The Very Light Jet (VLJ) Market 2008-2017 Third Edition: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the VLJ Market

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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market for very light jets, taking into account the impact of the current global financial turmoil on the VLJ sector. The report looks at the future market for these aircraft in terms of numbers, geographic demand and customer type (air taxi operator, corporate operator, owner/ operator). It matches other high-level views with the "bottom-up" analysis of who has bought and ordered VLJs, developing detailed market forecasts by individual aircraft types and values.

The report also features:

- A comprehensive overview of current market conditions and future catalysts to growth and challenges
- The regulatory, financial and industrial hurdles to bringing VLJs into full operation
- Detailed aircraft programme histories
- Technical and market information about each aircraft type
- The industrial supply chain for each aircraft type, specifying who supplies what on each aircraft
- Related operating issues, such as training and maintenance

The market for very light jets (VLJs) for the next ten years (2008 and 2017) is likely to entail the delivery of 4,610 aircraft, worth around $9.54 billion in 2008 prices.

This forecast is generally in the mid range of other high-level forecasts (which range between Honeywell’s 6,000 plus down to Teal Group’s 3,365 – see section 1.4).

There are currently 17 VLJs, in theory, competing in this marketplace. Of these, nine are currently in funded development/production phases. Two are in production (Eclipse 500 and Cessna Mustang), one is about to go into production within the next few weeks (Embraer Phenom 100) and four have significant financial backing or order commitments (HondaJet, Cirrus Vision SJ50, Diamond D-JET and Piperjet).
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1.1 The VLJ market 2008-2017 by aircraft type, volumes and value
1.2 The VLJ market 2008-2017 by geographic distribution
1.2.1 Introduction to current trends in geographic demand for VLJs
1.2.2 Demand for VLJs in Europe
1.2.3 Demand for VLJs in Russia and states of the former Soviet Union
1.2.4 Demand for VLJs in the Far East and Australasia
1.2.5 Demand for VLJs in the Middle East and Africa
1.2.6 Demand for VLJs in North America
1.3 The VLJ market 2008-2017 by purchaser types – owner/operators and air taxi/air charter companies
1.4 Comparing high-level forecasts
1.4.1 Business aircraft market surveys
1.4.2 VLJ manufacturers’ production forecasts

2.1 Programme updates, timelines for development
2.2.1 AAI Industries A700 AdamJet
2.2.2 Aviation Technology Group Javelin Mk 10
2.2.3 Cessna Mustang
2.2.4 Cirrus Design SJ-50
2.2.5 Diamond Aircraft D-JET
2.2.6 Eclipse Aviation Eclipse EA 500
2.2.7 Eclipse Aviation Eclipse EA 400
2.2.8 Embraer Phenom 100
2.2.9 Epic Elite
2.2.10 Epic Victory
2.2.11 Eviation Jets EV-20 Vantage
2.2.12 Excel-Jet Ltd Sport Jet
2.2.13 Maverick Jets Inc Maverick Leader/Maverick Solo/SmartJet
2.2.14 Honda Aircraft Company Inc HondaJet
2.2.15 Piper Company PiperJet
2.2.16 Spectrum Aeronautical LLC: S-33 Independence
2.2.17 Stratos 714

3.1 Differing approaches to regulating and certifying VLJ operations around the world
3.2 Supporting VLJ operations – training issues
3.2.1 Introduction to the training challenge
3.2.2 Manufacturers’ training programmes
3.3 VLJs and airports – current and future demand
3.3.1 Airports have different views of VLJs
3.3.2 Opportunities and challenges for airports assessing VLJ business
3.3.3 Global differences
3.4 VLJs and air traffic management – integration and/or bypassing the system
3.5 Supporting VLJ operations – FBO, MRO and fuelling issues
3.6 VLJs and their environmental impact

4.1 Macro analysis of the VLJ-based air taxi sector

5.1.1 AAI A-700
5.1.2 Cessna Citation Mustang
5.1.3 Cirrus Vision SJ50
5.1.4 Diamond D-Jet
5.1.5 Eclipse 500
5.1.6 Embraer Phenom 100/300
5.1.7 Epic Elite/Victory
5.1.8 HondaJet
5.1.9 PiperJet
5.1.10 Spectrum Freedom S-40/Independence S-33
5.1.11 Stratos 714
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- Aviation Technology Group Javelin Mk 10
- Eviation Jets EV-20 Vantage
- Excel-Jet Ltd Sport Jet
- Maverick Jets Inc Maverick Leader/Maverick Solo/SmartJet
- AAI A-700
- Cessna Citation Mustang
- Cirrus Vision SJ50
- Diamond D-Jet
- Eclipse 500
- Embraer Phenom 100/300
- Epic Elite/Victory
- HondaJet
- PiperJet
- Spectrum Freedom S-40/Independence S-33
- Stratos 714
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown