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Cutter IT Journal draws the debate - and provides creative ideas - for taking on the IT challenges you care about.

Competition remains intense in the high-tech world. Budget cutbacks and short deadlines have become the norm. IT professionals need advice and experience they can rely on. If you're looking for honest assessments and opinion surrounding the IT management issues that have an immense impact on your organization right now, Cutter IT Journal is for you.

The monthly Journal and its weekly companion Cutter IT E-Mail Advisor, provide you with a variety of perspectives on the issues you're dealing with today. Armed with opinion, data, and advice, you'll be able to make the best decisions, employ the best practices, and choose the right strategies for your organization.

Unlike academic journals, Cutter IT Journal doesn't water down or delay its coverage of timely issues with lengthy peer reviews. Each month, our expert Guest Editor delivers articles by internationally known IT practitioners that include case studies, research findings, and experience-based opinion on the IT topics enterprises face today - not issues you were dealing with six months ago, or those that are so esoteric you might not ever need to learn from others' experiences. No other journal brings together so many cutting-edge thinkers, and lets them speak so bluntly on issues such as:

- Can we prove the value of IT ROI?
- Is your IT group poised to be innovative, or does it merely hold a supporting role?
- The give and take of offshore outsourcing
- The value of high-quality data
- The evolution of agile project management
- The whys and how’s of benchmarking, and more.

Cutter IT Journal subscribers consider the Journal a "consultancy in print" and liken each month's 5-6 articles exploring a single topic to the debates they've participated in at the end of a day at a conference, in the lounge - with every participant in the conversation excitedly expressing his or her viewpoint, backing it up with data and real-life experience.

Every facet of IT -- application integration, security, portfolio management, testing, to name a few -- plays a role in the success or failure of your organization's IT efforts. Only the Cutter IT Journal and Cutter IT E-Mail Advisor deliver a comprehensive treatment of these critical issues and help you make informed decisions about the strategies you'll use to improve IT's performance.
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