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Perception is a scholarly journal reporting experimental results and theoretical ideas ranging over the fields of human, animal, and machine perception.

Topics covered include physiological mechanisms and clinical neurological disturbances; psychological data on pattern and object perception in animals and man; the role of experience in developing perception; skills, such as driving and flying; effects of culture on perception and aesthetics; errors, illusions, and perceptual phenomena occurring in controlled conditions, with emphasis on their theoretical significance; cognitive experiments and theories relating knowledge to perception; development of categories and generalisations; strategies for interpreting sensory patterns in terms of objects by organisms and machines; special problems associated with perception of pictures and symbols; verbal and nonverbal skills; reading; philosophical implications of experiments and theories of perception for epistemology, aesthetics, and art.

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Bayes Window (5): Analogue Bayes? 1 – 2
Richard L Gregory

Speed constancy and the perception of distance 3 – 21
Junko Tozawa

Accelerating self-motion displays produce more compelling vection in depth 22 – 33
Stephen Palmisano, Robert S Allison, Fiona Pekin

Monitoring eye movements to investigate the picture superiority effect in spatial memory 34 – 49
Zaira Cattaneo, Mitchell Rosen, Tomaso Vecchi, Jeff B Pelz

The effect of temporal and spatial frequency on phantom-contour detection 50 – 56
Jessica Taubert, Eugene Chekaluk

Independent processing of form, colour, and texture in object perception 57 – 78
Jonathan S Cant, Mary-Ellen Large, Lindsay McCall, Melvyn A Goodale

The intrinsic constraint model for stereo-motion integration 79 – 95
Hadley Tassinari, Fulvio Domini, Corrado Caudek

Event-related potentials, reaction time, and response selection of skilled and less-skilled cricket batsmen 96 – 105
M Sharhidd Taliep, A St Clair Gibson, J Gray, L van der Merwe, C L Vaughan, T D Noakes, L A Kellaway, L R John

Is pictorial perception robust? The effect of the observer vantage point on the perceived depth structure of linear-perspective images 106 – 125
Dejan Todorovic

Computational models of facial attractiveness judgments 126 – 142
P Matthew Bronstad, Judith H Langlois, Richard Russell

Investigating the effects of inversion on configural processing with an audiovisual temporal-order judgment task 143 – 160
Argiro Vatakis, Charles Spence

17 000 years of depicting the junction of two smooth shapes 161 – 164
Irving Biederman, Jiye G Kim

Reviews 165 – 166

Baddeley on Peterson, Gillam, Sedgwick (Eds): In the mind's eye: Julian Hochberg on the perception of pictures, films, and the world by J Hochberg
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