World Markets for Insoluble Sulfur

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World Markets for Insoluble Sulfur is a new report that provides a detailed analysis of the global market for insoluble sulfur, a non-blooming vulcanizing agent used almost exclusively in rubber compounding, mainly in components requiring a high degree of stickiness or tack, including radial tires, belting, and hoses.

This 45-page report provides global demand figures for the insoluble sulfur market, including data for all regions and 15 leading countries. Data are provided for all years from 2005 through 2008, with forecasts for 2009, 2010, and 2015. Demand is detailed by major market, including passenger tires, truck tires, other tires, and non-tire rubber goods. The report also provides market share and capacity by supplier, current pricing, and profiles of leading suppliers.

Current Industry Conditions

With its prospects tied inextricably to the motor vehicle and tire industries, the insoluble sulfur industry currently faces its most challenging conditions in 25 years. Even prior to the emergence of the global financial crisis in the fourth quarter of 2008, the tire industry – and, by extension, the insoluble sulfur market – was facing a difficult 2008, as a sharp spike in oil prices over the first eight months of the year raised raw material costs nearly across the board, reduced miles driven (and thus replacement tire demand), and prompted both consumers and businesses to put off new vehicle purchases. The economic crisis has greatly exacerbated these factors, hitting the motor vehicle industry particularly hard. Insoluble sulfur suppliers have responded to these difficulties by idling under-utilized capacity, postponing planned expansions, and reducing their operating costs. The current difficulties follow five years of unusually strong volume growth during the 2002 to 2007 period as insoluble sulfur demand benefited from rising production of radial passenger and truck tires, particularly in China, as well as India, Thailand, Brazil, and Russia. World Markets for Insoluble Sulfur chronicles the industry’s current condition in detail, and provides forecasts for short term recovery as well as long term growth.


- Demand
- Markets
- Suppliers
- Pricing
- Market Share
- Capacity
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Introduction: Notes & Methodology

1. Overview of Insoluble Sulfur
1.1 Executive Summary: Key Findings & Statistics
1.2 What is Insoluble Sulfur?
1.3 Products & Applications
1.4 Pricing Trends
- Table 1: Regional Insoluble Sulfur Prices, 1st Quarter 2009

2. Regional Demand for Insoluble Sulfur
2.1 World Demand
- Table 2: Regional Demand for Insoluble Sulfur, 1998-2008
- Table 3: World Demand for Insoluble Sulfur
2.2 North America
- Table 4: North America - Demand for Insoluble Sulfur
2.3 European Union (EU 27)
- Table 5: European Union - Demand for Insoluble Sulfur
2.4 Asia
- Table 6: Asia - Demand for Insoluble Sulfur
2.5 Other Regions
- Table 7: Other Regions - Demand for Insoluble Sulfur

3. Insoluble Sulfur Suppliers, Market Share & Capacity
3.1 Market Share & Capacity
- Table 8: Concentration Levels in the Insoluble Sulfur Market, 2008
- Table 9: Annual Sales & Market Share for Insoluble Sulfur Producers, 2008
- Table 10: Insoluble Sulfur Production Capacity by Company, Year-end 2008
3.2 Capacity Developments
- Table 11: Insoluble Sulfur - Recent Capacity Developments
3.3 Supplier Profiles
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