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2022-2026 North American Fiber Broadband Report: FTTH and 5G Review & Forecast

  • Report
  • 65 Pages
  • February 2022
  • Region: North America
  • ID: 5354094


  • AT&T
  • Frontier
  • Lumen/CenturyLink
  • Telus Fiber
  • Verizon
  • Ziply

This report forecasts the expectation for record North American FTTH growth of over $125 billion over the next five years - by far the largest five-year growth period ever! In addition to extensive and expanded information about fiber broadband, the 2022 release includes a new section on fiber-to-the-5G “small cell”.

Its valuable industry information is designed to answer many key questions, including: 

  • In what segments will growth occur?
  • What is the ramp-up and timeframe for growth?  
  • What is the impact of recent U.S. Government spending bills targeted at, or including, Broadband?
  • What are the true impacts of potential constraints on growth?
  • What are the forecasts for larger players?
  • What are the drivers for this huge forecast?
  • What is the impact of “5G Home”?
  • What are the breakouts by the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean?    
  • What is the detailed history and forecast for U.S. FTTH (by sub-segments)?
  • What is the history and forecast for fiber route miles for all purposes?

The report is an extremely detailed review, analysis, and forecast of fiber deployments, as well as consumer, business, and municipal desires for advanced broadband applications and services.

Well, respected analysis helps illuminate the underlying trends driving the FTTH and 5G activity. Data is presented graphically and numerically and includes history from 2001 to 2021, plus a 5-year (2022-2026) forecast with detailed breakouts.

Based on extensive research and quantitative analysis involving interviews with hundreds of providers, vendors, and industry experts, as well as thousands of consumers, the report provides critical information valuable to equipment and material manufacturers and vendors, service providers, community planners, investors, government agencies, consultants, and other industry support organizations.



  • AT&T
  • Frontier
  • Lumen/CenturyLink
  • Telus Fiber
  • Verizon
  • Ziply

I. INTRODUCTIONA. 2022 - The Beginning Of The Deployment Boom!II. BACKGROUNDA. Deployment Forecast Background and AccuracyIII. METHODOLOGYA. Forecast MethodologyIV. CURRENT NORTH AMERICAN FTTH DEPLOYMENT STATUS
A. Overview of North American FTTH Growth
  • U.S. Homes-Marketed vs. Homes-Passed vs. Homes-Connected
  • Non-Redundant Homes-Marketed
  • Fiber Share Of Market
  • Annual U.S. Homes-Marketed
  • Canadian Homes-Marketed vs. Homes-Connected
B. FTTH Progress Versus Previous Wireline BuildsV. FTTH CONSUMER IMPORTANCE AND IMPACTA. Broadband Usage and NeedVI. 5G/WIRELESS SMALL CELL ACTIVITY
A. General Overview And Review Of Wireless Technology
  • Review Of Wireless Versus Wireline
  • Review of 5G Wireless
B.  Significance Of 5G Wireless To Fiber ForecastsC. Increase Of Backbone And Middle Mile Fiber From 5G
D. Reviewing FTTH Competition From 5G Broadband
  • 5G Versus FTTH Capability Differences
  • 5G Versus FTTH Cost and Installation Ease for Final Leg to the Home
E. Forecast of Small Cell Deployment/Fiber Miles To Support Small CellsVII. REVIEW OF 2022-2026 FTTH FORECAST
A.  Drivers Of The Overall Current Forecast
  • Private Drivers - The Debate About Fiber Is Over
  • Government Drivers - The Money Is Appropriated
B. Review Of The Overall FTTH Forecast Based On Attenuating Factors
C. Review Of Supply Constraints To FTTH Deployment Demand
  • Optical Fiber
  • Optical Fiber Cable
  • Labor
D. Deployment History & Five-Year Forecasts Of The Largest NA FTTH Providers
  • U.S. Tier-1 Telcos
    • AT&T Fiber History and Plans
    • Verizon Fiber History and Plans
    • Lumen/CenturyLink Fiber History and Plans
    • Frontier Fiber History and Plans
    • Apollo/Brightspeed Fiber History And Plans
    • Ziply Fiber History and Plans
  • U.S. Tier-2 Telcos
  • Canadian Tier-1 Telcos
  • Competitive - Google Fiber
E. Forecast And Addressable Market by Market SegmentsF. Overview Of U.S. FTTH ForecastG. Overview Of Canadian ForecastH. Overview Of Caribbean ForecastI. U.S. Capex Investment ForecastJ. Total Fiber Route Miles From ForecastVIII. DETAILED HISTORY AND FORECAST BY SEGMENTS STATUSA. Homes-Marketed Cumulative ForecastB. Homes-Marketed Annual ForecastC. Homes-Connected Cumulative ForecastD. Homes-Connected Annual ForecastE. U.S. FTTH Investment ForecastIX.  APPENDIXA. Index of Graphs
IV. Current North American FTTH Deployment Status
IV.A.Fig.1 - U.S. FTTH Deployment
IV.A.Fig.2 - U.S. Unique FTTH Deployment
IV.A.Fig.3 - U.S. Broadband Market Share
IV.A.Fig.4 - Annual Change In U.S. FTTH Homes-Marketed
IV.A.Fig.5 - Canadian FTTH Deployment
IV.B.Fig.1 - U.S. Homes Passed Versus Households
IV.B.Fig.2 - Size Diversity of FTTH Providers
IV.B.Fig.2 - Type Diversity of FTTH Providers
V. FTTH Consumer Importance & Impact (Slide Deck/ 26 Charts)
VI. 5G/ Wireless Small Cell Activity
VI.A.Fig.1 - 5G Capacity Confusion
VI.A.Fig.2 - Practical Speeds Are Far Below Definitions
VI.A.Fig.3 - Wireless Coverage And Capacity By Frequency Used
VI.D.Fig.1 - FTTH PON Maximum Lab Speeds Versus Wireless
VI.D.Fig.2 - Residential Site Coverage Of A 5G Small Cell
VI.D.Fig.3 - An Economic Model For Residential High Band 5G
VI.D.Fig.4 - Perceived Technology With Highest Ultimate Performance
VI.E.Fig.1 - Number Of U.S. Small Cells Deployed Per Year
VI.E.Fig.2 - Annual Fiber Miles Needed To Support Small Cells
VII. Review of 2021-2025 FTTH Forecast
VII.A.Fig.1 - Estimated Federal Money Being Invested In Broadband
VII.B.Fig.1 - Total U.S. FTTH Forecast Estimates
VII.C.Fig.1 - Perceptions Of Supply Concerns
VII.C.Fig.2 - U.S. Fiber Demand and Supply
VII.C.Fig.3 - FTTH Linear Construction Miles To Pass Homes
VII.D.Fig.1 - Tier-1 ILEC Homes-Marketed Five-Year Growth
VII.D.Fig.2 - Detailed Tier-1 ILEC Homes-Marketed History and Forecast
VII.D.Fig.3 - Lumen Divestiture
VII.F.Fig.1 - U.S. Annual Change Homes-Marketed
VII.F.Fig.2 -  U.S. Annual Change In Homes-Connected
VII.F.Fig.3 - U.S. Cumulative Homes-Marketed
VII.F.Fig.4 - U.S. Cumulative Homes-Connected
VII.G.Fig.1 - Canadian Annual Change Homes-Marketed/ Connected
VII.G.Fig.2 -  Canadian Cumulative Homes-Marketed/ Connected
VII.H.Fig.1 -  Caribbean Cumulative Homes-Marketed/ Connected
VII.H.Fig.2 -  Caribbean Landlines By Caribbean Country
VII.I.Fig.1 -  Annual U.S. FTTH Investment
VII.I.Fig.2 - Cumulative U.S. FTTH Investment
VII.J.Fig.1 - Route Miles For Fiber Segment Forecasts
VIII. Detailed History And Forecast By Segments Status
VIII.A.Fig.1 - Homes-Marketed Cumulative Forecast
VIII.B.Fig.1 - Homes-Marketed Annual Forecast
VIII.C.Fig.1 - Homes-Connected Cumulative Forecast
VIII.D.Fig.1 - Homes-Connected Annual Forecast
VIII.E.Fig.1 - U.S. FTTH Investment Forecast

  • AT&T 
  • Frontier 
  • Lumen/CenturyLink 
  • Telus Fiber
  • Verizon 
  • Ziply