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The Kenya Mattress Market & Distribution Report 2022 - Market,Models, Opportunities, Process, Margins & Data

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  • 93 Pages
  • January 2022
  • Region: Kenya
  • Crack A Business Kenya
  • ID: 5527080


  • Bobmil Industries Limited
  • Copia Limited
  • Foam Mattresses Limited
  • Jumbo Mattresses Limited
  • Simba Mattresses
  • Superfoam Limited

This report looks at the Mattress Industry in Kenya with a focus on distribution and untapped opportunities. On average a person in Kenya uses 9 mattresses in their lifetime. At a standard mattress price of $88.8 lifespan spend on mattresses per person amounts to $ 799.2.

The mattress industry in Kenya is presently valued at $549,737,500 and is predicted to continue on an upward trend. 

Country Coverage

  • Kenya

Data Coverage

  • Consumption by age
  • Spending of mattresses by age
  • Type of mattress by age 
  • Market size & Volume
  • Demand signals & triggers
  • Manufacturer profiles
  • Consumer segments and profiles
  • Consumer buying process 
  • Product segmentation
  • Product demand
  • Distribution channels
  • Formal retail
  • Informal retail
  • Direct to consumers
  • E-commerce 
  • Distribution & Wholesale models
  • Distribution Pricing and Margins 
  • Retailer profiles
  • Retailer anxieties
  • Retailer purchase models 
  • Opportunities in distribution

Who this report is for

This report is suitable for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, investment advisors, other investors and anyone seeking to get a foothold in the Kenya mattress market. 

Key questions answered 

  • What is the mattress industry landscape in Kenya like?
  • Who are the key players?
  • What is the market share of different manufacturers? 
  • What are the key trends and how do they impact existing and new players?
  • What is likely to happen in the future?
  • What are the untapped opportunities?
  • Which products are available in the market ? 
  • Which are the most in-demand mattresses by type?
  • Which are the most in-demand mattresses by size? 
  • Which product category is growing fastest?
  • What is driving demand?
  • What are the existing distribution channels?
  • What are the existing mattress distribution models? 
  • What are the margins across the chain? 
  • How do you get a mattress product on retailer shelves and consumers pick it? 
  • How do you win informal retailers?
  • How do you win formal retailers? 
  • How do you overcome key retailer anxieties? 
  • How to get into mattress distribution in Kenya?
  • What resources are required?

Reasons to buy this report 

  • Uncover critical success factors in the Kenya mattress market
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the mattress industry in Kenya
  • Understand the Kenya market industry
  • Understand the concerns and habits of retailers; the key distribution channel.
  • Get street smart insights into the Kenya mattress industry

Demand for mattresses has been increasing year on year triggered by rising population (2009; 38.6m, 2019; 47.6m), urbanization and subsequent economic migration, higher literacy levels, lifestyle changes, improving household income among other factors.

Individual spending on mattresses will rise as consumers appreciate higher quality mattresses and consumption increases in the pre-teen and post 40 years consumer segments.Whereas significant investments have been made in mattress manufacturing, less has been done in distribution. This is in spite of changing consumer purchase habits, retailer needs and opportunities brought up by technological, infrastructural and logistical developments.

Hence, this report provides soft and hard decision making data for investors interested in either mattress manufacturing or distribution. 

It paints a vivid picture of the mattress industry in Kenya, both on the demand and supply sides, detailing manufacturers, products, distributors, retailers and consumers by using market and financial facts and figures. In addition, it highlights existing distribution models and opportunities for profitable innovation.


  • Bobmil Industries Limited
  • Copia Limited
  • Foam Mattresses Limited
  • Jumbo Mattresses Limited
  • Simba Mattresses
  • Superfoam Limited
  • Overview
  • The Mattress Eras: Pre 2010 & Post 2010
  • Demand for Mattresses
  • Individual Consumption by Age
  • Lifetime consumption per person
  • Value of the Kenya Mattress Industry
  • Demand Signals
  • Demand Triggers
  • The Mattress Industry:
  • The Structure 
  • Manufacturer Profiles
  • Mattress Products
  • A note on Foam Mattresses
  • A Note on Spring Mattresses
  • The Future
  • What it Means for a new Distributor
  • Foam Mattress; A profile 
  • Mattress Sizes in Kenya
  • The Consumers 
  • Consumer Segmentation 
  • Consumer Profiles
  • Consumer Attributes
  • Consumer Purchase Process
  • Consumers: By Income 
  • Mattress Distribution
  • Distribution Channels: Details
  • Formal retail
  • Direct to consumers
  • Becoming A Distributor / Wholesaler
  • Wholesaler requirements 
  • Wholesaler: Acquiring Retailers
  • Wholesaler – Retailer Models
  • Prices & Margins
  • Pricing & Margins Examples
  • Retailers
  • Retailer Anxieties
  • Retailer purchase process
  • Wholesaler Incentives
  • Retailer Choice of Brand - Influence 
  • Retailers: Specific Action
  • Retailer Dissatsifiers, Satisfiers , Delighters
  • The Set Up
  • Key Steps
  • The Default Model 
  • Positioning 
  • Rationale 
  • The Flow
  • Model Attributes
  • Experimental & Innovation Models
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Mini Wholesalers
  • Extra Direct to Consumer Sales
  • Credit and Consignment
  • E-commerce
  • A Note on Delivery 
  • A Note on Localized Promotions
  • Main Operational Activities
  • Risks 
  • Market Entry Mapping
  • Market Attractiveness
  • The Financials


  • Bobmil Industries Limited
  • Copia Limited
  • Foam Mattresses Limited
  • Jumbo Mattresses Limited
  • Prime Foam Mattresses Limited
  • Simba Mattresses
  • Superfoam Limited
  • Turea Limited
  • Vitafoam Products Limited