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Put theory into practice… and make your business profitable! The huge range of publications listed under Research and Markets’ Economics category will provide you with a detailed picture of the current standing of domestic and international markets.

From risk assessment to competiveness, economic indicators to macroeconomic overviews of national and regional economies (including the troubled Eurozone and the blossoming BRIC economies), expert authors and analysts from the worlds of academia and industry provide key insights into existing conditions and what’s coming down the track.

Also featured is a selection of essays and textbooks from acclaimed academics, covering every aspect of this discipline, from the basics to the more complex concepts and most recent developments in specific research fields.

If your business or study field focuses on Asian markets, please visit the relevant category for a wider selection of publications. Show Less
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FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast Latin America (Excel Support) FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast Latin America (Excel Support) - Product Thumbnail Image

FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast Latin America (Excel Support)

The sustainability of healthy and consistent profit growth in Latin America can be overshadowed by uncertain economic growth patterns, sudden hikes in inflation, and more volatile exchange rates than...

March 2015

Portuguese Economic Monthly - Annual subscription

The Portuguese Economic Monthly covers the most important aspects of the Portuguese economy, looking at its structural advantages and deficiencies and analysing recent economic developments The report...

March 2015

Introduction to Islamic Economics. Theory and Application. Wiley Finance

Gain deeper insight into the principles and theory of Islamic economics Introduction to Islamic Economics: Theory and Application provides an overview of the organizing principles and fundamentals...

January 2015

China's Economy. A Collection of Surveys. Surveys of Recent Research in Economics

This collection of critical surveys provides readers with a range of up-to-date work from leading scholars in the area, writing on some of the key issues facing China, as they survey the present and...

January 2015

Social Change in Contemporary China and the Theory of Social Contradictions

This book examines the various social contradictions that sit at the heart of China’s strategy of maintaining a harmonious socialist society whilst generating vertiginous economic growth. Written by...

January 2015

The Role of Currency in Institutional Portfolios 2014

In the current financial environment in which institutional investors are failing to achieve their goal of superior returns or beating the market, investors are rethinking asset allocation as a whole. The...

December 2014

The Colder War. How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America's Grasp

How the massive power shift in Russia threatens the political dominance of the United States There is a new cold war underway, driven by a massive geopolitical power shift to Russia that went almost...

December 2014
Economic Policy 80 Economic Policy 80 - Product Thumbnail Image

Economic Policy 80

In this book, top economists provide a concise and accessible evaluation of major developments in trade and trade policy. Economic Policy has earned a reputation around the world as the one publication...

December 2014
Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, v1B, Vol 1B Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, v1B, Vol 1B - Product Thumbnail Image

Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, v1B, Vol 1B

The economic literature on international migration interests policymakers as well as academics throughout the social sciences. These volumes, the first of a new subseries in the Handbooks in Economics,...

December 2014

Healthcare Trends and Game Changers-A Socio-Economic Perspective

The general health of a country’s population is often used as an indicator of its socio-economic well-being. Acknowledging healthcare’s influence over the economic success of policies, governments have...

December 2014

The Escape from Balance Sheet Recession and the QE Trap. A Hazardous Road for the World Economy

Compare global experiences during the balance sheet recession and find out what is needed for a full recovery The Escape from Balance Sheet Recession and the QE Trap details the many hidden dangers...

November 2014
Oxford Analytica Prospects 2015 - Entire Series Oxford Analytica Prospects 2015 - Entire Series - Product Thumbnail Image

Oxford Analytica Prospects 2015 - Entire Series

Oxford Analytica Prospects 2015 forecasts key issues that ill shape policy, economic and strategic issues globally in 2015. The series assesses emerging risks and opportunities affecting the macro environment...

November 2014
Inequality, Democracy, and Growth in Brazil Inequality, Democracy, and Growth in Brazil - Product Thumbnail Image

Inequality, Democracy, and Growth in Brazil

In terms accessible to non-economists, Marcos José Mendes describes the ways democracy and inequality produce low growth in the short and medium terms. In the longer term, he argues that Brazil has...

November 2014

Good Risks: Discovering the Secrets to ORIX's 50 Years of Success

Get inside Japan's invisible behemoth to see the future of global business Good Risks is a fascinating insight into ORIX, a global giant whose business empire straddles the world, but which has managed...

November 2014

Europe Entrapped

Today Europe finds itself in a crisis that casts a dark shadow over an entire generation. The seriousness of the crisis stems from one core political contradiction at the heart of the European project:...

November 2014
Economic Growth and Sustainability Economic Growth and Sustainability - Product Thumbnail Image

Economic Growth and Sustainability

How to sustain our world for future generations has perplexed us for centuries. We have reached a crossroads: we may choose the rocky path of responsibility or continue on the paved road of excess that...

November 2014

State Profiles: The Population and Economy of each U.S. State 2014

State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State provides a wealth of current, authoritative, and comprehensive data on key demographic and economic indicators for each U.S. state and the...

November 2014

Trillion Dollar Economists. How Economists and Their Ideas have Transformed Business. Bloomberg

A detailed look at how economists shaped the world, and how the legacy continues Trillion Dollar Economists explores the prize-winning ideas that have shaped business decisions, business models,...

November 2014

Bayesian Inference in the Social Sciences

Presents new models, methods, and techniques and considers important real–world applications in political science, sociology, economics, marketing, and finance Emphasizing interdisciplinary coverage,...

October 2014

Mathematical Game Theory and Applications

An authoritative and quantitative approach to modern game theory with applications from economics, political science, military science, and finance Mathematical Game Theory combines both the theoretical...

September 2014
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