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Put theory into practice… and make your business profitable! The huge range of publications listed under Research and Markets’ Economics category will provide you with a detailed picture of the current standing of domestic and international markets.

From risk assessment to competiveness, economic indicators to macroeconomic overviews of national and regional economies (including the troubled Eurozone and the blossoming BRIC economies), expert authors and analysts from the worlds of academia and industry provide key insights into existing conditions and what’s coming down the track.

Also featured is a selection of essays and textbooks from acclaimed academics, covering every aspect of this discipline, from the basics to the more complex concepts and most recent developments in specific research fields.

If your business or study field focuses on Asian markets, please visit the relevant category for a wider selection of publications. Show Less
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The End of Cheap China, Revised and Updated. Economic and Cultural Trends That Will Disrupt the World

An exposé on how the rise of China will affect the American way of life The End of Cheap China is a fun, riveting, must-read book not only for people doing business in China but for anyone interested...

August 2014

Environment, Natural Resources and the Indian Economy

Environmental pollution is one of the major problems faced by the world community, especially in the cities of the developing countries which have experienced unbridled growth of population, urbanization...

August 2014

Sites of Race

Critical social theorist and philosopher David Theo Goldberg is one of the defining figures in critical race theory.  His work, unsurpassed in its analytical rigor and political urgency, has helped...

August 2014
Economic Policy 78 Economic Policy 78 - Product Thumbnail Image

Economic Policy 78

Top economists provide a concise and accessible evaluation of major developments in trade and trade policy. Examination of key issues pertinent to the multinational trading system, as well as regional...

July 2014

Saving the Market from Capitalism. Ideas for an Alternative Finance

This new book by two leading economists is a far-reaching analysis of the role and organization of the financial system in the aftermath of the economic crisis. The authors argue that the financial...

July 2014
Handbook of Asian Finance - SET Handbook of Asian Finance - SET - Product Thumbnail Image

Handbook of Asian Finance - SET

Asia's miraculous recovery from the 1997 crisis ushered in unexpected transformations to its economies and financial sectors. The reasons many Asian countries are growing above 6%, with double-digit...

July 2014

Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics. Optimize Exploration and Production with Data Driven Models. Wiley and SAS Business Series

Use big data analytics to efficiently drive oil and gas exploration and production Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics provides a complete view of big data and analytics techniques as they...

July 2014

Socially Responsive Organizations and the Challenge of Poverty

This book provides a combination of case studies and current action research describing how businesses and civil society organizations are working to alleviate poverty in local and global communities...

July 2014

After the Crisis

What effects will the current economic crisis have on the long–term development of our societies? What does the future hold in store when we emerge from the crisis? These two questions lie at the heart...

June 2014

Handbook in Monte Carlo Simulation. Applications in Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Economics. Wiley Handbooks in Financial Engineering and Econometrics

An accessible treatment of Monte Carlo methods, techniques, and applications in the field of finance and economics Providing readers with an in-depth and comprehensive guide, the Handbook in Monte...

June 2014

The Selection Process of Biomass Materials for the Production of Bio-Fuels and Co-firing. IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering

A functional discussion of the crop selection process for biomass energy The Selection Process of Biomass Materials for the Production of Bio-fuels and Co-firing provides a detailed examination and...

June 2014

The New Natural Resource: Knowledge Development, Society and Economics

Increasingly in the public discourse there are references to the knowledge economy, knowledge society, knowledge workers and knowledge organisations The argument is that knowledge is becoming the main...

June 2014

Immigration Economics

Millions of people—nearly 3 percent of the world’s population—no longer live in the country where they were born Every day, migrants enter not only the United States but also developed countries without...

June 2014

Big Picture Economics. How to Navigate the New Global Economy

Navigate the economy with this insightful new book The world is awash with economic information. Governments release reports. Pundits give their interpretation on television. And the stock market...

May 2014

Japanization. What the World Can Learn from Japan's Lost Decades. Bloomberg

An in-depth look at Japan's economic malaise and the steps it must take to compete globally In Japanization, Bloomberg columnist William Pesek—based in Tokyo—presents a detailed look at Japan's continuing...

May 2014

The Handbook of Global Health Policy. HGP - Handbooks of Global Policy

The Handbook of Global Health Policy provides a definitive source of the key areas in the field. It examines the ethical and practical dimensions of new and current policy models and their effect on...

May 2014

Emerging Market Growth - Executive Insights: Global Economic Outlook 2014

Growth forecasts in 2013 were constantly upgraded or downgraded due to the long-lasting effects of debt in Europe, and stronger performances from the United States and the United Kingdom Emerging global...

May 2014

What if They Held a Cloud Pricing War and Nobody Came?

In this SPIE, we explore the complex economics associated with cloud pricing We look at enterprise perceptions regarding pricing, and assess the pricing strategies espoused by AWS, Google, and Microsoft...

May 2014

Economic and Business Forecasting. Analyzing and Interpreting Econometric Results. Wiley and SAS Business Series

Discover the secrets to applying simple econometric techniques to improve forecasting Equipping analysts, practitioners, and graduate students with a statistical framework to make effective decisions...

May 2014

The Law and Economics of Enforcing European Consumer Law

In the internet age, the need for effective consumer law enforcement has arguably never been greater This timely book is a comparative law and economic analysis of the changing landscape of EU consumer...

May 2014
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