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The global mobile phones market is expected to experience tremendous growth. It is forecast to reach a value of $217,986.4 million by 2015, an increase of 64.5% since 2010.

What are the trends and issues shaping today’s market? Which factors are likely to change the competitive landscape? Get a detailed picture of the industry and gain insight into its future direction of the market with the reports, books, and subscriptions listed under Research and Markets’ Handsets and Mobile Devices category.

Hundred of players that are operating in today’s market are featured in our publications, including Nokia, Samsung, Apple, ZTE, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Huawei, LG, UTStarcom, BenQ-Siemens, CECT, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Panasonic, Palm, Pantech Wireless, Philips, Qualcomm, Sagem, Sanyo, Sharp, Sierra Wireless, Just5, SK Teletech, T&A Alcatel, Trium, Toshiba, Vidalco, and many more. Show Less
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4K Technology Market by Product (TVs, Monitors, Digital Signage, Set-Top Boxes, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Projectors, Cameras, and Blu-Ray Players) and Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW) - Global Analysis and Forecast to 2020

4K resolution is the new standard for picture quality, and the future of high-end video displays. 4K provides more detailed and less pixelated images than 1080p. 4K technology can deliver enhanced quality...

Published:  August 2015
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Mobile Phone Accessories Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015 - 2025

This study offers an 11-year forecast for the global mobile phone accessories market between 2015 and 2025. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.9% during the projected period. The study provides...

Published:  August 2015
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MEMS Inertial Sensors - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for MEMS Inertial Sensors in US$ Million and Million Units. The Global market is further analyzed in US$ Million by the following End-Use Applications: Automotive,...

Published:  July 2015
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Sapphire Substrates - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Sapphire Substrates in US$ Million by the following End-Use Application Sectors: Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Mobile Phones, and Others. The report provides...

Published:  July 2015
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Docking Station Market (Type - Laptop Docking Stations, Hard Drive Docking Stations and Mobile Device Docking Stations) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020

Docking stations enable users to connect their portable devices to a set of peripherals through a simple connection. With the help of docking stations, portable devices such as laptops, hard drives,...

Published:  April 2015
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Smartphones - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Smartphones in Thousand Units by the following Operating Systems: Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and Others. The report provides separate...

Published:  February 2015
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Cellular Devices - Reality Check and Market Outlook

This report describes the cellular connected device ecosystem, in terms of offerings and related business models. It describes the main drivers and barriers for market take-off. It also provides...

Published:  June 2015

Android device base by Vendor, Handset Model, Region and Country Database Service

This service includes quarterly delivery of a database listing the total quantity of active android devices by handset model, region and country, as well as analyst enquires related to the database...

Published:  May 2015
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Phone-based Authentication: Global Market Outlook and Forecast 2015-2019

About Phone-based Authentication The phone-factor is the second layer of two-factor or multi-factor authentication. Phone-based authentication is enabled through an end-user's cell phone or smartphone...

Published:  July 2015
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Global Smartphone Display Market 2015-2019

About smartphone display Smartphone display is the thick/thin electronic display screen made up of glass, plastic, or other flexible substrates. These screens are lightweight and foldable. As the demand...

Published:  September 2015
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Smartphone Market in Japan 2015-2019

About Smartphones Smartphones support basic functions such as texting and calling along with advanced computing functions such as browsing, touch screen display, e-mailing, entertainment, Wi-Fi connectivity,...

Published:  July 2015
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Smartphone Market in Brazil 2015-2019

About Smartphones Smartphones are devices that integrate the functionalities of computers, PDAs, and cell phones. Smartphones consist of operating systems (similar to a computer), large displays, and...

Published:  July 2015
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Global Mobile Application Market 2015-2019

About Mobile Application The boom in the Mobile market and the upsurge in usage of smart phones are driving the market for mobile applications. Mobile applications are developed to enable users to get...

Published:  March 2015
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Global Mobile Device Management (MDM) Market 2015-2019

About MDM MDM (mobile device management) is a tool used to manage, monitor, and track personal devices used in the workplace. It allows the distribution of applications, data, and configuration settings...

Published:  May 2015
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Global Gesture Recognition Technology Market for Smartphones 2015-2019

About Gesture Recognition Gesture recognition refers to the ability of a device to identify and respond to the different gestures of an individual. Gesture recognition technology reduces the usage of...

Published:  July 2015
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Global NFC-enabled Handset Market 2015-2019

About NFC Enabled Handset Market NFC is a standard short-range connectivity, which uses high frequency wireless communication technology to enable peer-to-peer communication between devices. End-users...

Published:  December 2014
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The Mobile Phone Insurance Ecosystem: 2015 - 2020 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

Given the increasing prevalence of expensive household goods, cars and consumer electronics, insurance has become an unavoidable and often necessary cost in modern life. Mobile phones, and smartphones...

Published:  January 2015
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Global Smartphone Touch Screen Market 2015-2019

About Touch Screen Touch screen is a two-dimensional sensing device in the form of a transparent sheet, which is integrated on devices and provides a sensing and feedback system. It is a display screen...

Published:  April 2015
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Emerging Interface Technologies for Mobile Devices

2D and 3D Touch, Global and Localized Haptics, Speech Recognition, Voice Recognition, Gesture Recognition, and Eye Tracking Interface Technologies for Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart Watches A user...

Published:  May 2015
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Smartphone Radio Frequency Front-End Content Trends Analysis

(Samsung Galaxy S6 Family / Apple iPhone 6 Family) This report provides a comprehensive analysis on RF front end technology in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6s smartphones. Features -...

Published:  September 2015
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