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Telecommunications and Networks

The telecommunications industry is seen as a major driver of the global economic recovery, despite the constant challenges given by rapidly changing scenarios in services, technologies, skill-sets, and more. A fundamental change in the industry is the shift from a core of voice-enabled devices to audio and video formats.

If you want to be a leading player in this crucial sector browse Research and Market’s Telecommunications and Networks section. We can provide you with all the information resources you need, from market insights, statistics and forecasts to business models, and updates on the leading next-generation technologies.

The publications listed in the Telecommunications and Networks section cover fixed telephone services, wireless (including Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G & 4G, , Mobile Content, GPRS, WAP, SMS and MMS, Wireless Local Loop, Wireless Data, M-Commerce services, i-mode, and Location Based Services), devices and handsets, and networks.

Satellite and call centres are also featured in this sub-category.
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Philippines - Key Statistics, Telecommunications Market, Infrastructure and Forecasts

While the telecom sector in the Philippines has witnessed considerable investment and activity since deregulation, the market has continued to fall short of its potential. However, it could be argued...

Published:  July 2014
Price:  From

Slovenia - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts

This report offers statistics and analyses on the fixed-line telecom sector, as well as the fixed and wireless broadband market, including subscriber forecasts to 2020. It covers the major players,...

Published:  September 2014
Price:  From

The Taiwanese Mobile Phone Industry, 2Q 2014: Branded Vendors

This research report presents mobile phone shipment volume forecast and recent quarter review of major Taiwanese branded vendors The report includes shipment volume and value, ASP, vendor volume ranking,...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

Consumer Smartphone Usage 2014: Digital Economy Application and Service Usage

The digital economy has enjoyed significant growth in the past few years – many local (country-specific) businesses have developed and marketed apps. This has resulted in a boost in the adoption of...

Published:  August 2014

Asia-Pacific WAN Optimization Controller Market CY 2013

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) market recorded a flat YoY growth in 2013, as the demand for the technology was fairly low due to the weak business environment in the region,...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

Australia: National Broadband Network to Boost Adoption Levels to Match Regional Peers

‘Australia: National Broadband Network to Boost Adoption Levels to Match Regional Peers,’ a new Country Intelligence Report, offers a precise, incisive profile of Australia’s mobile and fixed telecommunications...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

3Q 2014 - Mobile Device Trade-In and Recycling Survey: Understanding Consumer Behavior

This 45-page report provides results from our third quarter survey conducted by and its Thought Leader Panel around the topic of mobile phone recycling and reuse, a growing area of the mobile ecosystem....

Published:  September 2014

Malta - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts

MVNOs making a growing presence in Malta's mobile market Malta's small telecom sector continues to be stimulated by regulatory measures designed to increase competition and to reduce consumer prices,...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

South Africa - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts

This annual report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in South Africa's telecommunications market Subjects covered include: - Key statistics; - Market and industry overviews;...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

Austria Telecommunications Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Austria started to show signs of saturation in 2013, reporting net losses each quarter, for a total of 193,000 subscribers. This is unsurprising given a penetration rate of 156% as of December...

Published:  June 2014

Jordan Telecommunications Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The outlook for Jordan's telecoms market received a welcome boost this quarter, after it emerged that Zain had agreed to acquire 4G spectrum and a licence from the government. Previously,...

Published:  June 2014

Uganda Telecommunications Report Q3 2014

BMI View: There remains considerable growth opportunity in Uganda's mobile market, which BMI estimates reached a penetration rate of just 47% in 2013. However, a large proportion of potential subscription...

Published:  June 2014

Amazon Best Sellers Tracker: Mobile Application (United States, Issue 7 2014)

Amazon Best Sellers Trackers are monthly reports that track the performance of top items (1P and 3P) in various categories and countries on the Amazon websites. This service has been launched in October...

Published:  July 2014

Bhutan - Telecoms, Mobile and Internet

While mobile internet is booming in Bhutan overall mobile growth has started to slow In less than seven years Bhutan has moved from having no mobile phones to claiming more than 70% mobile penetration....

Published:  September 2014
Price:  From

Morocco - Internet, Broadband and Digital Media - Insights and Statistics

Morocco's fixed-line broadband market is dominated by Maroc Telecom's ADSL service. Despite the company's effective monopoly in providing the service, Morocco has developed some of the lowest broadband...

Published:  July 2014
Price:  From

North American 2014 Wi-Fi Market: Wi-Fi Everywhere

This report reviews the state of the North American Wi-Fi market, examines the opportunities for growth, and explores the opportunities for non-traditional service providers in this area This analysis...

Published:  July 2014
Price:  From

Consumer Smartphone Usage 2014: The Impact of Device Models on Application and Service Usage

The smartphone industry is one of the most dynamic in the world, resulting in the emergence of new features and mobile experiences every 6 months. In addition, the market positioning of leading manufacturers...

Published:  August 2014

USA - Fibre to the Premise (FttP) Market - Insights Statistics and Forecasts

In recent years the US has been engaged in a more concerted fibre deployment effort, principally from the two incumbents Verizon and AT&T but notably also from Google with its successful investment...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

Chinese Smart OTT TV: Market Development, Competitive Strategies and Impacts on Incumbent Players

This report presents analysis of market development, competitive strategies and impacts on incumbent players China's mobile online service users have grown rapidly but most users still favor free online...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From

The Chinese Smartphone Industry: January 2014 - May 2014

This report presents a recent review of the Chinese smartphone industry in the first quarter of 2014 The report includes shipment volume of major smartphone branded vendors in China, breakdowns of each...

Published:  June 2014
Price:  From
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