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Libya Telecoms - Country Profile

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This 14-page report gives a complete snap-shot of Libya's telecom environment and provides all the information needed to be successful in this market.

It initially defines the country's economic and political environment keeping you abreast of any events that could impact the business environment in the near future. It then provides an overview of the country's regulatory environment, including information on regulators, ministries and the liberalisation status of each telecom markets. In this section, the country's WTO commitments are analysed, as well as the latest regulatory events.

The telecom statistics and forecast section for 1999-2008 is filled with valuable data on telecom revenues, telecom investments as well as a number of subscribers, penetration and growth for the fixed, mobile, Internet and Cable TV markets. It also contains International traffic and rates information.

This exclusive report then provides an analysis of the country’s competitive environment, analyzing the fixed, mobile and Internet markets in terms of players, number of subscribers, market share. It also covers the trends and key events in each sector.

Last but not least, it also provides a detailed profile of GPTC, giving information on their latest activities, key contacts, service offering, financial and market shares.

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<b>Economic and Political Environment</b>
Basic country data
Economic summary
Key economic data
Political summary
Key political data

<b>Regulatory Environment</b>
Policy maker
Regulatory environment

<b>Telecom Statistics, 1999-2003</b>
Telecom service revenue

<b>Telecom Statistics Forecast, 2004-2008</b>

<b>Competitive Environment</b>
Telecom market overview
Fixed market overview
Mobile market overview
Internet market overview

<b>Key Players Profile</b>


Key economic data, 2000-2003
Telecom statistics, 1999-2003
Telecom forecast, 2004-2008
Number of subscribers per market, 1999-2003
Libya's main ISPs, 2004


Growth rate: Real GDP vs. Inflation
Libya telephone subscribers, 1999-2003
Libya telecom market growth, 1999-2003
Libya telecom market penetration, 1999-2003
Libya Outpayment with US vs. Termination rate, 1999-2003
Libya telephone subscribers forecast, 2004-2008
Libya telecom market growth forecast, 2004-2008
Libya telecom market penetration forecast, 2004-2008
Libya forecasted Outpayment with US vs. Termination rate, 2004-2008
Libya number of subscribers per market, 1999-2003

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