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Food for Health in the Pacific Rim. Third Interational Conference of Food Science and Technology. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 5227022
  • Book
  • February 2005
  • 611 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
There are 71 chapters in the book and authors from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and the United States. The chapters are arranged under seven sections, which include General Topics in Food Science and Technology; Food Processing and Engineering; Antioxidants in Foods; Nutrition and Food Science; Food Safety; Sensory Science of Foods; and Food Biotechnology.

Many of the chapters are exceptional in the quality and depth of science and state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques used in the experimentation. There is literally a gold mine of new information available in this book, not only for healthful foods for the Pacific Rim but for many other areas as well.

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Session I. General Food Science and Technology

1. Application of a Graphic Global Optimization for Protein Modification 1
Shuryo Nakai Jinglie Dou and Soichiro Nakamura

2. Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics of forage-Based Beef 12
G.K. Fukumoto Y.S. Kim K.H. Kim and H. Ako

3. Quantitative Aspect for Effect of Lipid Hydroperoxides on Fish Myofibrillar Protein 22
Tooru Ooizumi

4. High Fischer Ratio Peptide Mixture 29
Wenying Gu and Mei Wang

5. Sds-Page in Tris-Glycine Buffer for Separation of Proteins of Low Molecular Weight 33
Ping-Fan Rao Ru-Ming Chen Li Ni Jian-Cai Li Shu-Tao Liu Rong-Zhen Zhang Bi-Hong Shi Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Quiang Zheng and Wen-Hong Gao

6. Isolation and Characterization of Peptides With Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity From Vinegar Egg tonic 39
Shu-Tao Liu Fang Fan Long Li Rong-Zhen Zhang Ru-Ming Chen Bi-Hong Shi Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng Wen-Hong Gao and Ping-Fan Rao

7. Discussion on The Multifunctional Conversion of Dietary Fiber 46
Jianxian Zheng and Xiaolin Ding

8. The Carbohydrate Composition of Cotyledons and Hulls of Three Chinese Indigenous Legume Seeds 52
Peter C.K. Cheung and Chi-Fai Chau

9. Culture of Dioscorea Alata L. Var. Purpurea M. Pouch 59
Ming C. Wen Lir-Wan Fan and Tien-Ken Hsu

10. “Efficient Economic and Clean” Ethanol Production 68
Guiyang Shi Lixin Zhang and Kechang Zhang

11. Effect of A-tocopherol on Lipoxygenase-Catalyzed Oxidation of Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids 76
Bonnie Sun Pan Hsiu-Hua Hsu Susan Chen and Hua-Ming Chen

12. Application of Diphasic Dialysis Extraction in Ethyl Carbamate Analysis 86
Fuu Sheu and Yuan-toy Shyu

13. Molecular Basis of Alcoholic Aroma formation During Tea Processing 93
Kanzo Sakata Naoharu Watanabe and Taiichi Usui

14. Inhibitory Mechanisms of Human Platelet Aggregation by onion and Garlic 106
Yasujiro Morimitsu S. Kawakishi and T. Osawa

15. Platelet Aggregation Inhibitory Activity of Vinyldithuns and Their Derivatives From Japanese Domestic Allium (A. Victorialis) 114
Hiroyuki Nishimura C. Hanny Wijaya Atsushi Satoh and toyohiko Ariga

16. Cancer Preventive Phytochemicals From Tropical Zingiberaceae Akira Murakami Yoshimasa Nakamura 125
Yoshimi Ohto Takuji Tanaka Hiroki Makita Koichi Koshimizu and Hajime Ohigashi

Session II. Food Engineering and Processing

17. High Pressure Preserved Foods: Commercial Development Challenges 134
Daniel F. Farkas

18. High Pressure-Texturized Products From Frozen Surimi and Sardine Lipid 140
Yasuhiro Funatsu Yukako Nabeshima-Lto Ken-Ichi Kawasaki and Kunihiko Samejima

19. Rheological Properties and Microstructure of Monodispersed O/W Emulsion Gel 149
S. Gohtani K.H. Kim and Y. Yamano

20. Study of Preserving Selenium in Several Vegetables Under Various Dehydrating Methods 155
M. Zhang X.L. Ding P.H. Lu H.K. Zhu and J.M. Chen

21. Rheology of Clarified Kiwefruit Juices 163
Yanqun Li and Shiwang She

22. Fermentation Technology for The Production of High-Value Food Additives 170
Feng Chen

23. Studies on Bioactive Compounds Production by Submerged Fermentation of Genoderma Lucidum 178
Pingzuo Li Rou Xu and Kechang Zhang

24. Pigmental Improvement of Green Vegetables by Controlling Free Radicals During Heat Dehydration 185
Min Zhang Xiaolin Ding Zhengbiao Gu and Chunli Li

25. Application of Ultrasonication to Speed Up Process of Salted Duck Egg Production 192

Jin-Ming Guo Shu-Tao Liu Yu-Qiang Zheng Rong-Zheng Zhang Jian-Cai Li Ru-Ming Chen Long Li Bi-Hong Shi Wen-Hong Gao Gong-Rui Chen and Ping-Fan Rao

26. An Improved Method of Cholesterol Determination in Egg Yolk by HPLC 198
Rong-Zhen Zhang Long Li Jian-Cai Li Shu-Tao Liu Ru-Ming Chen Bi-Hong Shi Wen-Hong Gao Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng and Ping-Fan Rao

27. Purification of Peroxidase from Frozen Vegetable Plant Wastes and Regional Vegetables Using Reverse Micelles 206
Ofelia Perez Arvizu Blanca E. Garcia and Carlos Regalado

28. Preparation of Breadcrumb by Extrusion 216
Z.Y. Jin X.M. Xu B. Clough A. Fuller and S. Alcock

Session III. Antioxidants in Foods

29. Antioxidant Activity of North American Ginseng 232
David D. Kitts Chun Hu and Arosha N. Wijewickreme

30. Antioxidative Activity and Mechanism of Isolated Components From Flowers of Delonix Regia 243
Jeng-De Su and Chang-Teng Fan

31. Absorption Metabolism and Antioxidant Effects of Tea Catechin in Humans 253
Teruo Miyazawa and Kiyotaka Nakagawa

32. Studies on The Antioxidative Activity of Tea Seed Oil 261
Zheng Hui Zhao Xiuping Qian and Hong Jiang Wang

33. The Bio-Antioxidative Acitvity of Functional Factors in Bamboo Leaves 266
Ying Zhang and Xiaolin Ding

34. Multiple Antioxidants Protect Against Lipid Peroxidation and Diseases 274
Al Tappel

Session IV. Nutrition and Food Science

35. Nutritional Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Health in The Pacific Rim 281
Janet C. King

36. Nutritional Enhancement of Asian Wheat Products by Starch and Protein Supplementation 284
Harold Corke Feliciano P. Bejosano and Lilia S. Collado

37. Bioactive Peptides in Milk and Their Biological and Health Implications 291
Ruo-Jun Xu

38. Attempts to Reduce Fat and Cholesterol in Australian Foods 302
F. Sherkat M. Pantella Tv. Huang D. Eng and J. Wilson

39. Plasma and Tissue Lipid Differences and Susceptibility to Oxidation in Hypertensive Rats Fed Saturated and Polyunsaturated Dietary Fats 314
Elisa Girardelli Pinto Novais and David D. Kitts

40. Hypocholesterolemic Effect of The Insoluble Fraction of tofuru As A Dietetic Supplement 330
Ping-Fan Rao Rong-Zhen Zhang Long Li Jian-Cai Li Hong Fu Shu-Tao Liu Ru-Ming Chen Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng Bi-Hong Shi and Wen-Hong Gao

41. Food Proteins and Peptides Presenting Specific Protection to Human Health (A Review) 335
Valdemiro C. Sgarbieri

42. An Efficient Production of Dfa M and Its Potential Utility As A Physiologically Functional Food 353
Fusao tomita Atsushi Yokota Takanori Kasai Hiroshi Hara and Kouji Sayama

43. Hplc Determination of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Activity on toyopearl Hw-40s Column 363
Gong-Rui Chen Shu-Tao Liu Bi-Hong Shi Rong-Zhen Zhang Jian-Cai Li Ru-Ming Chen Long Li Wen-Hong Gao Tian-Bao Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng and Ping-Fan Rao

44. A Study of Proteins in Pidan (Chinese Eggs) 371
Rong-Zhen Zhang Shu-Tao Liu Long Li Ru-Ming Chen Bi-Hong Shi Wen-Hong Gao Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng and Ping-Fan Rao

45. HPLC Determination of Cholic Acid Binding to Proteins on TSK G3000SW Column 378
Yu-Qiang Zheng Long Li Li Ni Jian-Cai Li Rong-Zhen Zhang Shu-Tao Liu Ru-Ming Chen Bi-Hong Shi Wen-Hong Gao Gong-Rui Chen and Ping-Fan Rao

46. Improved Methods for The Separation and Purification of Immunoglobulin From Egg Yolk by Filtration and one Step Anion-Exchange Chromatography 384
Jian-Cai Li Tian-Bao Chen Rong-Zhen Zhang Ru-Ming Chen Long Li and Ping-Fan Rao

47. Isolation and Characterization of A Protease From Chinese Fish Sauce Material 391
Engraulis Japonicus Chun-Jian Huang Shao-Yun Wang Hong Fu Jian-Cai Li Shu-Tao Liu Rong-Zheng Zhang Ru-Ming Chen Long Li and Ping-Fan Rao

48. Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Antelope Horn Keratin and Its Tryptic Hydrolysate 398
Long Li Wen Wang Bi-Hong Shi Jian-Cai Li Rong-Zhen Zhang Shu-Tao Liu Ru-Ming Chen Wen-Hong Gao Gong-Rui Chen Yu-Qiang Zheng and Ping-Fan Rao

49. Chemical Composition of Bovine Colostrum 405
Gruo Ben Heng

50. Development of A Water-Soluble Carboxymethyl- /3-(L-*3)-Glucan Derived From Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 412
Xiao Lin Ding and Miao Wang

51. The Hemagglutinating and Cytotoxic Activities of Extracts From Mexican Legumes on Human Tumor Cells 420
Nuria Rocha Luis A. Salazar-Olivo Fikrat Abdullaev and Elvira Gonzalez De Mejia

52. Preliminary Analysis of Crystallization Conditions of Gamma Conglutin of Lupin Alma L. Martinez-Ayala 427
Alexander Mcpherson Octavio Paredes-Lopez and Gloria S. Davila-Ortiz

53. Enzymatic Conversion of Cellulosic Materials in A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor With An Ultrafiltration Membrane 433
Honshu Ding Elena Vlasenko Charles Shoemaker and Sharon Shoemaker

Session V. Food Safety

54. Utilization of Ca and Zn in Metal Proteinate Metal Amino Acid Complexes and Inorganic Salts for Rats 446
Xiaoming Zhang Xinghua Yuan and Kechang Zhang

55. Viruses and Parasites in The U.S. Food and Water Supply 452
Dean O. Cliver

56. Development and Use of Molecular Diagnostic Techniques for The Detection and Subtyping of Food Pathogens 457
Hau-Yang Tsen

57. Paradox of Food Safety: Microbial Hazards 468
Mary Y. Wang and B.S. Luh

58. Consumer Food Safety Concerns: Acceptance of New Technologies That Enhance Food Safety 476
Christine M. Bruhn

Session VI. Sensory Science and Acceptability

59. Consumer Preference Groups - Measurement Implications and Challenges 482
Joel L. Sidel Herbert Stone Heather Thomas and Howard G. Schutz

60. Neurobiology and Psychophysics of Oral Irritation 491
E. Carstens

61. Data Collection and Analysis Methods for Consumer Testing 504
Jean-Xavier Guinard

62. Sensory Properties of Fruits and Vegetables 517
Diane M. Barrett Elba Cubero Irene Luna-Guzman Charlene Wee and Jean Xavier Guinard

63. Effect of Processing on Texture and Sensory Quality of Frozen Precooked Rice 528
M.T. Yan and B.S. Luh

Session VII. Biotechnology of Foods

64. Enhancing The Biosynthesis of Endogenous Methionine-Rich Proteins (Mrp) to Improve The Protein Quality of Legumes Via Genetic Engineering 540
Alfredo F. Galvez M. Jamela Revilleza Benito O. De Lumen and Deanne C. Krenz

65. Genes Differentially Expressed During Fruit Body Development of Shitake Mushroom Lentinula Edodes 553
G.S.W. Leung M. Zhang W.J. Xie and H.S. Kwan

66. Transgenic Approach to Improve Protein Starch and Taste Quality of Food Plants Samuel S.M. Sun 560
Ming-Li Wang Helen M. Tu Wei-Neng Zuo Liwen Xiong and M.C. Cheng

67. Effect of Microbial Transglutaminase Enzyme on Kamaboko Gel formation and Cross-Linking Reaction of Myosin Heavy Chains 564
Kosaku Yasunaga Masakatsu Yamazawa Yoichi Abe and Ken-Ichi Arai

68. Phenolics: Their Impacts on Proteolytic Activity 571
Rashda Ali and Shahina Naz

69. Characterization of Lipase and Its Application in Defatting of Fish 580
Qiaoqin Shi Yi Zheng Jianzhong Huang and Song-Gang Wu

70. Flavor Ester Synthesis by Microbial Lipases in Non-Aqueous Phase 587
Xu Yan and Chang Kechang

71. Studies of The Fermentation Properties of The Lipid-Producing Microorganism - Mortierella Isabelina M-01s 593
Song-Gang Wu Jianzhong Huang Xiao-Lan Zhou Yao-Xin Lin Bi-Feng Xie and Qiao-Qin Shi

Subject Index 601

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
John R. Whitaker
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown