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A periodical update of a country’s economy during the current crisis will provide you with a better insight into market conditions and enhance your risk-resistance. This country risk monitoring report provides you with a complete country risk analysis.

Following the subprime mortgage crisis, a series of financial earthquakes has been spreading across the globe causing havoc in financial markets and creating economic recession. The financial crisis is of major concern as it will probably afflict a large number of your clients or business partners worldwide.

The reports are updated on a monthly basis with the most recent data. You will receive the most recent version of the report available at the time of your order.
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The following shows the structure of a report we undertook for a major international credit insurance company in 2008. We are able to tailor our data to your specific needs.

Example content & structure

1. Macroeconomic Overview
1.1. Change of GDP in past 9 months (e.g. monthly GDP growth rate)
1.2. Change of Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the past 9 months (a historical curve suggested)
1.3. Trend of Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in the past 9 months (a historical curve suggested)
1.4. Change of unemployment rate in the past 9 months.
1.5. What (if any) fiscal policies or monetary policies has the government of the country adopted to tackle current problems.

2. Financial Sector Overview
2.1. Brief explanation on the major stock index of the country (or region) and description of its trend in past 9 months. (a historical price chart).
2.2. The trend of home currency to US dollar exchange rate in the past 9 months (a historical chart).
2.3. Any adjustment of interest rate (e.g. one-year deposit interest rate/ one-year loan interest rate) in the past 9 months.
2.4. Change (if any) to credit rating of major financial institutions such as large-scale banks and funds.
2.5. Brief description of significant events in financial sector such as bankruptcies, acquisitions, take overs, capital injection from the government or rescue plan, etc.

3. Information of Key Industries and Entities
3.1. Description of the recent trend of some basic industries such as energy, steel-making, nonferrous metal, etc. in terms of demand & supply, input and output price and so on.
3.2. Description of the situation of real estate industry in the past 9 months.
3.3. Affect of the financial crisis on other industries.
3.4. Significant events in the past 9 months such as bankruptcies, acquisitions, takeovers etc. in industries related to subprime mortgage and financial crisis.
3.5. Affect on any key enterprises (entities) of the country (or region) by the crisis and measures taken so far to cope with the issue. (for example, the case of General Motors)

4. Regulatory change
Response of the governmental organs or market regulators of the country (or region) to the crisis. For example the recent issue of any new regulations or laws.
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