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Logistics is fundamental to Chinese Economic Growth

With double digit growth in the Chinese economy set to be a thing of the past, the entire logistics industry faces a prolonged period of uncertainty. However while growth will slow, China will remain more insulated from the global financial crisis that may hit many other economies. Though still dependent on exports, internal consumption is increasingly an engine for economic growth.

The Chinese economy has been heavily dependent on logistics since its growth as an exporting nation, which began in the late 1980s. However, it needs to develop its logistics market, management, and hinterland physical infrastructure, both in terms of quality and quantity, if current levels of development are to be maintained.

Reflecting trends in the global economy, growth in the industry has slowed recently, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Sectors such as container transport will be the hardest hit, while those catering to domestic consumption will be more robust. As Chinese companies consolidate and move to optimise operations, many will look to overseas enterprises for expertise and investment opportunities.

What information does China Logistics contain?

China Logistics contains the information that will make a real difference to your understanding of the Chinese logistics and transportation market:

- A thorough grounding in the economic development and an insight into the key regions and cities.
- A review of the major challenges involved in doing business in a complex and difficult market.
- A detailed analysis of China’s air, road, rail and sea infrastructure.
- Market sizings and forecasts of the key logistics segments including contract logistics, freight forwarding and express.
- In depth examination of the trends and developments affecting the air cargo, sea freight, ports, logistics, freight forwarding and express sectors
- Profiles of the major players, both foreign and domestic, present in all the major transportation sectors

Invaluable sector information

China Rail Network The report includes detailed profiles of all the main transport and logistics sectors in China.

It contains insights into:

- ports
- airports
- sea freight
- air cargo
- express
- logistics
- warehousing

In addition to analysis and qualitative discussion of the major trends and events affecting the industry sectors, the report contains market sizes and forecasts for the express, freight forwarding and contract logistics markets.

Essential reading

China Logistics is essential reading for companies doing or intending to do business in the Chinese transport and logistics sector. It is also ideal for banks or consultancies advising clients or investing in China themselves.

The report provides all the information needed for a basic understanding of the country’s transport and logistics industry, the companies which are present in the market, and its prospects for growth. It also looks at many of the problems facing companies in China, ranging from economic to structural.

Company profiles

Sinotrans—historic financials 2001-2007China Logistics provides snapshots of all the major players in the key sectors. Profiles include a range of operational, strategic and financial information.

Air: Cathay Pacific, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Dragon Air plus more

Sea & Ports: COSCO, APL, OOCL, Hutchison Whampoa, DP World, PSA, APM plus more

Logistics: Sinotrans, Haier Logistics, Kerry EAS, DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, Schenker plus more

Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, China Post, China Rail Express plus more
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  • Air China
  • China Air Express
  • DHL
  • Great Wall Cargo
  • Maersk Logistics
  • Schenker
  • MORE
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Logistics is fundamental to Chinese Economic Growth
1.2 Economic Geography of China
1.3 Role of Logistics in Chinese Economy
1.3.1 Ports
1.3.2 Air freight
1.3.3 Rail
1.3.4 Road
1.3.5 Express Delivery
1.4 Logistics Companies
1.4.1 Competitive Environment
1.4.2 Economic Sectors
1.5 Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 The Chinese economy
3.1 Country profile
3.2 Key centres of population
3.3 Regional economic development
3.3.1 The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
3.4 Prospects for future economic growth
3.5 Key economic regions
3.5.1 Eastern Coastal Region - Pan-Pearl River Delta
3.5.2 Pearl River Delta (PRD) - Economic Zone
3.5.3 Eastern Coastal Region - Yangtze River Delta (YRD)
3.5.4 Eastern Coastal Region - Beijing-Tianjin Bohai Bay Triangle
3.5.5 Central Region – North-east China
3.5.6 Western China
3.6 Trade
3.6.1 Key trading partners
3.6.2 Value of export merchandise
3.6.3 Trade agreements
3.6.4 Trade disputes
3.6.5 Risks for trade in the future

4.0 Ports
4.1 Key Indicators
4.2 Port Infrastructure
4.2.1 Shanghai Port
4.2.2 Shenzhen Port
4.2.3 Qingdao Port
4.2.4 Guangzhou
4.2.5 Yingkou
4.2.6 Nanjing
4.2.7 Tianjin
4.2.8 Fuzhou
4.2.9 Dalian
4.2.10 Lianyungang
4.2.11 Xiamen
4.2.12 Zhongshan
4.2.13 Yantai
4.2.14 Suzhou
4.2.15 Ningbo-Zhoushan
4.2.16 Quanzhou Port
4.2.17 Hong Kong
4.3 Terminal Operating Companies
4.3.1 PSA International
4.3.2 Hutchison Whampoa
4.3.3 DP World
4.3.4 APM Terminals (A.P. Moller)
4.3.5 Others

5.0 Shipping Companies
5.2 OOCL
5.3 Neptune Orient Lines/ APL
5.4 Other shipping companies

6.0 Air Transport
6.1 Industry dynamics
6.1.1 Airports & Infrastructure
6.1.2 Airlines
6.1.3 Competition amongst Foreign Air freight companies
6.1.4 Air links with Taiwan
6.1.5 Air links with Hong Kong
6.1.6 Future growth
6.2 Air cargo carrier profiles
6.2.1 Air China
6.2.2 China Eastern
6.2.3 China Cargo
6.2.4 China Southern Airlines
6.2.5 Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
6.2.6 Dragonair (Hong Kong)
6.2.7 Jade Cargo
6.2.8 Yangtze River Express
6.2.9 Shanghai Airlines Cargo
6.2.10 Great Wall Cargo

7.0 Rail
7.1 Industry dynamics
7.1.1 Railway network and development
7.2 Lack of Capacity
7.3 Investment Strategy
7.4 Rail Freight Companies

8.0 Road
8.1 Road infrastructure

9.0 Logistics
9.1 Market Structure
9.1.1 Challenges for the Chinese logistics industry
9.1.2 Origins of market players
9.1.3 Contract Logistics: Market Size & Growth
9.1.4 Contract Logistics: Market Forecast
9.1.5 Contract Logistics penetration rate
9.1.6 Freight Forwarding: Market Size & Growth
9.1.7 China Freight Forwarding Market Forecast
9.1.8 Warehousing
9.2 Company profiles: Internal logistics divisions
9.2.1 Annto Logistics
9.2.2 China Resources Enterprise
9.2.3 Haier Logistics
9.2.4 Other in-house operations
9.3 Company profiles: Selected domestic 3PLs
9.3.1 Sinotrans
9.3.2 COSCO Logistics
9.3.3 PG Logistics
9.3.4 Chic Logistics
9.3.5 Tempus Logistics
9.3.6 FOTON Logistics
9.3.7 Kerry EAS Logistics Ltd (KEAS)
9.3.8 Guangzhou HYC Logistics
9.4 Foreign logistics operators
9.4.1 Nippon Express
9.4.2 Kintetsu World Express (KWE)
9.4.3 DHL
9.4.4 Kuehne + Nagel (K+N)
9.4.5 Expeditors
9.4.6 NYK Logistics
9.4.7 Schenker
9.4.8 Maersk Logistics
9.4.9 Toll Asia
9.4.10 Caterpillar Logistics Services
9.4.11 UPS SCS
9.4.12 DSV
9.4.13 YRC Worldwide
9.4.14 OOCL Logistics

10.0 Express
10.1 Industry dynamics
10.1.1 Market size and forecasts
10.2 Express company profiles
10.2.1 FedEx
10.2.2 TNT Express
10.2.3 UPS
10.2.4 DHL-Sinotrans
10.2.5 China Post Express Mail Service (EMS)
10.2.6 China Air Express
10.2.7 China Rail Express
10.2.8 KEAS International
10.2.9 Beijing ZJS Express
10.2.10 Jiaiji (CNEX Express)
10.2.11 S.F. Express

11.0 Appendix: Indicative currency conversion rates

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- Air China
- Annto Logistics
- Beijing ZJS Express
- Caterpillar Logistics Services
- Cathay Pacific
- Chic Logistics
- China Air Express
- China Cargo
- China Eastern
- China Post
- China Post Express Mail Service (EMS)
- China Rail Express
- China Resources Enterprise
- China Southern Airlines
- COSCO Logistics
- DP World
- Dragon Air
- Expeditors
- FedEx
- FOTON Logistics
- Great Wall Cargo
- Guangzhou HYC Logistics
- Haier Logistics
- Hutchison Whampoa
- Jade Cargo
- Jiaiji (CNEX Express)
- Kerry EAS Logistics Ltd (KEAS)
- Kintetsu World Express (KWE)
- Kuehne + Nagel
- Maersk Logistics
- Nippon Express
- NYK Logistics
- OOCL Logistics
- PG Logistics
- S.F. Express
- Schenker
- Shanghai Airlines Cargo
- Sinotrans
- Tempus Logistics
- TNT Express
- Toll Asia
- Yangtze River Express
- YRC Worldwide
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown