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The Resources & Capabilities series provides you at a glance insight into the operations and service offerings of Europe’s leading 3PLs. This service includes detailed organograms of corporate structures, details of key management personnel and a brief overview of recent financial performance.

The Resources & Capabilities series also provides detailed descriptions of the services offered by these companies to their supply chain customers, enabling you to evaluate what, where, when and how these organisations meet the demands of their clients in order to achieve commercial success.

For 3PLs having this information will empower you to not just keep up to date with the latest developments, but really understand how best to position your services and operational structure in order to compete more effectively and capture market share.

3PLs Resources & Capabilities - contents

Full contact details and ownership structure
- Full registered company address, parent and contact details, phone, fax etc.

Headline financials
- Financial records for the last five years of company’s operational history.
- Outlines company structures, placing them in context to operational performance.

Corporate structure
- Detailed description of the company’s operational set-up.
- Organograms of company structure and subsequent reporting lines, by division.
- Outlines how operations are structured and managed by sector, geography or service offering.

Services overview
- A guide offering ‘at a glance’ insight into the logistics services offered by each 3PL.
- Outline of the key industry sectors served by each 3PL.

Total service offering
- Detailed description of the services offered by each 3PL.
- Analyses service offerings from core distribution to warehousing and value added services such as shrink wrapping, pallet reworking and in-store promotional support.
-Identification, where relevant, of technological capabilities, online facilities, financial services and management tools.

Key personnel

Names and job titles of key senior people at each of Europe’s leading 3PLs.
Identification of key decision makers for business development purposes.

How do you benefit?
Manufacturers and Retailers: Understand the resources and capabilities of your existing and potential service providers. Identify the experts in your sector, benchmark service and industry sector offers and support internal tender processes.

3PLs: Track competitor’s service offerings, understand the managerial and operational structures of your competitors assisting you to benchmark internal performance and identify best practice within
your industry and sector.

Providers to 3PLs (Technology providers etc): Identify the decision makers and have the ability and insight to tailor sales and marketing campaigns to your targeted audience, thereby increasing the return on your new business activities.
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