plus They Take All the Fun Out of Sex Anyway 156

#29 Abortion Causes Breast Cancer and a Host of Mental Health Issues 162

6 STIs and Protection

The Risks of Romance 167

#30 There’s a Cure for HIV and AIDS 167

#31 STIs Are No Big Deal as Long as You Take Your Medicine 174

#32 HPV Vaccines (and Other Prevention Methods) Turn Girls into Sluts 183

7 Relationships

Dating and Desire 190

#33 Hooking Up Never Leads to a Relationship 190

#34 If You Feel Attracted to Someone Else, There Must Be Something Wrong With Your Relationship 194

#35 Most Female Fantasies Revolve Around a Love Story 196

#36 Men Cheat, Women Rarely Do 203

#37 Most Couples have Matched Sexual Appetites 211

8 When Sex is Unhealthy

Sex and Trouble 216

#38 Jealousy Is Romantic 216

#39 Alcohol Makes Sex Better 220

#40 Alcohol and Sex Are a Harmless Combination 225

#41 For Girls, Sometimes Sex Just Hurts 229

#42 Men Under 40 Rarely Have Trouble With Erections 234

#43 People Can Get Addicted to Sex, Just Like They’re Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs 241

#44 She Was Asking For It, and Other Common Myths About Sexual Assault 248

#45 Pornography Is Dangerous 253

9 The Not-So-Private Side of Sex

Sex, Society, and the Law 262

#46 Sex Education Makes Kids More Sexually Active 262

#47 Men Who Have a Lot of Sex Are Studs, Women Are Sluts 270

#48 Sexting is a Dangerous Epidemic Among Teens 276

#49 If Sex Is Consensual, It Can Never Be Illegal 283

#50 The Struggle for Gay Rights Is Over 292

Index 301

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Pepper Schwartz University of Washington, USA.

Martha Kempner
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown