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China Dental Industry Chain (Invisible orthodontics & Implant) Market Insight Report, 2021-2025

  • ID: 5359659
  • Report
  • March 2021
  • Region: China
  • 138 pages
  • AEI Research


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From the demand point of view, the prevalence rate of oral diseases in China is high, and the patient base is huge, but the treatment rate is low. The treatment rates of dental caries filling in the four age groups of 5-year-old children, 12-year-old children, 35-44-year-old adults and 65-74-year-old children are only 4.1%, 16.5%, 26.6% and 12.8% respectively. With the aggravation of aging, the incidence of oral diseases is on the rise, which brings a large number of medical needs. From the perspective of supply, dentists are the core resources in the field of stomatology. At present, there are only 137 dentists per million people in China, far lower than the level of 500-1000 in developed countries, and the supply is relatively insufficient. A large number of unmet medical needs provide a foundation for rapid development of the dental industry.

China's dental medicine industry chain is mainly divided into medical equipment consumables, distributors at all levels/information platforms and medical service institutions. Concerned about the group with expanded demand for oral rigidity, the expansion of aesthetic consciousness is affecting consumers' choice of relatively flexible dental medical services (invisible orthodontics, planting, whitening, etc.), and the oral aesthetic consumer market continues to improve. Oral medical services can be subdivided into implant, orthodontics and oral surgery, among which orthodontics and implant are the core businesses. Implantation and orthodontics not only account for a high proportion of income, but also have a rapid growth in market income.

Compared with removable dentures and porcelain teeth, implant teeth have no damage to normal teeth, similar chewing function to natural teeth, comfortable and beautiful, and long service life. It is the best way to repair missing teeth at present. At present, the cost of a single dental implant is between 6,000 and 22,000 yuan, and the price range is wide. The implant is the core variable, accounting for about 40% of the total treatment cost. The technical barriers of implants are high, which are mainly reflected in material, design, surface treatment and so on. At present, domestic enterprises are still in the stage of technology follow-up, and the enterprises that take the lead in making breakthroughs are expected to quickly seize market share. At present, imported brands account for more than 90% of the implant market, and the representatives of high-end brands in Europe and America, such as Stroman and Nobco, are mainly in the public hospital market with higher prices. Japanese and Korean brands Aochitai, Dengteng, etc., exert their strength in private hospitals and dental clinics with higher cost performance. With the promotion of domestic brand influence and the establishment of marketing network, import substitution is expected to accelerate. The competition pattern in the field of repair materials is relatively good, with the Swiss Geiger occupying 70% market share. In China, only Zhenghai Bio has made technological breakthroughs, accounting for 10% of the market share, and import substitution has been started.

The incidence of malocclusion in China is as high as 74%, with a population of 1.036 billion and a huge base. In 2019, the number of orthodontic cases in China increased to 2,882,100, and CAGR was 15.3%. At present, the main orthodontic population is concentrated in 6-19 years old (functional demand) and 20-40 years old (beauty demand+economic basis), but the orthodontic rate is only 0.43%, the demand is far from being met, and the orthodontic rate still has much room for improvement. In 2019, the scale of orthodontic market in China reached 47.5 billion yuan, with CAGR20.7%. In terms of the number of cases, there were 303,900 cases of invisible orthodontic treatment in China in 2019, with a 5-year CAGR of 58.8%, which increased from 2.9% in 2015 to 10.5%. Compared with the penetration rate of 33.1% in the United States, invisible orthodontic treatment in China is still promising. With the rising awareness of oral health care and the prevalence of Yan value economy, the demand for invisible correction in China is growing rapidly. In 2019, the overall market size of the industry is 10 billion yuan, with CAGR of 57.2%, far exceeding the global average. We predict that the overall invisible orthodontic market scale will be 103.2 billion yuan in 2030 and 208.4 billion yuan in the long term.
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1 Oral medical demand is strong and the supply is relatively insufficient
1.1 The characteristics of high prevalence rate and low diagnosis and treatment rate of oral diseases are outstanding
1.2 The gap between China's oral medical service supply capacity and developed countries is obvious

2 China's dental medical market is nearly 100 billion, and it is about to usher in a golden age
2.1 China's dental care has reached a scale of 100 billion, and its growth is highly certain
2.2 referring to the experience of Taiwan Province, China and Europe and America, China's oral medicine is about to enter a period of rapid development

3 Dental industry chain: upstream pays attention to high-value consumables, while downstream pays attention to chain
3.1 Upstream: mainly high-value consumables and equipment in implant and orthodontic fields
3.2 Midstream: Pay attention to the rise of the new DSO model
3.3 Downstream: Each family raced around, and the brand chain rate increased

4 Invisible orthodontics: 100 billion blue seas, the times
4.1 Oral demand upgrade, consumption blowout development
4.2 The incidence of malocclusion is huge and the proportion of complex cases is high
4.3 The driving force of orthodontic growth comes from the improvement of orthodontic rate
4.4 Invisible orthodontics becomes a more "beautiful" choice
4.4.1 For patients, invisible orthodontics meets the requirement of "beauty without emotion"
4.4.2 For doctors: improve the turnover rate by the chair and create higher added value
4.5 The penetration rate of invisible orthodontics increases

5 Kinds of dental implants have both function and beauty, and implants are the core
5.1 Dental implant is the best way to repair missing teeth at present
5.2 Implants are the core, with the highest technical barriers
5.3 Abutment no longer depends on implant manufacturers, and there are many crown manufacturers

6 Depth analysis of domestic peers

Selected Charts
Figure 1 Implant denture can obtain similar restoration effect to natural tooth
Figure 2 Flow chart of dental implantation
Figure 3 Global market size of dental implants in 2020
Figure 4 The top three market shares of dental implants in 2020 are Europe, North America and Asia Pacific
Figure 5 The planting and restoration market in Asia-Pacific region is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7%-9%
Figure 6 predicts that the compound annual growth rate of China's dental implant market will exceed 20% from 2017 to 2024
Figure 7 The scale of China's dental medical market in 2020 is about 96 billion yuan
Figure 8 Dental patients accounted for the highest proportion in 2020, accounting for 40.02%
Figure 9 The number of dental implants in China was 2.4 million in 2020, and the compound growth rate from 2011 to 2018 exceeded 50%
Figure 10 South Korea has the highest penetration rate per 10,000 people, while China has a low penetration rate at present
Figure 11 Before 2008, the Korean dental market achieved rapid development
Figure 12 Number and unit price of dental implants in Korea from 2003 to 2011
Figure 13 The proportion of elderly people over 65 years old in South Korea continues to grow
Figure 14 The ratio of per capita health care expenditure to GDP over 80 years old increases exponentially
Figure 15 Per capita disposable income in Korea (USD)
Figure 16 Since 2002, the ratio of health care expenditure to GDP in Korea has maintained steady growth
Figure 17 In 2007, there were 48 dentists per 10,000 people in South Korea, which increased to 55 in 2013, showing a steady growth
Figure 18 In 2017, the proportion of people over 65 years old in China reached 11.4%, and the aging process accelerated
Figure 19 In 2017, the number of patients with oral diseases in China reached 693 million
Figure 20 The number of dentists per million people in various countries in 2015 is lower in China
Figure 21 Number of practicing physicians and practicing assistant physicians in stomatological hospitals
Figure 22 Composition of Health Technicians in Stomatological Hospital in 2016
Figure 23 The global implant market is dominated by planting systems in Europe, America and South Korea
Figure 24 The cost of dental implants in various countries in 2020 (US dollars), and the price of dental implants in China is higher
Figure 25 The company's planting business income has achieved rapid growth
Figure 26 Changes in the number of various dental hospitals in China
Figure 27 CAGR of the company's oral x-ray CT detector reaches 108.4%
Figure 28 The proportion of operating income of the company's oral X-ray CT detector continues to increase
Figure 29 In 2018, the sales growth rate of the company's oral repair film was as high as 51.1%
Figure 30 Sales of the company's oral repair film from 2013 to 2018 (10,000 yuan)
Table 1 Comparison of tooth restoration methods
Table 2 Price comparison of various dental restoration methods
Table 3 Potential market of dental planting in China
Table 4 Comparison of pure titanium/titanium alloy and zirconia implant materials
Table 5 Comparison of implant surface treatment methods
Table 6 Imported implant systems or implants commonly used in clinical practice in China
Table 7 Approved implants and planting systems in China
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