Acute Medicine. Clinical Cases Uncovered

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Acute Medicine is the central part of foundation and specialist general medical training and is one of the most rapidly expanding UK hospital specialties.

Acute Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered combines patient cases and outcomes, drawn from real–life experiences, with reference to the curriculum for Training in General (Acute) Medicine. It provides self–assessment MCQs, EMQs and SAQs to give medical students, junior doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals the perfect preparation for life on the wards.

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Preface vii

Acknowledgements ix

How to use this book x

List of abbreviations xi

Part 1 Basics 1

Introduction and specialty overview 1

Approach to the patient 5

Part 2 Cases 28

Case 1 A 45–year–old man with ‘cardiac–type’ chest pain 28

Case 2 A 35–year–old woman with ‘pleuritic’ chest pain 37

Case 3 A 50–year–old man presenting with palpitations 47

Case 4 A 60–year–old man with a broad complex tachycardia 56

Case 5 A 25–year–old woman with acute asthma 62

Case 6 A 60–year–old woman with an ‘exacerbation’ of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 70

Case 7 An 86–year–old woman with acute shortness of breath 79

Case 8 A 68–year–old man presenting with shock 88

Case 9 A 55–year–old man with suspected upper gastrointestinal bleeding 94

Case 10 A 60–year–old man with diarrhoea 103

Case 11 A 37–year–old woman with sudden severe headache 111

Case 12 A 21–year–old man presenting following a seizure 118

Case 13 A 22–year–old unconscious man 125

Case 14 A 64–year–old man presenting with unilateral weakness 136

Case 15 A 60–year–old man presenting following a blackout 145

Case 16 A 45–year–old man with acute confusion 152

Case 17 An 81–year–old woman with acute confusion 158

Case 18 A 25–year–old woman with acute hyperglycaemia 166

Case 19 A 73–year–old man with abnormal renal function 173

Case 20 A 55–year–old man with pyrexia of unknown origin 182

Case 21 A 25–year–old woman admitted following an overdose 191

Case 22 A 35–year–old woman with an acutely swollen leg 200

Part 3 Self–assessment 205

MCQs 205

EMQs 211

SAQs 216

Answers 219

Appendix: Normal ranges units and common abbreviations for blood tests 229

Index of cases by diagnosis 231

Index 233

Colour plate section can be found facing p.148

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown