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Race, Ethnicity, and Health. A Public Health Reader. Edition No. 2. Public Health/Vulnerable Populations

  • ID: 5225525
  • Book
  • November 2012
  • 848 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Race, Ethnicity and Health, Second Edition, is a new and critical selection of hallmark articles that address health disparities in America. It effectively documents the need for equal treatment and equal health status for minorities. Intended as a resource for faculty and students in public health as well as the social sciences, it will be also be valuable to public health administrators and frontline staff who serve diverse racial and ethnic populations. The book brings together the best peer reviewed research literature from the leading scholars and faculty in this growing field, providing a historical and political context for the study of health, race, and ethnicity, with key findings on disparities in access, use, and quality. This volume also examines the role of health care providers in health disparities and discusses the issue of matching patients and doctors by race.

There has been considerable new research since the original manuscript’s preparation in 2001 and publication in 2002, and reflecting this, more than half the book is new content.  New chapters cover: reflections on demographic changes in the US based on the current census; metrics and nomenclature for disparities; theories of genetic basis for disparities; the built environment; residential segregation; environmental health; occupational health; health disparities in integrated communities; Latino health; Asian populations; stress and health; physician/patient relationships; hospital treatment of minorities; the slavery hypertension hypothesis; geographic disparities; and intervention design.

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The Editors xv

The Authors xvii

Introduction: The Ethnic Demographic Transition 1
Thomas A. LaVeist

Chapter 1 Defining Health and Health Care Disparities and Examining Disparities Across the Life Span 11
Lydia A. Isaac

Part 1 Historical and Political Considerations

Chapter 2 The Color Line: Race Matters in the Elimination of Health Disparities 35
Stephen B. Thomas

Chapter 3 Health Care Disparities - Science, Politics, and Race 41
M. Gregg Bloche

Part 2 Conceptualizing Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 4 Why Genes Don’t Count (for Racial Differences in Health) 49
Alan H. Goodman

Chapter 5 Using “Socially Assigned Race” to Probe White Advantages in Health Status 57
Camara Phyllis Jones, Benedict I. Truman, Laurie D. Elam-Evans, Camille A. Jones, Clara Y. Jones, Ruth Jiles, Susan F. Rumisha, Geraldine S. Perry

Part 3 Explaining Racial and Ethnic Disparities Psychosocial and Individual-Level Determinants 77

Chapter 6 Racism as a Stressor for African Americans: A Biopsychosocial Model 79
Rodney Clark, Norman B. Anderson, Vernessa R. Clark, David R. Williams

Chapter 7 A Systematic Review of Empirical Research on Self-Reported Racism and Health 105
Yin Paradies

Chapter 8 Stress, Coping, and Health Outcomes among African-Americans: A Review of the John Henryism Hypothesis 139
Gary G. Bennett, Marcellus M. Merritt, John J. Sollers III, Christopher L. Edwards, Keith E. Whitfi eld, Dwayne T. Brandon, Reginald D. Tucker-Seeley

Chapter 9 Race and Unhealthy Behaviors: Chronic Stress, the HPA Axis, and Physical and Mental Health Disparities over the Life Course 159
James S. Jackson, Katherine M. Knight, Jane A. Rafferty

Chapter 10 Epigenetics and the Embodiment of Race: Developmental Origins of U.S. Racial Disparities in Cardiovascular Health 175
Christopher W. Kuzawa, Elizabeth Sweet

The Effects of Culture 213

Chapter 11 Acculturation and Latino Health in the United States: A Review of the Literature and Its Sociopolitical Context 215
Marielena Lara, Cristina Gamboa, M. Iya Kahramanian, Leo S. Morales, David E. Hayes Bautista

Chapter 12 Measuring Culture: A Critical Review of Acculturation and Health in Asian Immigrant Populations 253
Talya Salant, Diane S. Lauderdale

Chapter 13 Racial Influences Associated with Weight-Related Beliefs in African American and Caucasian Women 291
Christie Z. Malpede, Lori F. Greene, Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, Wendy K. Jefferson, Richard M. Shewchuk, Monica L. Baskin, Jamy D. Ard

Chapter 14 Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Differences Between U.S.- and Foreign-Born Women in Major U.S. Racial and Ethnic Groups 303
Gopal K. Singh, Stella M. Yu

Social Determinants 321

Chapter 15 Levels of Racism: A Theoretic Framework and a Gardener’s Tale 323
Camara Phyllis Jones

Chapter 16 Racial Residential Segregation: A Fundamental Cause of Racial Disparities in Health 331
David R. Williams, Chiquita Collins

Chapter 17 Life Course Theories of Race Disparities: A Comparison of the Cumulative Dis/Advantage Theory Perspective and the Weathering Hypothesis 355
Roland J. Thorpe Jr., Jessica A. Kelley-Moore

Chapter 18 U.S. Socioeconomic and Racial Differences in Health: Patterns and Explanations 375
David R. Williams, Chiquita Collins

Chapter 19 Exploring Health Disparities in Integrated Communities 419
Thomas A. LaVeist

Environmental Determinants 437

Chapter 20 Race/Ethnicity, the Social Environment, and Health 439
Marsha Lillie-Blanton, Thomas A. LaVeist

Chapter 21 Built Environments and Obesity in Disadvantaged Populations 455
Gina S. Lovasi, Malo A. Hutson, Monica Guerra, Kathryn M. Neckerman

Chapter 22 Health Risk and Inequitable Distribution of Liquor Stores in African American Neighborhoods 485
Thomas A. LaVeist, John M. Wallace Jr.

Chapter 23 Environmental Health Disparities: A Framework Integrating Psychosocial and Environmental Concepts 493
Gilbert C. Gee, Devon C. Payne-Sturges

Chapter 24 Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Scientifi c Evidence, Methods, and Research Implications for Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Occupational Health 523
Linda Rae Murray

Part 4 Health Services and Health System Effects Patients 539

Chapter 25 Attitudes About Racism, Medical Mistrust, and Satisfaction with Care Among African American and White Cardiac Patients 541
Thomas A. LaVeist, Kim J. Nickerson, Janice V. Bowie

Chapter 26 The Legacy of Tuskegee and Trust in Medical Care: Is Tuskegee Responsible for Race Differences in Mistrust of Medical Care? 557
Dwayne T. Brandon, Lydia A. Isaac, Thomas A. LaVeist

Chapter 27 Patient Race/Ethnicity and Quality of Patient–Physician Communication during Medical Visits 569
Rachel L. Johnson, Debra Roter, Neil R. Powe, Lisa A. Cooper

Providers 587

Chapter 28 Implicit Bias among Physicians and Its Prediction of Thrombolysis Decisions for Black and White Patients 589
Alexander R. Green, Dana R. Carney, Daniel J. Pallin, Long H. Ngo, Kristal L. Raymond, Lisa I. Iezzoni, Mahzarin R. Banaji

Chapter 29 The Effect of Patient Race and Socio-Economic Status on Physicians’ Perceptions of Patients 607
Michelle van Ryn, Jane Burke

Chapter 30 Ethnicity and Analgesic Practice 637
Knox H. Todd, Christi Deaton, Anne P. D’Adamo, Leon Goe

Chapter 31 The Effect of Race and Sex on Physicians’ Recommendations for Cardiac Catheterization 647
Kevin A. Schulman, Jesse A. Berlin, William Harless, Jon F. Kerner, Shyrl Sistrunk, Bernard J. Gersh, Ross Dubé, Christopher K. Taleghani, Jennifer E. Burke, Sankey Williams, John M. Eisenberg, José J. Escarce

System 665

Chapter 32 Advancing Health Disparities Research within the Health Care System: A Conceptual Framework 667
Amy M. Kilbourne, Galen Switzer, Kelly Hyman, Megan Crowley-Matoka, Michael J. Fine

Chapter 33 Linking Cultural Competence Training to Improved Health Outcomes: Perspectives from the Field 689
Joseph R. Betancourt, Alexander R. Green

Chapter 34 “We Don’t Carry That” - Failure of Pharmacies in Predominantly Nonwhite Neighborhoods to Stock Opioid Analgesics 697
R. Sean Morrison, Sylvan Wallenstein, Dana K. Natale, Richard S. Senzel, Lo-Li Huang

Chapter 35 Do Hospitals Provide Lower-Quality Care to Minorities than to Whites? 707
Darrell J. Gaskin, Christine S. Spencer, Patrick Richard, Gerard F. Anderson, Neil R. Powe, Thomas A. LaVeist

Part 5 Health Disparities Solutions

Chapter 36 Linking Science and Policy through Community-Based Participatory Research to Study and Address Health Disparities 723
Meredith Minkler

Chapter 37 The National Health Plan Collaborative to Reduce Disparities and Improve Quality 741
Nicole Lurie, Allen Fremont, Stephen A. Somers, Kathryn Coltin, Andrea Gelzer, Rhonda Johnson, Wayne Rawlins, Grace Ting, Winston Wong, Donna Zimmerman

Chapter 38 Interventions to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care 761
Marshall H. Chin, Amy E. Walters, Scott C. Cook, Elbert S. Huang

Index 787

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Thomas A. LaVeist
Lydia A. Isaac
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown