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SleepWell: Adult Medicine, Vol. 1. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 5225430
  • Book
  • January 2003
  • 125 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Is worrying keeping you awake at night? Now you can sleep well before the Boards by using the breakthrough new SleepWell Review Series. Written by faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina, this series was developed to provide a review of vital content likely to be covered on certification exams and Steps 2 and 3 of the USMLE. Short case-based learning followed by discussion allows for a quick reminder of key content.

Perfect for medical students -- physician assistants, nurse practitioners and related health professionals will also find SleepWell valuable.

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Section 1: Cardiology.

1: Angina at rest – Robert M. Malanuk, MD.

2: Hypertensive heart disease – David E. Wood, MD.

3: Chest pain in the emergency room – J. Lacy Sturdivant, MD.

4: An unusual cause of syncope – Robert M. Malanuk, MD.

5: Symptomatic valvular disease – Arthur T. Siachos, MD.

6: Evaluation of syncope, indications for cardiac pacing – William A. Jackson, MD.

7: Evaluation of palpitations – William A. Jackson, MD.

8: Therapy for congestive heart failure – Anne M. Hauet, MD.

9: Preoperative cardiac evaluation – David E. Wood, MD.

10: A complication of myocardial infarction – J. Lacy Sturdivant, MD.

11: Treatment of hyperlipidemia – Robert M. Malanuk, MD.

12: Valvular disease in the elderly – Arthur T. Siachos, MD.

13: Congenital heart disease in an asymptomatic adult – William A. Jackson, MD.

14: Risk stratification after myocardial infarction – J. Lacy Sturdivant, MD.

15: Evaluation of chest pain – Robert M. Malanuk, MD.

16: Heart failure management and evaluation – Anne M. Hauet, MD.

17: Heart disease with cyanosis – David E. Wood, MD.

18: A common arrhythmia – William A. Jackson, MD.

19: A man with dyspnea and a diastolic murmur – Arthur T. Siachos, MD.

20: Management of myocardial infarction – J. Lacy Sturdivant, MD.

21: Management of heart failure evaluation – Anne M. Hauet, MD.

22: Arrhythmia related to drug therapy – William A. Jackson, MD.

23: A new murmur after myocardial infarction – Arthur T. Siachos, MD.

24: A complication of inferior myocardial infarction – Lacy Sturdivent, MD.

25: Unstable angina – Robert M. Malanuk, MD.

26: Management of new congestive heart failure – Anne M. Hauet, MD.

Section 2: Internal Medicine.

27: Chest Pain and Facial Rash – Keith A. Frick, MD.

28: Progressive Knee Pain – Glenn C. Douglas, MD.

29: Stiffness and Wrist Swelling – Glenn C. Douglas, MD.

30: Left Knee Pain – Keith A. Frick, MD.

31: Bilateral Shoulder Pain and Stiffness – Keith A. Frick, MD.

32: Proximal Muscle Weakness – Keith A. Frick, MD.

33: Lethargy in a Heavy Smoker – Jeremy Soule, MD.

34: My Sister Broke Her Hip – Jeremy Soule, MD.

35: A Diabetic with No Complaints – Jeremy Soule, MD.

36: Abdominal Pain and Lethargy – Greg Moffitt, MD.

37: Palpitations – Greg Moffitt, MD.

38: Fatigue and Weight Gain – Greg Moffitt, MD.

39: Refractory Hypotension – Jeremy Soule, MD.

40: Fatigue and Weight Gain – Jeremy Soule, MD.

41: Fever, Myalgias and a Sore Throat – Jessica Wells, MD.

42: Adult Immunization – Pamela Pride, MD.

43: Fever, Malaise and Sore Throat – Sam G. Dozier, MD.

44: Fever in a Splenectomized Patient – Sam G. Dozier, MD.

45: Antibiotic Resistance in a Hospitalized Patient – Pamela Pride, MD.

46: Fever and Headache after a Hiking Trip – Jessica Wells, MD.

47: Persistent Fever in a Patient with a Heart Murmur – Jessica Wells, MD.

48: Fever and Shaking Chills – Jessica Wells, MD.

49: Fatigue and Dyspnea in an HIV Patient – Jessica Wells, MD.

50: Pulmonary Infiltrates in an ICU Patient – Jessica Wells, MD.

51: Fever and Night Sweats – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

52: Shortness of Breath and Pleuritic Chest Pain – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

53: Malaise, Weight Loss and a Pleural Effusion – Kevin M. Dineen, MD.

54: A Case of Hemoptysis – Kevin M. Dineen, MD.

55: Wheezing and Shortness of Breath – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

56: Dyspnea on Exertion in a Chronic Smoker – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

57. Daytime Hypersomnolence – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

58: Chronic Cough with Lower Extremity Skin Lesions – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

59: Progressive Dyspnea and Cough – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

60: Hypotension in an Intubated Asthmatic Patient – J. Terrill Huggins, MD.

61: Appropriate Blood Pressure Control – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

62: Worsening Hypertension in a Heavy Smoker – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

63: Hyponatremia in a Depressed Patient – William Ward, MD.

64: Hyperkalemia in a Trauma Patient – William Ward, MD.

65: Nausea and Vomiting in an Alcoholic Patient – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

66: Hyperkalemia and Acidosis – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

67: Elevated Creatinine in an Acutely Ill Patient – William Ward, MD.

68: Confusion and Dark Colored Urine – Eni Okonofua, MBBS.

69: Acute Renal Insufficiency in a Patient with Cellulitis – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

70: Acute Renal Insufficiency and Pulmonary Edema – William Ward, MD.

71: Nephrotic Syndrome – Eni Okonofua, MBBS.

72: Gnawing Epigastric Pain – Patrick F. Reilly, MD.

73: Chronic Cough and Wheezing – J. David Bohler, DVM, MD.

74: Difficulty Swallowing – David A. Sabol, MD.

75: Abdominal Discomfort Relieved with Defecation – David A. Sabol, MD.

76: A Young Woman with Chronic Diarrhea – J. David Bohler, DVM, MD.

77: Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea and Weight Loss – Patrick F. Reilly, MD.

78: Severe Abdominal Pain with Nausea and Vomiting – David A. Sabol, MD.

79: Shortness of Breath, Edema and New Onset Diabetes – Patrick F. Reilly, MD.

80. Altered Mental Status in a Cirrhotic Patient – David A. Sabol, MD.

81: Jaundice – J. David Bohler, DVM, MD.

82: Abnormal Transaminases in an Asymptomatic Patient – J. David Bohler, DVM, MD.

83: Anemia in a Patient with a Prosthetic Heart Valve – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

84: Macrocytosis and Absent Lower Extremity Deep Tendon Reflexes – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

85: Marked Thrombocytopenia – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD and Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

86: Confusion, Fatigue and Petechiae – Drs. Gretchen Labarowski and Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

87: Left Lower Extremity Swelling and Chest Pain – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

88: Marked Fatigue and Back Pain – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD & Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

89: Mild Fatigue with Lymphocytosis – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

90: Fatigue with Splenomegaly – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD & Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

91: Fatigue and Bleeding Gums - Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

92: Supraclavicular Adenopathy and Night Sweats – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

93: Mild Fatigue and Adenopathy – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

94: A Changing Mole – Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

95: A Young Man with Occult Blood in His Stool – Benjamin Clyburn, MD & Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

96: Weight Loss and Nonproductive Cough – Benjamin Clyburn, MD & Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

97: Nocturia and an Elevated PSA – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD& Benjamin Clyburn, MD.

98: An Asymptomatic Breast Nodule – Gretchen M. Labarowski, MD.

99: End of Life Care – Michael A. Smith, MD.

100: Evaluating a New Diagnostic Test – Michael A. Smith, MD

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Benjamin Clyburn Department of Medicine Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina.

George Taylor Professor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown