Social Advertising: Analysing the Benefits and Challenges

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-What is Social Advertising?
-Key Benefits for Advertisers
-Detailed Scenario Descriptions
-Affiliate Networks: AdSense
-Open Environment for 'Social Ads'
-Facebook, Google and Microsoft

This report begins by explaining the four targeting techniques that are being used by players like DoubleClick, Revenue Science and Google to serve ads that are aimed at individual users.

By using a number of advertising scenarios, the report then explains why all of these ad-targeting techniques have significant limitations and why social advertising will allow advertisers to target ads more effectively than existing techniques.

The benefits of social advertising are detailed using many examples of practical advertising situations which allow the advantages of this new ad media to be clearly appreciated. The report also explains why social advertising faces a number of key challenges that will need to be addressed.

The report describes a general framework for social advertising that includes the most recent announcements that have been made by Facebook, Google and others.

This report is an ideal choice for those who want to understand what social advertising really means, what the benefits are, how it differs for existing online advertising, and what role it will have in the advertising industry.

In compiling this report we spoke to a range of senior executives from established companies and start-ups who are working at the forefront of the social advertising. We also spoke to others who work for companies that offer ad-serving technology that is aimed at the mainstream online ad market.
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Main Categories of Online Ad Inventory
Four Types of Ad Targeting
Benefits of a Social Graph
Benefits can be harvested on four levels
Positioning of Key Players
Level 1: Placing Ads on the Site
Rich Profiling Data
New Ways to Target Users
Level 2: Placing Ads within Applications
Campaigns Follow Applications (Developer API)
Viral Booster: Super-efficient Distribution of Campaign
Level 3: Affiliate Network
Increasing Campaign Reach
Social Advertising: Facebook Affiliate Program
Cookie Deletion
Level 4: Open, Social Advertising Environment
Caution: Avoiding a False Trail
Reason 1: Networks of ‘friends’ tend to be weakly-correlated
Reason 2: Even topic-focussed communities can contain highly diverse individuals
User-generated Content
Privacy Concerns
Facebook and Google
Cross-platform Considerations
Enforcement Agencies
Technological Complexity: Considerations
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