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Global Cooling Fabrics Market Analysis, 2020

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  • 232 Pages
  • January 2020
  • Region: Global
  • MarkNtel Advisors LLP
  • ID: 5450976
Cooling fabric is a synthetic material that allow the body to cool within this temperature range in an effective way. The Cooling Fabric offers sweat evaporation and breathability, which is burgeoning the demand for sports apparel. In addition, rise in research and development for cooling fabrics and increasing awareness about meditation, yoga, and other health activities is also projected to boost the demand for cooling fabrics in the forecasted period. Moreover, the environmental changes in the regions such as the Middle East & Africa and APAC are inducing the need for clothes which can provide cooling and other such comforts during physical activities such as gym, sports, yoga, meditation, etc.

Also, customer-centric wearables launched by companies is one of the prime factors contributing to the Cooling Fabric market across the globe. For instance, Technicke, a U.K-based company launched a washable cooling workwear for the Middle East region in 2017. Moreover, Odlo, a Swiss clothing brand launched the summer cycling range in 2019 which is made up of fabric called “Ceramicol” for the active cooling technology.

According to the research report titled “Global Cooling Fabric Market Analysis, 2020”, the Global Cooling Fabric market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 9.50% during 2020-25. In 2019, the North America region dominated the Global Cooling Fabric market due to a burgeoning sports-centric culture associated with an increasing disposable income and rising average national spending on gym clothing and membership.

According to a survey done by Europe-based nutrition and clothing provider “My Protein”, an American spends USD 24,727.15 on gym clothing and accessories in his lifetime. Thus, rising health awareness in the region can generate the demand for sports or gym wear that has soft touch fabric and can control the body temperature.

The Cooling Fabric industry is very competitive as the key suppliers are coming up with various forms of up-gradation in the cooling fabrics. The key players in the Global Cooling Fabrics market are Cool core, Ahlstrom-Munksj, NILIT Ltd, Polartec, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Tex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd., etc. These companies are entering into tie-ups and partnerships to gain a greater market share in the industry.


Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report

1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of Global Cooling Fabrics Market?
2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations in the Global Cooling Fabrics Market?
4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in Global Cooling Fabrics Market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of Global Cooling Fabrics Market study?

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Research Process
1.2. Assumption
1.3. Market Segmentation
1.4. Market Definition
2. Executive Summary
3. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
3.1. Market Size & Analysis
3.1.1. By Revenues
3.1.2. Quantity Sold
3.2. Market Share & Analysis
3.2.1. By Type Synthetic Natural
3.2.2. By Textile Type Woven Non-woven Knitted
3.2.3. By Technology Cooling Finishes Polymer Coatings Specialty Fiber
3.2.4. By Application Sports Apparel Lifestyle Protective Wearing Others
3.2.5. By Region North America South America Europe Asia-Pacific Middle East & Africa
3.2.6. By Company Revenue Shares Strategic Factorial Indexing Competitor Placement in MarkNtel Quadrant
4. North America Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
4.1. Market Size & Analysis
4.1.1. By Revenues
4.1.2. Quantity Sold
4.2. Market Share & Analysis
4.2.1. By Type
4.2.2. By Textile Type
4.2.3. By Technology
4.2.4. By Application
4.2.5. By Country US Mexico Canada
4.3. The US Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
4.3.1. Market Size & Analysis By Revenues Quantity Sold
4.3.2. Market Share & Analysis By Type By Textile Type By Technology By Application
4.4. Canada Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
4.4.1. Market Size & Analysis By Revenues Quantity Sold
4.4.2. Market Share & Analysis By Type By Textile Type By Technology By Application
4.5. Mexico Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
4.5.1. Market Size & Analysis By Revenues Quantity Sold
4.5.2. Market Share & Analysis By Type By Textile Type By Technology By Application
5. South America Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015- 2025F
5.1. Market Size & Analysis
5.1.1. By Revenues
5.1.2. Quantity Sold
5.2. Market Share & Analysis
5.2.1. By Type
5.2.2. By Textile Type
5.2.3. By Technology
5.2.4. By Application
5.2.5. By Country Brazil Others
6. Brazil Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
6.1. Market Size & Analysis
6.1.1. By Revenues
6.1.2. Quantity Sold
6.2. Market Share & Analysis
6.2.1. By Type
6.2.2. By Textile Type
6.2.3. By Technology
6.2.4. By Application
7. Europe Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015- 2025F
7.1. Market Size & Analysis
7.1.1. By Revenues
7.1.2. Quantity Sold
7.2. Market Share & Analysis
7.2.1. By Type
7.2.2. By Textile Type
7.2.3. By Technology
7.2.4. By Application
7.2.5. By Country Germany France UK Italy Others
8. Germany Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
8.1. Market Size & Analysis
8.1.1. By Revenues
8.1.2. Quantity Sold
8.2. Market Share & Analysis
8.2.1. By Type
8.2.2. By Textile Type
8.2.3. By Technology
8.2.4. By Application
9. France Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
9.1. Market Size & Analysis
9.1.1. By Revenues
9.1.2. Quantity Sold
9.2. Market Share & Analysis
9.2.1. By Type
9.2.2. By Textile Type
9.2.3. By Technology
9.2.4. By Application
10. Italy Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
10.1. Market Size & Analysis
10.1.1. By Revenues
10.1.2. Quantity Sold
10.2. Market Share & Analysis
10.2.1. By Type
10.2.2. By Textile Type
10.2.3. By Technology
10.2.4. By Application
11. The UK Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
11.1. Market Size & Analysis
11.1.1. By Revenues
11.1.2. Quantity Sold
11.2. Market Share & Analysis
11.2.1. By Type
11.2.2. By Textile Type
11.2.3. By Technology
11.2.4. By Application
12. Asia-Pacific Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015- 2025F
12.1. Market Size & Analysis
12.1.1. By Revenues
12.1.2. Quantity Sold
12.2. Market Share & Analysis
12.2.1. By Type
12.2.2. By Textile Type
12.2.3. By Technology
12.2.4. By Application
12.2.5. By Country China India Japan South Korea Others
13. China Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
13.1. Market Size & Analysis
13.1.1. By Revenues
13.1.2. Quantity Sold
13.2. Market Share & Analysis
13.2.1. By Type
13.2.2. By Textile Type
13.2.3. By Technology
13.2.4. By Application
14. India Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
14.1. Market Size & Analysis
14.1.1. By Revenues
14.1.2. Quantity Sold
14.2. Market Share & Analysis
14.2.1. By Type
14.2.2. By Textile Type
14.2.3. By Technology
14.2.4. By Application
15. Japan Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
15.1. Market Size & Analysis
15.1.1. By Revenues
15.1.2. Quantity Sold
15.2. Market Share & Analysis
15.2.1. By Type
15.2.2. By Textile Type
15.2.3. By Technology
15.2.4. By Application
16. South Korea Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
16.1. Market Size & Analysis
16.1.1. By Revenues
16.1.2. Quantity Sold
16.2. Market Share & Analysis
16.2.1. By Type
16.2.2. By Textile Type
16.2.3. By Technology
16.2.4. By Application
17. Middle East Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015- 2025F
17.1. Market Size & Analysis
17.1.1. By Revenues
17.1.2. Quantity Sold
17.2. Market Share & Analysis
17.2.1. By Type
17.2.2. By Textile Type
17.2.3. By Technology
17.2.4. By Application
17.2.5. By Country Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Turkey Others
18. Saudi Arabia Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
18.1. Market Size & Analysis
18.1.1. By Revenues
18.1.2. Quantity Sold
18.2. Market Share & Analysis
18.2.1. By Type
18.2.2. By Textile Type
18.2.3. By Technology
18.2.4. By Application
19. UAE Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
19.1. Market Size & Analysis
19.1.1. By Revenues
19.1.2. Quantity Sold
19.2. Market Share & Analysis
19.2.1. By Type
19.2.2. By Textile Type
19.2.3. By Technology
19.2.4. By Application
20. Turkey Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
20.1. Market Size & Analysis
20.1.1. By Revenues
20.1.2. Quantity Sold
20.2. Market Share & Analysis
20.2.1. By Type
20.2.2. By Textile Type
20.2.3. By Technology
20.2.4. By Application
21. Qatar Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
21.1. Market Size & Analysis
21.1.1. By Revenues
21.1.2. Quantity Sold
21.2. Market Share & Analysis
21.2.1. By Type
21.2.2. By Textile Type
21.2.3. By Technology
21.2.4. By Application
22. Africa Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015- 2025F
22.1. Market Size & Analysis
22.1.1. By Revenues
22.1.2. Quantity Sold
22.2. Market Share & Analysis
22.2.1. By Type
22.2.2. By Textile Type
22.2.3. By Technology
22.2.4. By Application
22.2.5. By Country South Africa Others
23. South Africa Cooling Fabrics Market Outlook, 2015-2025F
23.1. Market Size & Analysis
23.1.1. By Revenues
23.1.2. Quantity Sold
23.2. Market Share & Analysis
23.2.1. By Type
23.2.2. By Textile Type
23.2.3. By Technology
23.2.4. By Application
24. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Policies, Regulations, Product Standards25. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Trends & Insights
26. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Dynamics
26.1. Growth Drivers
26.2. Challenges
26.3. Impact Analysis
27. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Hotspot and Opportunities28. Global Cooling Fabrics Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
29. Competition Outlook
29.1. Competition Matrix
29.1.1. Product Portfolio
29.1.2. Brand Specialization
29.1.3. Target Markets
29.1.4. Target End Users
29.1.5. Research & Development
29.1.6. Strategic Alliances
29.1.7. Strategic Initiatives
29.2. Company Profiles (Business Description, Product Segments, Business Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships, Future Plans)
29.2.1. Cool Core
29.2.2. Ahlstrom-Munksj
29.2.3. NILIT Ltd
29.2.4. Polartec
29.2.5. Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
29.2.6. Tex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd.
29.2.7. Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.
29.2.8. Asahi Kasei Corporation
29.2.9. Hexarmor
29.2.10. Tehrani Industrial Group
30. Disclaimer

Companies Mentioned

  • Cool core
  • Ahlstrom-Munksj
  • NILIT Ltd
  • Polartec
  • Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
  • Tex-Ray Industrial Co. Ltd.