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Telecommunications and Networks Market Research Reports

The telecommunications industry is seen as a major driver of the global economic recovery, despite the constant challenges given by rapidly changing scenarios in services, technologies, skill-sets, and more. A fundamental change in the industry is the shift from a core of voice-enabled devices to audio and video formats.

If you want to be a leading player in this crucial sector browse Research and Market’s Telecommunications and Networks section. We can provide you with all the information resources you need, from market insights, statistics and forecasts to business models, and updates on the leading next-generation technologies.

The publications listed in the Telecommunications and Networks section cover fixed telephone services, wireless (including Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G & 4G, , Mobile Content, GPRS, WAP, SMS and MMS, Wireless Local Loop, Wireless Data, M-Commerce services, i-mode, and Location Based Services), devices and handsets, and networks.

Satellite and call centres are also featured in this sub-category.
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Rwanda - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics

Joint venture with Korea Telecom launches LTE network This report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Rwanda's telecommunications market. Subjects covered include: One of...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Taking Purpose-Built Analytics Where It Has Never Gone Before: The Monetization of Network Operations and Engineering

This week’s SPIE examines the conundrum tied to the blurring of O&M functions, with a specific focus on Financial Assurance. One supplier -TEOCO- is bridging the gap between Operations functions, particularly...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Argentina - Broadband and Broadcasting Market - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts

Although Argentina's broadband penetration is the third highest in Latin America, after Uruguay and Chile, economic and political difficulties during the last decade have impacted on sector investments,...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

El Salvador: 4G/LTE Auction Delays Push Operators to Upgrade 3G Infrastructure to Cope with Increasing Data Traffic

‘El Salvador: 4G/LTE Auction Delays Push Operators to Upgrade 3G Infrastructure to Cope with Increasing Data Traffic,’ a new Country Intelligence Report offers a precise, incisive profile of El Salvador’s...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Australia - Mobile Broadband - Market Drivers and Forecasts

Mobile broadband access using 3G and 4G/LTE networks has expanded steadily as users continue to add tablets, modems and phones as alternative communication methods. Mobile broadband is also a key contributor...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Australia - Mobile Broadband - Major Operators

Mobile broadband has taken off in recent years as subscribers respond to the operators expanding their 3G and 4G services. Dedicated fixed-wireless operators such as BigAir, Unwired and vividwireless...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Global Telecom Consumer Market Trends

The research aims at understanding consumer market trends, benchmarking current offerings, and case studies from global perspective, however, in the context of Telekom Malaysia. The company is the leader...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Winning in Digital: Lessons from Emerging Markets

Despite a seemingly insatiable appetite for mobile communication, apps, services and content within the world's population, many mobile operators have become increasingly concerned with their role in...

Published:  December 2014

Monetising Mobile Data: New Service & Revenue Models

Mobile data is a key focus for all MNOs in markets around the world as data usage continues its inexorable rise. The days of unlimited data are now in the past as operators seek to persuade their customers...

Published:  December 2014

Key Industry Participants in the North American M2M and IoT Virtual Network Operations Market

This market insight report identifies the key competitive attributes for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) virtual network operators (VNOs) in North America. It also highlights the...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Hong Kong Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: Mobile market growth has stalled in 2014 and consequently BMI does not believe that there is much scope for organic growth on the Hong Kong mobile market. Data usage is expected to be one...

Published:  December 2014

Growth Opportunities for Professional Headsets in the European Market

The European headset market presents considerable growth opportunities for professional headset vendors. Europe is the second largest region in terms of professional headset sales with 28.8% of headset...

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Poland Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: Poland is one of the largest telecoms markets in Central and Eastern Europe, with vibrant competition across all market segments. High mobile penetration leads BMI to believe that the market...

Published:  December 2014

Italy Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: The mobile market has been impacted by sustained economic weakness that has hit the consumer spending with a delay. BMI believes that this will result in negative subscriber growth in 2014...

Published:  December 2014

Brazil Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

Brazilian telecommunications sector is expected to see a number of wide-scale acquisitions and consolidation next year, which is likely to see the structure of the sector reorganised. Brazil telecoms...

Published:  December 2014

Singapore Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: Singapore continues to demonstrate its outperformance as the country continues to harbour growth opportunities due to consumers' high purchasing power and strong appetite for new products...

Published:  December 2014

Qatar Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: Despite Qatar's small population and one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the region, there remain considerable subscriptions and revenue growth opportunities for the country's two...

Published:  December 2014

Croatia Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: The Croatian telecoms market is well developed in terms of services, with marked improvements in network coverage and capacity in recent years, but operator performance has been squeezed by...

Published:  December 2014

Ghana Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: The NCA's plan to license MVNO players in Ghana's already crowded mobile market will push price competition to unsustainable levels. This will encourage operators to seek further cost efficiencies...

Published:  December 2014

Austria Telecommunications Report Q1 2015

BMI View: The Austrian mobile market has reached its saturation point and BMI believes that subscription growth will plateau during our forecast period - thus any potential growth will come from cannibalising...

Published:  December 2014
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