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Invasive Alien Species. Observations and Issues from Around the World. Edition No. 1

  • Book
  • 1488 Pages
  • May 2021
  • Region: Global
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 5240472

Invasive Alien Species: Observations and Issues from Around the World

Volume 1: Issues and Invasions in Africa

Invasive alien species are spreading into new ecosystems each year. The impacts caused by these invaders can be swift and devastating. The topic of invasive alien species is large, complex, and globally significant at various scales, exacerbated by the globalization of world economies and increased trade and commerce that has overcome natural barriers to species movement. Invasive alien species threaten global food supplies, water quality and availability, and energy production and delivery. With the added risks associated with global climate change, the global homogenization of plants, animals, and microbes is a major factor in the decline in ecosystem health and ecosystem services worldwide. To counter this trend, there is a critical need to unify governments, cultures, and programs to improve cross-boundary coordination to effectively address the wide range of invasive alien species threats to the environment, economies, and to plant and animal health; particularly human health.

This 4-volume work is the first to compile a set of useful material for key topics, to provide a better understanding of the overall global threat of invasive alien species and the diverse array of problems faced around the world, and assemble material that includes potential replicable solutions to overcome these threats. The books also highlight the threat posed by invasive alien species in terms of a global ‘call to action’. Since invasive species know no boundaries, it is our hope that by compiling material from different scientific and social perspectives around the world, and sharing knowledge and examples of a diverse array of associated topics, we can advance global awareness and improve unified national responses to the threat posed by invasive alien species.

Table of Contents

Volume One

List of Contributors xi

1            Invasive Alien Species: A Prodigious Global Threat in the Anthropocene 1

Michael R. Ielmini and K.V. Sankaran

2            Reproductive Traits That Foster the Invasion of Four Alien Plant Species in Botswana 80

Demel Teketay, Thabo Mafote, Kamogelo K. Puodipe, Pauline B. Mompati,
Neo Nkoborwane, Thembinkosi Mathowa, and Witness Mojeremane

3            The Worst Invasive Species to Egypt 112

Wafaa M. Amer

4            Status, Trends, and Scenarios of Invasive Alien Species in Gabon 139

Jean Bruno Mikissa, Aurelie Flore Koumba Pambo, Emmanuel Bayani Ngoyi,
Kathryn J. Jeffery, Lee White, and Katharine Abernethy

5            Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of Ghana 145

Michael Kwabena Osei, Kofi Frimpong-Anin, Joseph Adjebeng-Danquah,
Benedicta Nsiah Frimpong, and Joseph Adomako

6            Invasive Alien Species in Libya 173

Mohammed H. Mahklouf  and Esmail A. Shakman

7            Elements for Reflection on Primary Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Morocco: Actual and Potential Impacts 196

Mohamed Menioui

8            Invasive Alien Species of Sierra Leone 242

Prince E. Norman, Jonathan Johnny, Sheku K. Moiforay, and Yvonne S.G.E. Norman

9            Alien Invasive Species in Tanzania 263

John K. Bukombe, Ally K. Nkwabi, Lazaro J. Mangewa, Emmanuel A. Sweke,
Pius Y. Kavana, Steven D. Liseki, and Hamza H. Kija

10          Invasive Alien Species in Togo (West Africa) 291

Kouami Kokou, Komlan Mawuli Afiademanyo, and Lakpo Koku Agboyi

11          Invasive Alien Species in Zambia 313

Stanford Mudenda Siachoono, Stephen Syampungani, and Jhonnah Mundike

12          Invasive Alien Species in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) 330

Claid Mujaju, Nhamo Mudada, and Godfrey Pasurai Chikwenhere

Volume Two

List of Contributors xii

1         Invasive Alien Species of Bangladesh 1

           Sharif A. Mukul, Mohammed Abu Sayed Arfin-Khan, and Mohammad Belal Uddin

2         An Annotated Inventory of Invasive Alien Flora of India 16

           Anzar A. Khuroo, Rameez Ahmad, Maroof Hamid, Zubair A. Rather, Akhtar H. Malik,
and Irfan Rashid

3         Bio-invasion of Aquatic Invasive Species in India 38


4              Invasive Alien Plant Species Management in Indonesia 73

                Titiek Setyawati, Sunardi, and Sukisman Tjitrosoedirdjo

5            Invasive Alien Species of Iran 103

Mohammad Mehdi Dehshiri

6            Invasive Alien Species in Iraq 126

Saman A. Ahmad, Nariman S. Ahmad, and Sarbagh Salih

7            Invasive Alien Species in Malaysia 151

Ibrahim Faridah-Hanum and Abdul Latiff

8            Invasions of Alien Plant Species in Nepal: Patterns and Process 168

Bharat Babu Shrestha and Krishna Kumar Shrestha

9              Invasive Alien Species of Oman 184

                Annette Patzelt and Darach A. Lupton

10            Impact Assessment and Management of Invasive Species in Plant
Diversity Centers and Agriculture Fields of Saudi Arabia 207

                Ahmed H. Alfarhan, Jacob Thomas, and R. Rajakrishnan

11            Status and Management of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Vietnam 226

                Mai Dinh Yen

12            Parthenium hysterophorus in Global Perspectives, with Special Reference to
Sri Lanka 244

                A.H. Magdon Jayasuriya

13         Biosecurity Plan for Invasive Ants in the Pacific Region 275

             Casper Vanderwoude, Souad Boudjelas, Monica Gruber, Benjamin Hoffmann,
David Oi, and Sanford Porter

Index 289

Volume Three 

List of Contributors xiii

1            Invasive Alien Species in Scandinavia 1

Kjetil Bevanger

2            Invasive Alien Species in the Balkan Peninsula 42

Biljana Panjković, Milica Rat, Sara Mihajlović, Laszlo Galambos, Alen Kiš, Slobodan Puzović, Bojana Nadaždin, Jelena Šeat, Filip Vukajlović, Ivan Tot, and Marko Đapić

3            Invasive Alien Species of Georgia 88

Guram Aleksidze, Givi Japaridze, Giorgi Kavtaradze, and Shalva Barjadze

4            Invasive Alien Species of Greece 124

E. Korakaki, A. Legakis, S. Katsanevakis, P.P. Koulelis, E.V. Avramidou, N. Soulioti,
and P.V. Petrakis

5            Invasive Aliens in Italy: Enumeration, History, Biology and Their Impact 190

Gianniantonio Domina

6            Invasive Alien Plant Species in Global Perspectives with Special References to Bosnia and Herzegovina 215

S. Barudanović, E. Zečić, A. Macanović, B. Duraković, and E. Mašić

7            Status and Management of Invasive Alien Species in Switzerland 253

Lea Amacher, Gabriella Silvestri, and Gian-Reto Walther

8            Eucalyptus in South Europe: Searching for the Promised Land - Introduction and Dissemination of Eucalyptus in Southwestern Europe 278

Francisco Javier Silva-Pando

Index 317

Volume Four

List of Contributors xiv

1            Advances in the Knowledge and Study of Invasive Alien Species in Bolivia 1

Wendy L. Tejeda, Adriana Rico-Cernohorska, Stephan G. Beck,
Alfredo F. Fuentes, Robert B. Wallace, Guido Miranda-Chumacero,
Luis F. Aguirre, and María del Pilar Fernández Murillo

2            Distribution of Invasive Alien Species in Brazilian Ecoregions and Protected Areas 24

Michele de Sá Dechoum, Rafael Barbizan Sühs, Silvia de Melo Futada, and Sílvia Renate Ziller

3            Botanical Gardens and the Global Challenge of Invasive Species 43

David Allan Galbraith and Nadia Cavallin

4            Invasive Plants of Costa Rica Current Status and Research Opportunities 57

Gerardo Avalos, Eduardo Chacón-Madrigal, and Luis Guillermo Artavia-Rodríguez

5            Invasive Alien Species in Mexico 77

Patricia Koleff, Roberto Mendoza Alfaro, Jordan Golubov, Ana Isabel
González-Martínez, Yolanda Barrios-Caballero, Silvia De Jesús De Jesús, Zenia Patricia Ruiz-Utrilla, Federico Méndez-Sánchez, Mariam Latofski-Robles, María del Mar Garciadiego-San Juan, and Ana Esperanza Marichal-González 

6            Invasive Species in Mexican Marine Ecosystems 93

Jesús Ángel de León-González, José Rolando Bastida-Zavala, Roberto Mendoza-Alfaro, and Sergio Luna 

7            Invasive Species in Mexican Continental Aquatic Ecosystems 119

Roberto Mendoza Alfaro, Sergio Luna, and Carlos Aguilera

8            Invasion Potential of Mexican Terrestrial Ecosystems 143

Julieta Salomé Díaz, Jordan Golubov, Sarah Sifuentes de la Torre, Cristina M. Ramirez-Gutierrez, and María del Carmen Mandujano 

9            The Implementation of the Mexican Strategy on Invasive Species: How Far Have We Come? 153

Georgia Born-Schmidt, Jordi Parpal Servole, Viviana Reyes-Gómez, Eduardo Rendón Hernández, Erika Alarcón Chavira, and Sayra Rosio Espindola Barrientos 

10           Invasive Plant Management and Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation:
A Review and Status Report 165

Michael R. Ielmini, Todd E. Hopkins, Kenneth E. Mayer, Kim Goodwin, Chad Boyd, Brian Mealor, Mike Pellant, and Tom Christiansen 

11           Invasive Alien Biota of Venezuela 212

José Ramón Grande Allende

12          Invasion of Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris L.) and Its Effect on Wildlife in Temperate Forests from La Malinche National Park (LMNP), in Central Mexico 257

Arturo Estrada Torres and Iván R. Bravo

13          Biosecurity in a Global Invasion Hotspot: Hawaiʻi as a Model for Interagency Biosecurity Planning 270

Chelsea Arnott, Josh Atwood, Randal Bartlett, Kevin Hoffman, Leyla Kaufman, Julie Kuo, Michael Melzer, Rachel Neville, Teya Penniman, David Rodriguez, and Lincoln Wells 

14          Evaluating Protection Strategies for an Invasive Plant Species: Miconia calvescens 285

David Lewis, Christopher A. Wada, Kimberly M. Burnett, James Leary, and
Brooke Mahnken 

15          Weed Wrangle®, a Functional Model for Teaching the Negative Impacts
of Non-native Invasive Species 303

Elizabeth Lamar, Cayce McAlister, and Steve Manning 

16          The Life Cycle of Invasive Alien Species Occurrence Data: Mapping, Sharing, and Reuse 308

Rebekah D. Wallace, Charles T. Bargeron, Joseph H. LaForest, and Rachel L. Carroll

17          Citizen Scientists’ Role in Invasive Alien Species Mapping and Management 325

Rebekah D. Wallace, Charles T. Bargeron, Joseph H. LaForest, and Rachel L. Carroll

18          Effective Collaboration to Prevent and Manage Invasive Pests: Lessons Learned from the Pacific Northwest (United States) 339

R. Jalene Littlejohn and J. Michelle Delepine

19          Chemical War Between Fire Ants (Solenopsis invicta) and Rasberry Crazy Ants (Nylanderia fulva) 353

Shiyou Li, Wei Yuan, Ping Wang, Zushang Su, David L. Kulhavy,
Fuqiang Zhao, and Steven H. Bullard 

Index 369



Michael R. Ielmini Thammineni Pullaiah