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China Inhalation Preparation Market Insight Report, 2021-2025

  • ID: 5359666
  • Report
  • April 2021
  • Region: China
  • 126 pages
  • AEI Research


  • CF PharmTech, Inc.
Asthma and COPD are the main respiratory diseases, and there is a great demand for clinical medication. Respiratory diseases are the top five causes of death in the world and China, with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as the main types. According to the The Lancet study in 2019, the total number of adults suffering from asthma in China reached 45.7 million, and the total number of adults suffering from COPD was nearly 100 million. At the same time, the diagnosis rate and control rate in China were far lower than those in the United States. Symptoms have a great impact on survival when asthma /COPD occurs. Drugs can only alleviate and control symptoms, but cannot cure diseases. The incidence of asthma /COPD in China will continue to increase in the future due to the deterioration of air environment, the increase of smoking rate and the deepening of population aging. At the same time, with the close treatment rate and control rate in China to the United States, the patient base will continue to accumulate, and new patients will overlap old patients, bringing huge demand for clinical medication in China.

In 2019, the global market size of asthma /COPD drug market exceeded USD 20 billion, and China's market size was about RMB 20 billion. Inhalation preparation, as the preferred mode of administration, has clear mechanism of action and numerous pharmaceutical dosage forms. The basic therapeutic drugs are glucocorticoid and bronchodilator, and the dosage forms are divided into aerosol, powder mist, atomized inhalation and spray. The drug structure in China and the world is different. In terms of formula, LABA+ICS compound preparation is the main drug market in the world, and ICS unilateral preparation is the main drug in China. In terms of dosage forms, powder aerosol and aerosol account for nearly 80% of the total in the global market, while atomized inhalants account for 73% in the Chinese market. It is worth noting that the localization rate of inhalant preparations in China is less than 10%.

Because the policy environment and market educators in China are different from those in overseas countries, the game rules and marketing strategies of enterprises are different. At present, the drug use structure is mostly the result of the business strategies of market educators. In the future, China's inhalation preparation market is expected: ① The scale of compound preparations will increase; ② Atomization will still dominate in the short to medium term, and aerosol agents will rise; ③ The evaluation policy is clear now, and the industrial development will accelerate.
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  • CF PharmTech, Inc.

1. Respiratory diseases are frequent, and asthma and COPD are the main diseases
1.1. Respiratory diseases are high, and the mortality rate ranks among the top five in China
1.2. Asthma and COPD are the main chronic respiratory diseases, with a large base and low diagnostic rate in China
1.3. Asthma and COPD are two kinds of diseases with different diagnosis and treatment methods

2. Inhalation preparation is the preferred method of administration, and the localization rate is less than 10%
2.1. The global market for asthma /COPD is 100 billion, and the market in China is 10 billion
2.2. The drug mechanism of inhalation preparation is clear, mainly ICS and bronchodilator
2.3. There are about four dosage forms of inhalation preparations, and the atomization solution is the main market in China
2.4. It is extremely difficult to imitate inhaled preparations, and the localization rate in China is less than 10%
2.4.1. Medicine and equipment are integrated, and research and development barriers are extremely high
2.4.2. The original research patents are strict, and it is difficult to see the "patent cliff"
2.4.3. the be standard has been unclear for many years

3. The Chinese market is different from overseas, paying attention to the business strategy of market educators
3.1. Sources of Chinese characteristics: Different policy environments and different market leaders
3.2. The essence of product pattern: the business strategy of market educators
3.2.1. Why can budesonide suspension dominate the Chinese market?
3.2.2. Is Seretide the best compound preparation of GSK?
3.2.3. Why is Seretide, the best-selling in the world, not as big as Reliance in China?
3.2.4. Why is the localization rate of tiotropium bromide powder mist agent close to 50%?
3.3. Development of inhalant preparations in China: Three major trends of industrial upgrading
3.3.1. Trend 1: The scale of compound preparation is expected to increase
3.3.2. Trend 2: Atomization is given priority to, and powder mist agent needs to rise
3.3.3. Trend 3: The BE policy is now clear, and the industrial development will be accelerated

4. Depth analysis of domestic peers

5. Appendix
5.1. Appendix I: Differences between asthma and COPD in disease characteristics
5.2. Appendix II: Classification of Commonly Used Drugs for Asthma and COPD
5.3. Appendix III: TOP10 drugs for inhalation preparations in sample hospitals in China
5.4. Appendix IV: Guiding Principles of Inhalation Preparation BE in China
5.5. Appendix V: Key products of inhalation preparations in China have been approved and are being researched and combed
Asthma and COPD are the main diseases of chronic respiratory diseases
The prevalence of asthma and COPD in China is increasing with the aging of the population
The diagnosis and control rate of adult asthma in China is much lower than that in the United States
The diagnosis and control rate of adult COPD in China is far less than that in the United States
Step-by-step treatment for asthma patients
Diagnosis and treatment of COPD
The proportion of inhaled preparations in respiratory system drugs continues to increase
Global asthma /COPD patent drug market scale
Market model of asthma /COPD medication regulation in Chinese sample hospitals
ICS and bronchodilators are the core therapeutic drugs
The global sales of seven asthma /COPD drugs exceeded $1 billion in 2019
The global market is dominated by LABA+ICS compound drugs
ICS has the highest proportion of single drugs in the Chinese market
Inhalation preparations are mainly divided into four categories
Characteristics and Usage of Different Inhalation Preparations
The inhalant powder mist DPI is the main inhalant in the world
NEB, the atomized solution in hospital, is the main inhalation preparation in China
High barriers to research and development of inhalation preparations
The global market share of patented drugs has long been occupied by GSK, AZ and BI
The localization rate of inhaled preparations in China is less than 10%
The prescription design of inhalation preparation is complicated
The ideal particle size of inhalation preparation is between 1 and 5 μ m.
Patent Layout in Inhalation Preparation Field of Original Research Enterprises
FDA and EMA have different regulations on the consistency evaluation of inhaled preparations
The technical guide for the development of generic drugs for inhalation preparations in China was finalized at the end of 2020
The draft of the Chinese inhalation preparation BE is closer to the FDA
Budesonide is growing steadily in China, and its dosage form is mainly suspension
Budesonide has been approved in four dosage forms in China
GSK has already upgraded its products after Shulidie

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