E-Learning Course - Project Valuation (Library of 3 courses)

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The themes of this product are:

- Know basic concepts of capital budgeting
- Understand your cash flows
- Apply project valuation techniques
- Undertake valuation in special situations

All organizations, big or small, battle with one constant constraint – limited resources and unlimited ambitions. The ever increasing demand for higher shareholder’s worth keeps increasing the pressure on these resources, be it monetary, physical or intangible assets. This in turn forces the management to make rational decisions when investing the resources, leading to the need of valuation of a project. This e-learning course on ‘Project Valuation’ introduces the various methods of project valuations and their respective pitfalls. It provides the learner an in-depth understanding of various project valuation techniques with practical examples of applying these techniques. The course also discusses the project interaction situations such as capital rationing, mutually exclusive projects, among others. Finally, it explains how project analysis is conducted using techniques such as sensitivity analysis, scenario and break even analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation.

Target Audience

The course library is for:
The course is targeted at students of finance, and for professionals (whether in finance, or otherwise) who want a deeper understanding of these areas or plan to enter the field of corporate finance.

Course level: Basic to Intermediate

Library of 3 courses
Time taken for each course: 1.0 Hour
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A Library of 3 Courses

1. Overview of Project valuation
- Need for project valuation
- Factors that impact project valuation
- Rules to ensure suitable cash flow statement
- Methods of project valuation

2. Project Valuation Methods
- Project valuation methods and their application
Discounted Cash Flow Method
Net Present Value Method
Average Return on Book Value
Payback Period
- Various factors that affect the project valuation methods
Advantages and disadvantages

3. Special Cases
- Concept of project interactions:
Capital rationing and the methods of calculations
Mutually exclusive projects
Side costs and side benefits

- Concept of project analysis:
Sensitivity analysis
Scenario and break even analysis
Monte Carlo Simulation

Job Aids
Project Valuation Calculators
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown