Energy Infrastructure Wall Map of Indiana

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This wall map is the ultimate visual reference for Indiana's energy infrastructure. It contains all vital information on Oil, Gas, and Electric energy produced and transported through the state, including: pipelines, storage facilities, transmission lines, power plants, and much more.

The most data in the simplest format – this is the most comprehensive (and comprehensible) map you will find in the market. Our team of cartographers and designers simplified the information without compromising its quality or quantity. Where applicable, features the following:

-Labelled Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Refined Products & NGL/LPG/HVL pipelines

-Labelled Gas Compressor Stations

-Gas Processing Plants

-LNG Sites (existing & proposed) including capacity information

-Natural Gas Storage Facilities

-Point-location of Crude Oil Refineries & Terminals

-All types of Electric Power Plants, colour-coded by fuel source & sized by capacity

-High voltage Electricity Transmission lines (115KV & above)

Mapping that is unique to the Energy industry. Nowhere else are such comprehensive & exquisitely detailed maps available by single state. Our cartographers and designers render these maps on a state-by-state level, enabling them to illustrate on an enlarged and enhanced scale not available anywhere else.

Informing doesn’t have to be boring. Beautifully printed on high quality gloss-photo paper, the wall map contains a system of labels that makes the information highlighted above easy to read and understand:

-Each pipeline system or transmission line is individually labelled and colour coded

-All gas, oil, & electric sites are represented by a series of easy-to-identify symbols throughout the map

-The large 36” X 28” print-format allows for greater detail while making it a perfect fit for any cubicle wall

-The full colour and gloss-photo-finish makes the wall map more than a tool of the trade, it makes for a great wall decoration!
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown